Personal Lines Insurance Expert Witnesses

A personal lines insurance expert witness is an individual who has expertise in specific areas of personal lines insurance, such as homeowners’, renters’ or automobile insurance. They provide an objective analysis and evaluation of factual evidence surrounding a case to the court. They are hired to interpret complex legal and policy language in these areas for both plaintiffs and defendants. Personal lines insurance protects individuals from financial losses associated with damages caused by events such as fires, thefts, accidents or natural disasters. Personal lines policies can vary greatly from one another based on a variety of factors including coverage amounts, deductibles and exclusions. Availability of policy coverage typically depends on individual risks factors like what kind of homeowner’s property a person owns or the type of car they drive. Personal Lines Insurance Expert Witnesses often have specialized expertise in evaluating policies for any exclusionary language that could be impacting a claim settlement decision made by an insurer as well as interpreting risk-management plans taken by organizations prior to claims occurring that can have an impact on settlements/judgements moving forward with a trial process. They must also be aware of industry standards when it comes to issuing certain types of policies under certain circumstances and draw conclusions about how those standards impacted issuance decisions made during relevant times regarding any given case at hand.

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