Engineering Accidents Expert Witnesses

A engineering accidents expert witness is an expert in the field of engineering who has specialized knowledge in the cause of industrial accidents. Engineering experts typically have a background in a wide range of related technical disciplines, including civil and mechanical engineering, metallurgy, fluid dynamics, safety science, machine design and construction. An engineer often deals with machines that are involved in critical operations or ones which are subject to hazardous working conditions even if they do not actually operate them. As such they possess insight into how these machines can fail due to weathering or operator error leading to industrial accidents. Engineering accident experts will be called upon by litigation teams to provide testimony when fault for an accident needs to be determined either through a demonstration showing evidence of negligence or other reasons that led to the crash or injury. Expert witnesses also will support their conclusions with advanced computer modelling displaying trajectories and force velocities at different points during investigations into more complex scenarios surrounding events like oil spills resulting from pipeline ruptures. Engineering accident experts provide a consulting service as well as active involvement with litigation proceedings whether it is providing assistance regarding compliance with regulatory standards advising on issues taking depositions or giving official testimony at trial. They have tremendous influence on determining both damages liability and legal responsibility during court trials making sure justice is served subsequently preventing future similar occurrences.

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