A Engineering expert witness is an engineer with specialized knowledge and expertise in a given area that can offer opinion testimony to the court on behalf of a party in a legal dispute. An Engineer Expert Witness comes from the aerospace or aviation industry and provides firsthand experiences, expertise, technical analysis, or research findings within their specific field of engineering. The engineering expert witness is often hired by attorneys to provide independent opinion evidence as part of the formal discovery process as well as during any subsequent litigation proceedings.

Aerospace & Aviation Experts are engineers with long experience in working on aeronautical matters including aircraft operation, crash investigation, piloting standards, maintenance issues, runway design and construction costs. Their testimony is typically offered in matters such as breach of contract disputes with airplane manufacturers or pilots; commercial aircraft and helicopter accidents; criminal investigations into drug smugglers’ activity; FAA violations cases; insurance claims for cargo theft or damage; manufacturing defect/product liability lawsuits associated with engine failure resulting from faulty design/construction issues.

In all circumstances these Engineering experts must present impartial opinions that are commensurate with the evidence available related to any particular investigation and investigate whether regulations were properly followed. In summary Engineering Expert Witnesses from Aerospace & Aviation Industry have specialist knowledge required to provide solutions mainly relating to air safety accident reconstruction suits concerning civil aircrafts both fixed winged and rotary powered based platforms making them invaluable asset during lawsuit when questions arise that require hard scientific analysis combined with practical aviation operational expertise.

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