Mortuary Funeral Expert Witnesses

Mortuary Funeral Experts cover a wide range of disciplines including funeral home issues related to embalmers, funeral directors, burial certificates & permits. In addition they opine on burial rites, burial vaults, caskets, cemetery, cenotaph, cremations, death notices and epitaphs. Experts are available for review to documents, provide written reports and appear at deposition or trial testimony. Mortuary and funeral expert witnesses are professionals who provide opinions and testimony in court cases involving mortuary and funeral services. These professionals are typically called upon to give opinions on topics such as funeral home operations, embalming practices, and the financial aspects of funeral services. Mortuary and funeral expert witnesses must have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, as well as an understanding of the law. They may be called upon to testify in criminal or civil cases related to funeral services, or to provide expert opinions in wrongful death or negligence cases. In order to serve as a mortuary and funeral expert witness, one must have a thorough understanding of the funeral service industry. This includes knowledge of local and state laws, as well as the regulations governing the funeral service industry. In addition, the expert witness must have an understanding of the industry standard practices, such as embalming, cremation, and burial services. They must also be able to provide information on the cost of funeral services, and the various methods of payment accepted by funeral homes. Expert witnesses in the field of mortuary and funeral services must also be able to provide their opinions on the quality of services provided by a particular funeral home. They should be able to explain the various options available to families when planning a funeral, and provide information on the laws that apply to the funeral industry. Additionally, they must be able to explain the various methods used to calculate the cost of a funeral, and provide information on the value of a particular funeral service.