Fire Alarm System Expert Witnesses

Fire alarm system experts are expert witnesses that provide testimony and/or other services related to the installation, upgrades and maintenance of fire alarm systems. They are sometimes called fire protection engineers or sprinkler engineers, depending on the particular expertise of the expert. Fire alarm system experts assist attorneys in a variety of ways including providing education about components of a fire alarm system, helping clients understand how fire alarms work and offering suggestions on what measures should be taken if a defect is discovered in an existing setup. Fire protection engineers must possess extensive knowledge surrounding the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the different types of automatic warning systems such as sprinklers and smoke detectors. Fire protection engineers can also offer direct consultation with other professionals such as architects and contractors during projects involving sensitive buildings or hazardous environments requiring specific risks to be managed for safety purposes. Fire protection engineers may provide analyses about various scenarios involving possible conflicts between building code regulations governing alarm systems versus any actual conditions that may exist within a location already installed with an inadequate system or faulty one separate from the codes' recommended version. Experts typically review available evidence such as building plans or diagrams; witness interviews; maintenance logs; alarms/hazards reports; incident investigations notes among other documents related to incidents either investigated by them personally or previously conducted by another party in addition to site visits for further evaluation before providing their testimonies regarding their opinions on where liability resides in regards whatever dispute involves their scope of expertise pertaining to fire safety issues within buildings/facilities at which they were not present while any actions giving rise to concerns occurred. Ultimately, it’s these professional opinions that draws litigants towards retaining the services provided by these specialized experts when seeking remedy through legal action relating matters connected with an improperly functioning (or no) working forewarning system located at any given location-of-concern from which reasonable expectations surrounding sets standards should rightfully be expected to abide by.

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