Structural Engineering

A Structural Engineer expert witness is an individual who has specialized knowledge in the field of structural engineering, who can be presented as a witness for court cases. Structural Engineers are used for cases involving buildings which have collapsed or failed, are at risk of collapsing or have been damaged due to external sources. They are experts in the diagnosis of problems associated with structural integrity and its links to safety and security. They must also prove their expertise through validating paperwork supplied by manufacturers or builders when required during court proceedings.

Structural Engineers specialize in interpreting drawings, test reports, calculations related to structure stability, life cycle analysis and other factors associated with building structures. They must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of national and international building regulation codes when testifying in court as a significant proportion of legal evidence is presented based on such regulations and corresponding theoretical background information provided byStructural Engineers expert witnesses.

The main goal of any Structural Engineer expert witness is to provide an impartial assessment while keeping into consideration potential lawsuits confronting their client’s business operations due to structural failure caused either directly or indirectly by certain design parameters being ignored during construction phase. In such cases, the issuing engineer helps courts confirm whether appropriate design standards were applied correctly and if not then what could possibly constitute negligence on behalf of either involved party during the project.

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