Mechanical Engineers Expert Witnesses

A Mechanical Engineer Expert Witness is a licensed professional engineer who provides expert witness testimony in legal proceedings regarding matters related to engineering concepts, design principles, and the proper application of engineering principles. This type of expert typically has specific domain knowledge in mechanical engineering such as thermodynamics, materials science, fluid mechanics or structural analysis. A Mechanical Engineer can provide insight into design failures or system inefficiencies due to errors either in manufacture or operation. When called upon as a Mechanical Engineer Expert Witness the individual must be knowledgeable about relevant safety standards and government regulations pertaining to their field. Additionally it is important that they possess suitable experience researching and analyzing accident scenes or failure modes with the goal of ultimately providing an opinion based on available facts. They may also be required to administer tests when appropriate and assess data retrieved from investigations for use as evidence in court proceedings associated with product liability litigation. In order for a Mechanical Engineer Expert Witness to adequately fulfill his duty it is important that they remain up-to-date on industry trends within their discipline so that they are able explain complex scientific information using terms accessible by the court audience while testifying under oath under cross examination by opposing counsels. Having a comprehension of the legal concepts surrounding negligence and other case precedents pertaining to liability will give their testimony more relevance which will benefit all involved parties.

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