Aerospace Biomechanical Engineer

A Aerospace Biomechanical Engineer Expert Witness is an engineering specialist who applies knowledge of the principles of engineering, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to reconstruct a mechanical incident or to evaluate an injury caused by a mechanical system. They are qualified as experts in court or other legal proceedings due to their experience in engineering and analyzing technical data associated with accidents. In addition, they must understand how human body tolerances are relevant when evaluating incidents related to aerospace biomechanics.

As an expert witness in this field, Aerospace Biomechanical Engineers must have the special knowledge and background required for testifying as a witness on legal matters involving aerospace-related biomechanics. They need to be able to interpret complex biomedical evidence such as x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans used by physicians diagnostic evaluation of traumatic injuries. The engineer needs deep understanding of the underlying medical philosophy which serves as the foundation for the accurate determination of injury causation involving both physical laws of mechanics along with anatomy and physiology considerations that relate directly.

Additionally, these specialists must be prepared for courtroom testimony regarding assessments derived from research studies such as spinal tract motion measurement techniques using Lagrangian trajectories incorporating gyroscopic motion analysisk Those requiring expert witness services should ensure they hire experienced engineers who can provide sound opinion concerning aviation safety inquiries from descriptive or mathematical methods A strong curriculum vitae is necessary demonstrating a successful professional career applicable to all types of aircrafts including helicopters , automobiles spacecrafts etc., combined with courtroom expertise will produce accomplished aerospace biomechanical experts witnesses suitable for legal representation.

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