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Weather Conditions

Please locate the weather and meteorology expert witness you are searching for by clicking on the following links. Experts found here may opine on issues regarding air dispersion, air visibility, and astronomical twilight. They may provide reports concerning aviation meteorology, civil twilight, climate, floods, fog, and weather forecasts. These meteorologists may also testify regarding fire, forensic meteorology, hail, hazardous plume releases, hurricanes, hyperthermia, ice, lightning, marine meteorology, meteorological data acquisition, moon position, nautical twilight, rain, severe storm analysis, snow, solar energy, storm reconstruction, sun position, sunrise, sunset, tornadoes, weather forecasting, satellite imagery analysis, aviation weather, weather reconstruction, weather visibility, and wind flow, as well as related issues.

1. Meteorology Weather Climate Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Meteorologist, weather, climatology, flooding, sunrise sunset, twilight, light levels, Analysis, Climate, Climatology, Climatic Change, Climatic Data, Climatological Data, Clouds, Drought, Dust, Education, El Nino, Fire Weather, Floods, Fog, Forensic Discovery, Meteorology Frequency Analysis, Global Warming, Hail, Meteorologist Hurricanes, Hydrology, Ice, Icy Roads, Icy Surfaces, La Nina, Light Levels, Long Range Weather Outlooks, Meteorology, Meteorological, Meteorological Data, Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Phase, Monrovia, Ocean Currents, Ocean Temperatures, Oceanography, Public Lectures, Rain, Rainfall, Research, Sea Surface Temperatures, Scientific Discovery, Slip Fall, Smoke Snow, Snowfall, Snow Depth, Snow Pack, Studies, Sun Glare, Sunrise, Sunset, Temperature, Tornado, Training, Ultraviolet Radiation, Visibility, Water Resources, Weather, Weather Data, Weather Forecasts, Wet Roads, Wet Surfaces, Wind, Wind Energy Development,

3. Fire Investigator Consultant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Certified Fire Investigator Explosion, Cause Origin, Cause, Origin, Point Of Origin, V Pattern, Fire Triangle, Prevention, Certified Fire Investigator, Assessment of Fire Service, Roofing Material Fires