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Expert No. 3648

Employment History

2005 to Present  - Truck Consultants, Inc.
Truck expert and safety consultant.  Research and development of truck safety systems and products.  Investigation of truck safety issues.  Authoring truck safety procedures and safety related materials. Training of safety professionals and truck drivers.

2005 to Present - Wolf Technical Services -Transportation company audits for insurance purposes. 

2002-2005 - Fort Worth Carriers Corp. -Line driver

1996-2002 - Consolidated Freight -Line driver and safety trainer/ facilitator

1986-1996 - Yellow Freight -Line driver

1983-1986 - Mid West Transport Logistics -Driver manager

1981-1983 - Jones Truck Line -Line driver

1980-1981 - Lone Star Construction Material -Manager quarry operations

1978-1979 - Jarvis Clark Mining Equipment Company -Maintenance and training representative

1975-1978 - Allis Chalmers Proving Grounds at Sacaton, Arizona -Heavy equipment tester and operator

1974-1975 - aterpillar Tractor Company Proving Grounds -Heavy equipment tester and operator

1969-1974 - Various assigned union driving jobs (worked out of a hiring hall); all aspects of trucking

1968-1969 - Peter Kewitt Co. -Transport operator hauling heavy equipment

1960-1968 - Reliance Truck Co. -Driver heavy equipment transport

1958-1960 - Belger Cartage Service -Heavy hauling, local cartage

1954-1955 - Started driving during summers in high school (hauling produce and gravel).
Hands-on training in quarry and on heavy dumps

  • Bonner Springs, Kansas -High school graduate
  • Kansas City Community College -Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
  • Mesa Community College -Engineering Drafting, Engineering Math
  • Yavapai Community College -Business Administration
  • Attended more than 100 seminars and classes throughout career -education on trucking safety issues, safety management issues, compliance issues
  • Arizona Trucking Association, “Sleep Deprivation” Training seminar - 8 hours
  • Winter Driving -safety seminars instructor
  • Hazardous Materials Placarding & Handling -seminar
  • Load securement seminar-ATA
  • Comprehensive Heavy Duty Vehicle Air Brake Systems Training (26 hours) Bendix 2007
  • Operation and Troubleshooting Foundation Brake Systems (12 hours) Bendix 2007
  • NATMI -Motor Fleet Safety Basics -Training for the Safety Supervisor
  • NATMI -Managing Motor Fleet Safety Programs -Training for the Safety Director 2007
  • NATMI -Worker’s Compensation Injury Reduction and Cost Control -Strategies for the Trucking Industry 2007
  • NATMI -Certified Director of Safety, March 2009

1955-1957 -United States Army, Combat Engineers -Heavy equipment and crane operator, transport driver

Additional Experience
  • Have worked with the safety departments, maintenance departments, operations departments, as well as management during my career.
  • Taught defensive driving to professional drivers.
  • Instructor -Smith System.
  • Performed all driver safety training for Consolidated Freight in Phoenix, Arizona 1996 to 2002.
  • Driver testing -road tests, triples operations, doubles operations.
  • Over 50 year’s involvement in trucking industry and construction equipment operation.
  • Union representative during employment with Yellow Freight for 2 years.
  • Over 1,000,000 miles driving doubles, triples, long boxes and single trucks.
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