Forensic Engineering Expert Witnesses

A Forensic Engineer expert witness is a specialist in analyzing and investigating the cause of technical failures or investigating product defects. This kind of engineer uses a variety of scientific principles to investigate the origin, nature, and extent of damage caused by an accident. By providing forensic engineering analysis and careful evaluation, a forensic engineer can serve as an invaluable source for attorneys representing clients in civil cases. The scope of forensic engineering skills includes many areas such as materials science, metallurgy, physics mechanics, electrical engineering; instrumentation and signal processing; computer hardware/software applications; fire investigations; accident reconstructions; biomechanics; marine accidents; vibrations analysis and failure investigations. The experience gained by a forensic engineer can assist them in offering evidence-based opinions on mechanical cause failure incidents such as automotive collisions with regard to road design defects or equipment malfunctions due to faulty or negligent operation/maintenance practices that involve hazardous liquids or gases with maximum safety standards which do not conform. Forensic engineers also have special knowledge about product liability claims related to poorly designed/produced consumer goods that are unsafe resulting from inadequate warnings on products that may be used inherently wrong resulting in catastrophes. They are often hired as an independent assessment expert who is missioned to provide impartial objective opinion regarding causation i. e. , the factors responsible for development or origin of particular incident involving injury or property damage during litigation process. A Forensic Engineer expert witness can offer valuable input into identifying causal links between various aspects associated with event being investigated thereby help physical determine actual party at fault which causes material harm either personal injury or property damage claiming substantive physical data backed up factual information derived from application principles science-based methodologies scrupulously collected evidence pertaining given case with goal determining ultimate remedy achieved more time efficient cost-effective approach relatively short span time duration.

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