Electromechanical Engineer

An electromechanical engineer expert witness is a professional who has expertise in the field of electronics engineering and the design and implementation of electromechanical systems, such as those used in telecommunications. These experts are often called upon to evaluate, analyze, and opine on various issues related to communications technology. This may include analyzing data regarding the performance or effectiveness of existing communication systems or how new development could be carried out within an existing system, among other things.


The job of an electromechanical engineer expert witness includes analyzing a wide range of communication components for hardware used in networks or wired/wireless systems for companies across all industries including automotive, defense/aerospace, and software design firms. They have knowledge on a variety of existing technologies like radio frequency (RF), optical fiber communications (OFC), microwave engineering subsystems activities involved in an array of technologies from basic to complex process operations with precision component assembly.


Electromechanical engineer expert witnesses are also responsible for providing technical expertise while testifying in civil court proceedings when these matters pertain to communications-related topics such as security breach evaluations or assessing network behavior that may be prone to abuse during litigation procedures involving telecom services between two parties. Expert witnesses will provide their opinion using knowledge based on technological trends current industry standards and practices they have experienced personally—all intertwined with their specialized knowledge that will help determine the outcome for this particular case within its legal context while adhering by applicable issued rules and regulations set by governing bodies overseeing said processes.

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