Electronic computer systems Expert Witnesses

Electronic computer systems expert witnesses review records, provide opinion and testify at deposition or trial in all types of cases. These may include battery systems, breath detection algorithms, CAPA, control systems or CPAPs. These may also include medical devices, medication delivery, respiratory products, micro-surgical implants or tools. Additionally, these may also include forensic examinations audio, forensic examinations, video media, analog media, digital media, digital images, authentication of recordings or images. These electronic computer systems expert witnesses also include professionals that have experience in medical device electronics, audio video images , robotics or factory automation systems or digital forensics data recovery in general. They also may have experience in forensic electronic mail, internet computer networking, telecommunications engineering patents, computer software business information systems. Ultimately, the primary goal of the law enforcement corrections drugs expert is to provide forensic evaluation, deposition or courtroom testimony to opine standards of this industry. Consolidated Consultants has referred experts to both plaintiff and defense attorneys for many years. Please review the wide variety of expert witnesses and use the Request This Expert option to contact us. Please review the standard list and select the closest specialty. You can refine your search on the subsequent pages, including search words, location by region, selectable states, and individual states.

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