Accident Reconstruction Automotive Engineer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Accident Reconstruction, Automotive Engineer, Vehicle Defect Investigation, Vehicle Examinations, Traffic, Car Roof Strength, Truck Cab Strength, Truck Car Crashworthiness, Airbag, Airbrakes, Brakes, Seatbelts, Suspension, Tires, Tire Failures

Professional Associations

I am a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.); the American Society of Safety Engineers (A.S.S.E.); the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (N.A.P.A.R.); and the American Society of Swedish Engineers.  Formerly a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Higher Education

Gothenburg Institute of Technology, Department of Motor Engineering, Gothenburg, Sweden: Engineering Degree 1959 in Automotive Engineering.  [It is not possible to make a direct comparison in education in technology between Sweden and the U.S.  In Sweden more emphasis is placed on Mathematics, Physics, and foreign languages, than in the U.S.  Further, Gothenburg Institute of Technology requires students to obtain applied field experience by means of an apprenticeship or paid internship as a mandatory requirement for an Engineering Degree.]


Awarded the Prize for Highest Academic Achievements, and a Scholarship for studies in Applied Motor Engineering at Fichtel & Sachs, AG, West Germany (a manufacturer of automotive components and engines).

Continued Education

SEAK Inc.: 13th Annual National Expert Witness Conference, June 2004;

NAPARS: Pole Impacts and Side Impact Crash Tests, October 2003.

NAPARS: Event Data Recorders and Crush Documentation and Analysis, September 2002

SEAK Inc.: Law School For Experts, June 2000.

SEAK Inc.: Ninth Annual National Expert Witness And Litigation Seminar, June 2000;
Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists: Conspicuity & Reaction testing, Vehicle Braking Performance; Vehicle Stability and Rollover; Low Speed Rear-End Collisions, 1994;

Arkansas State University/National Traffic Safety Board: Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, 1993;

Compu-Tech, Ledgewood, New Jersey: Computer Programming, 1983;

University of Stockholm, Sweden: Psychology and Supervision, 1966.

Professional Experience

Automotive Consulting, New Jersey                                  1982-1985, 1987-Present

Automotive Consultant

Specializing in traffic accident reconstruction and analyses; vehicle dynamics; vehicle  safety standards, vehicle defect examinations; performance  and usage of restraint systems.

Vejdirektoratet, Oslo, Norway                                                                 1986-1987

Automotive Consultant

Evaluating the Norwegian Vehicle Safety Standards,  proposing revisions of the standards to be promulgated by the Norwegian Department of Transportation.

Volvo Of America Corp., Rockleigh, Nj                                                   1978- 1982

Engineering Analyst in the Product Planning and Development Department

Major Duties: Endurance and Performance tests of prototype vehicles and vehicle components and systems; Monitoring and assessing technological developments in the U.S. auto markets on behalf of the parent company, AB Volvo, Sweden; Assisting  the Product Quality Department with identifying and solving  vehicle problems.

The Swedish Road Safety Office, Stockholm/ Sweden                             1975-1978

Assistant Chief Engineer

Major responsibilities: Promulgating vehicle safety standards and specifying technical requirements for motor vehicles, including heavy vehicles;

Representing the Swedish government in international meetings regarding vehicle requirements of international interest;

Advising the Department of Transportation in matters concerning  safety of heavy vehicles;

Generate mathematical formulae for computer programs used for the computations of the load-carrying capacities of various commercial vehicle types;

Assist police departments, when requested, in traffic accident reconstruction, speed analyses, and examinations of vehicles involved in accidents. Testifying in traffic accident cases when requested by prosecutors.

In addition, I was also called upon to conduct lectures for automotive engineers in such subjects as Strength of Materials and Vehicle Dynamics, including Accident Reconstruction.

International Publish News (Ipn), Zurich, Switzerland                               1973-1975

I joined this investment firm as a partner in 1973.  Remained active in the firm until my appointment by the Swedish Road Safety Office in January 1975.

Department Of Agriculture, Nairobi, Kenya                                              1971-1973

Assignments:  Establishing new procedures for the operation of the Department’s Transport Section that was operating a fleet of some 400 trucks, Land-Rovers, and cars, and for the section’s seven workshops in Kenya; training and instructing  new mechanics; participating in the procurement of equipment for the workshops.  Additionally, as Advisor to the Purchasing Manager, I assisted in the evaluation of technical merchandise, including trucks.

Department of Transportation, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia         1970-1971

Assignments:  Drafting a comprehensive proposal for revision of the vehicle safety standards, and guidelines for the vehicle inspectors at a proposed new vehicle inspection system.

Kenworth  Motor  Trucks (Australia) Ltd., Sydney                                   1969-1970

Assignments:  Establishing assembly methods for truck and truck components at a new assembly plant in Melbourne and at an existing one in Sydney; Specifying design parameters of truck components manufactured by local  firms (e.g. truck bodies, fuel  tanks, fasteners, brackets, etc.).

NKI-Skolan, Stockholm, Sweden                                                             1963-1966
Instructor (Evening job)

Courses: Mathematics (two courses), Automotive Technology (four courses), and Heavy Diesel Engines (two courses).

Svenska Aeroplan AB, (SAAB),  Sweden                                                 1963-1964
Flight Test Engineer

Major duties:  Calculation of stress in airplanes components; Writing programs for flight tests; Analyzing test results and reporting thereof to the management and to the Swedish Air Force.

Swedish Vehicle Inspection Company                                                     1965-1969
(formerly the Swedish Road Board), Stockholm, Sweden                         1960-1963
Vehicle Safety Engineer

Major duties:  Safety and registration inspections of motor vehicles and trailers; Calculations of stress in truck and trailer chassis and determination of their load-carrying capacities; Translating directives from the Road Safety Office to technical directives for vehicle inspectors; Testing driving skill of applicants for commercial driver’s licenses; Assisting police officers in accident reconstruction and vehicle safety inspections; In addition, I participated in the establishment of a training program for vehicle inspectors.

Pre-Graduate Work Experience

I practiced as a truck and auto mechanic in the trucking business and in the military, as well as serving as an instructor for truck drivers in the military, prior to my admission to Gothenburg Institute of Technology.


I was appointed in 1966 by the Swedish Department of Transportation as an automotive expert in a work group assigned to generate a proposal for a long-term vehicle safety standard plan. My assignment included  vehicle strength tests and high speed crash tests with different types of vehicles performed in order to determine the differences in  crash-worthiness among different vehicle types, and the effectiveness of restraint systems .


Available upon request


Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish. Some knowledge of Spanish and Swahili.


I have testified in courts throughout the United States and in Europe as an expert in Accident Reconstruction and Vehicle Safety Matters , for both plaintiffs and defendants.

I have met the requirements by the New Jersey Department of Education for certification as a teacher in Mathematics, Physical Science, and Comprehensive Science.

I am licensed by New Jersey Division of Motor vehicles as a Qualified Driving Instructor;

I have worked as an instructor for car and truck mechanics in the U.S., Kenya and Sweden;

I am a holder of a Private Pilot’s License with Night VFR-rating.


English Translation: Engineering Degree

The Gothenburg Institute of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Awarded The Institute’s Prize For Highly Successful Studies, Gothenburg, 22nd May, 1959
R. Ewe-Ericson, Principal