Personal Injury Professionals

A personal injury professional is a highly qualified expert witness who has extensive experience in accident-related fields, such as biomechanics, safety engineering, accident reconstruction, vehicle forensics and other related disciplines. They are professionally certified to provide valuable insight into the technical aspects of personal injury cases. These professionals work with residents and businesses to evaluate potential damages resulting from all types of accidents including motor vehicle collisions, premise liability or product liability incidents.

The expertise of a personal injury professional is invaluable in order for a lawyer to properly prepare an argument for their client’s case. He/she can provide analysis involving factors such as potential negligence by either the plaintiff or defendant as well as pinpointing any dangerous conditions that may have resulted in the incident and analyzing any products involved which could constitute a defective condition possibly leading to its malfunctioning and causing harm or injury to the plaintiff(s). Personal Injury Professionals will also present their findings objectively in court proceedings or during depositions via credible testimony that stands up against vigorous cross examination.

On occasion these experts are called upon during jury selection due their valuable insight which helps lawyers glean jurors’ understanding of technical evidence they anticipated being presented during trial. Ultimately the objective for both plaintiffs and defense alike is to ensure jurors comprehend how sound engineering logic applies when evaluating duty of care obligations aspect of carious incidents while taking into account existing governmental codes or regulations which are used as benchmarks when presenting facts regarding product failure or hazardous infrastructure deficiencies contributing factors behind these types off occurrences.

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