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Civil Engineer Construction Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 191



Master of Engineering Management, University of Louisville, 1995
B.Sc. Engineering (Civil), Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1958       


Delay claim analysis, impact quantification, schedules, acceleration, value engineering, mediation, arbitration       
Management of projects, including Renaissance Center, Detroit; GMR (Great Manmade River), Libya; Interstate Highways in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana       
Hands-on work experience includes earthworks; siteworks; watermain, storm, and sanitary utility installations;
drilling and blasting operations; roadway construction, base preparation, curbwork, concrete and asphalt paving;and golf course construction       
Old Heady Construction, Inc. as Project Manager, 6 years
Ross-Robertson Construction Company, Inc. Owner/Operator, Estimator, and General Manager, 7 years
Ruby Construction Company, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, Vice President and Manager of Operations, 3 years
B.G. Danis Construction Company, Inc., Dayton, Ohio, Vice President of Engineering and Construction 3 years
Greenffeld Construction Company, Inc., Detroit, Michigan, Project Manager and Superintendent, 10 years       


Registered Professional Engineer (Civil) Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and P. Eng., Ontario, Canada. A.S.C.E.,       
Subcategories of Expertise       
CLAIMS:      Delay Claims, Changed Conditions, Construction, and Constructive Acceleration       
CONSTRUCTION: Contracts, Estimates, Management, Scheduling, Specifications, Project Management, Project Scheduling, Construction Traffic, Temporary Traffic Controls, Pavement Edge Drop-offs       
HIGHWAYS:    Highway Construction, Road Construction       
HEAVY:       Pavements, Concrete Pavements, Drilling and Blasting, Rock Excavations, Underground Utilities, Excavations, Grading, Waterlines, Sanitary Sewers, Storrn Sewers       
PUBLIC WORKS: Road Construction, Pump Stations, Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Tunnels, Sheet Piling, Heavy Foundations, Foundations, Trucking 


Overseas consultant with Price Brothers Company on the GREATMANMADERIVER pipeline project in Libya, a $4.5 Billion project through the Sahara Desert to the Mediterranean Sea ù Site and foundation construction management with Greenfield Construction Company for the RENAISSANCE CENTER, Detroit, Michigan, a $1.5 Billion project ù Supervision of multi-million dollar HIGHWAY and EXPESSWAY contracts in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with (a) Greenfield Construction Company, (b) B.G. Danis Company, and (c) Ruby Construction Company 
Supervision of multi-million dollar WATER, SANITARY, and STORM DRAINAGE projects in Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana with (a) Greenfield Construction Company, and Ruby Ruby Construction Company, including tunnels, and deep open-cut, underground works       


Specifically, my background includes FIELD SUPERVISION involved with coordination, administration, and scheduling of materials, equipment, and personnel on major projects; and as a PROJECT MANAGER and former VICE-PRESIDENT of OPERATIONS involved with the preparation of bids, company administration, and management, scheduling, purchasing, cost controls, safety programs, marketing and customer relations, within the following areas of expertise:       
EXCAVATION operations, including the use of scrapers, draglines, backhoes or loaders, on projects ranging in size from 10,000 cyds to 2,000,000 cyds; in rock, clay, sand, wet and/or dry conditions 
CONCRETE PAVING operations, primarily U.S. Interstate highways, including forms and/or slip-form pavers, CMI, Gomaco, and/or Rex equipment, ranging in depth of 6" to 18", with volumes up to 400,000 syds per project; and batch plant operations
TUNNELING experience, with Greenfield Construction Company, Detroit, Michigan, on 4500 lf of twin 11 ’-0" tunnels on the Augusta Drain; and approximately 5500 lf of single 10’-0" tunnel on the Joslyn Drain for the city of Pontiac, Michigan
UNDERGROUND UTILITY and TREATMENT PLANT experience, for the reconstruction of the City of Detroit Rouge Plant; and at the Morris Foreman plant for the City of Louisville; Raw Water Treatment plant experience, for the new construction of the Brittania Bay 48 MGD plant for the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; storm and sanitary utility installations for the cities of Ottawa, Ontario; Detroit, Pontiac, and Flint, Michigan; Dayton, Ohio; Louisville and Georgetown, Kentucky; with pipe diameters ranging in size from 6" to 16’-0"; and depths to 35’-0" within urban and rural conditions
lNDUSTRIAL PLANT experience, including sitework and foundations for the Ford Motor Company, Kentucky Truck Plant; Rohm & Haas; Budd Company Plant; and Kobelco Steel Company       

Construction Experience    

1990-1997  Old Heady Construction Company, Inc. Fisherville, Kentucky, Manager of Heavy/Highway Construction        
Management of engineering and estimating, including sales and marketing functions, bidding, proposal preparations, contract negotiations purchasing, contract administration, scheduling, and planning.
Projects have included golf courses; heavy industrial siteworks for Ford Motor Company Light Truck Plant in Louisville; KY. D.O.T. multi-million dollar highway projects; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tank and firing ranges, Ft. Knox; and local subdivision siteworks
1983-l990  Ross Robertson Construction Company, Inc. Fisherville, Kentucky,   Vice-President of Operations       
Management of labor, materials, and equipment necessary for construction of heavy and highway projects, including bridges, roadways, for counties and state; underground utilities for MSD; concrete pavements; and foundations for industrial projects and water tank foundations for Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
Duties included financial responsibilities, field supervision, sales and marketing, safety direction, administration, estimating, scheduling, purchasing, and cost controls
1979-1983  Ruby Construction Company, Inc. Louisville, Kentucky; Vice-President of Operations
Management of labor, equipment, and materials necessary for construction of heavy and highway projects, including multi-million dollar bridges and expressways for KY. D.O.T; major underground utility projects for M.S.D; siteworks and concrete pavements for Kosmos Cement, and American Electric Power; and piling structures
Duties included field supervision, sales and marketing, safety direction, administration, estimating, scheduling, purchasing, and cost controls
1976-1979  B.G. Danis Company, Dayton, Ohio; Vice-President, Heavy Highway Division
Management of engineering and estimating, including sales and marketing, negotiations, purchasing, contract administration, scheduling and planning ù Heavy and highway projects, including bridges, expressways for W.VA., Ohio, and KY; underground utilities for the City of Dayton; siteworks and concrete pavements for local cities and industrial plants; and major dams and siteworks for American Electric Power
1968-1976  Greenfield Construction Company, Inc. Livonia, Michigan; Project Manager
Construction supervision of labor, materials, subcontractors, and equipment; cost estimating; purchasing; planning, scheduling and control; engineering and layout; safety directions; and cost controls for multi-million dollar expressway programs in downtown Detroit, including Fisher, Jeffries, and Chrysler Freeways; Augusta Drain, Joslyn Drains in Pontiac, Michigan; foundations and excavations for Detroit Downtown Renaissance Center and Dodge Fountain Center
Engineering Experience       
1966-1968  Austin Company, Southfield, Michigan; Chief Civil Engineer/Report Manager
Responsible for civil designs, with construction and developments, including Chrysler Perrysburg, Ohio train gear plant, Champion Spark Plug plant ù Prepared engineering reports and studies for commercial and industrial clients, ;including economic evaluations, material handling analyses, plant and equipment layouts, site evaluations, and conceptual cost estimates
1964-1966  Kaiser Engineers, (Civil Design Department), Oakland, California; Assistant Civil Engineer
Performed civil design functions; including scope of work reports, calculations, feasibility studies, plans and specifications, for paving, grading, drainage, and utility development of major plant sites; hydrologic, hydraulic, and economic studies in Civil conceptual designs and estimates for El Teniente copper mine, Chile; Kaiser Gypsum; Kaiser Steel; Kaiser Aluminum; bauxite developments in Australia and Jamaica

Public/Municipal Agency Experence       
1962-1964  Public Works Department, County of Ventura, Ventura, California; Resident Engineer
Supervision and management of field inspection and survey crews, and materials laboratory, for public works contracts including flood control structures, roads and streets, water and sewage facilities, and building construction  Monitored construction progress, prepared progress payments and change orders Projects including asphalt surfacing of city and county roads; Ojai road and street projects; Simi fire station; Santa Paula library; Ventura County hospital; Moorpark drainage projects; and Santa Susanna watermains and ground reservoir
1958-1962  Waterworks Department, City of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Design and Construction Engineer
Prepared plans and specifications for feeder water mains, pumping stations, and 48 MGD city of Ottawa Brittania Water Treatment Plant ù Supervision of engineers, draftsmen, maintenance, and layout crews. Responsible for inspection during construction of 48" diameter feeder mains, pumping stations, and 48MGD Brittania Treatment Plant
Other Education 
Bachelor of Science (Civil) 1958, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Masters of Engineering Management, 1995, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky       


P.E. (Kentucky)
P.E. (Ohio)
P.E. (Michigan) 
N. S .P.E.

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