Hotel Engineering

A hotel engineering expert witness is an individual typically with significant experience and expertise in hotel and resort engineering, maintenance, and management. Hotel engineering experts are consulted to provide unbiased opinions on important topics related to the industry such as construction planning, operations & maintenance, energy savings, code compliance for hotels and resorts (ADA/OSHA/UL etc.), asset protection plans, asset value appraisal & disputes involving buildings replacement costs; and other legal matters under review related to a hotel’s planned or existing structures. Hotel engineering experts consistently demonstrate specialized knowledge of the industry best practices for inspection of equipment in hospitality venues.

They possess relevant qualifications associated with educating attorneys who may present a case on claims relating to issues in the industry including design-engineering of a physical plant system in order to reliably meet expected occupancy levels; process flow systems balancing; electrical power consumption according pipeline voltage availability; interior finish evaluations relative facility usage patterns; mechanical apparatus assessments (HVAC) related long-term operating costs vs limited crisis operational response capability outlines.

They also have experience evaluating noise levels between various occupancies relative competitive opposition factors within nearby sites affecting future business operations. Hotel engineers are knowledgeable concerning Computerized Maintenance Management Systems required during comprehensive equipment evaluations prior proposals for installation services against documented project requirements from concurrence letters submitted previous activity reports or audits conducted previously on behalf suppliers involved within bidding environments.

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