Fire & Smoke Exposure Expert Witnesses

Fire and smoke exposure experts are professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to help attorneys build compelling legal cases. These experts can offer important insights into the damages associated with fire and smoke damage, as well as any compliance or safety issues that arise from such disasters. In court, they provide expert testimony by presenting facts backed up with reliable scientific data regarding the cause of a fire, the scope of damage it caused, and how long it took to stop it. They also analyze evidence related to product safety issues such as faulty wiring in an electrical appliance or poor insulation in a structure. Their expertise is especially valuable for legal cases related to premises liability or wrongful death due to fire or smoke inhalation. Fire and smoke exposure experts typically have a background in engineering or other science-related field that allows them to best assess what caused the fire and evaluate the impact on people’s lives afterwards. Additionally, they must be able to communicate effectively with juries so that they can understand complex technical information without getting overwhelmed. Fire and smoke exposure experts may be called upon during investigations into larger fires where multiple buildings were involved, like apartment complexes for example. They will collect materials from both inside and outside the buildings that burned down which can include insulation samples; examine structural components; review code violations; obtain witness testimony from survivors about what happened before, during, and after the blaze;and provide both visual demonstration models (such as 3D diagrams) as well as written reports based off their findings which includes credible scientific sources (journal articles). Ultimately these expert witnesses work together with attorneys on either side of a case—regardless if defendant/prosecutor—to present all gathered evidence in an unbiased manner so justice can be served.

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