Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate expert witness in relation to restaurant and hospitality is an individual with specialized knowledge and expertise in the field of commercial real estate, particularly within the realm of restaurants and hospitality properties. They are typically called upon to provide their professional opinion and testimony in legal cases, such as disputes or litigation involving restaurant or hospitality properties.

These expert witnesses possess a deep understanding of the various aspects that impact the value, performance, and success of restaurant and hospitality properties. They can assess factors such as market trends, property valuation, lease agreements, zoning regulations, operational challenges specific to restaurants and hotels, industry standards for revenue generation and profitability, potential risks or liabilities associated with these establishments.

Their expertise enables them to evaluate matters such as landlord-tenant disputes over lease terms or allegations of breach of contract; property owners seeking compensation for property damages due to negligence or breach by tenants; investors evaluating investment opportunities related to acquiring or leasing restaurant or hotel properties; franchisees facing issues related to non-performance by franchisors; among others.

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