Marine Engineer

A Marine Engineer Expert Witness is an individual with specialized knowledge in the field of marine engineering and related disciplines. The individual is typically commissioned to provide impartial and professional opinion, and testimony in court proceedings relating to maritime issues, products and services. They typically have one or more professional qualifications such as BSc, MSc or CEng, with specific expertise in Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Technology, Design and Operation of Ships, Offshore Platforms, Vessels and Marine Structures. These professionals are experienced in consulting, preparing reports and designing products to maintain safety and efficiency in the water.

The expert witness has a responsibility to provide the court with well-documented facts and opinions. This will include information on design, construction, stability, vessel systems, safety, operational issues, and other aspects related to marine engineering, as relevant to the case. They will often offer their own research or experience, evaluating all issues affecting the ship's design, construction or operation, as required by the courts. This could include inspecting the vessel and its content, reviewing records and technical plans, and researching the movement of the vessel in relation to other vessels.

The Marine Engineer Expert Witness may also provide expert opinions regarding vessel design basics, system parts.

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