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Accident Reconstruction, Motorcycle Accidents, Motorcycles, Motocross, ATV Accidents, ATVs, Automobile Accidents, Cars, Truck Accidents, Buses, Trucks, Busses, Roof Crush Analysis, Towing Accidents, Towing, Trailers, RV Accidents, Crush Analysis, structure design of vehicles, roof crush, Tire Related Accidents, Marine Accidents, Boats, Ships, Yachts, Personal Watercraft, Repair Fraud, Scooter Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Bicycles, Skiing Accidents, Materials Handling Science, Machinery, Source of Fire, Cause of Fire, Video Photo Analysis, Licensed Master Research Technician, Certified Master Technician, AMA Motorcycle Racing License, FIM International Motorcycle Racing License, CMC Motorcycle Racing License, AFM Professional Racing License, Aftermarket Parts, Engineering Management, Racquetball, Diesel Engines, Heavy Equipment, Safety, Racetrack Design, Off Road, Tires, Product Failures, Skids, Roll Overs, Tools, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Wobble, Motorcycle Design, Motorcycle Testing, Motorcycle Collission, Ski, Skiing, Patent infringement, patent analysis, mechanical engineering, barriers, standards of care, accident psychology, driver error, assembly lines, skid marks, roll overs, Motorcycle riding with passenger, ATV testing, Motorcycle design, Brain injury mechanism, Motorcycle testing on road off road, Brain injury thresholds in impacts, Motorcycle mechanics repair, Brain injuries inertial, Motorcycle training instruction, Trailer testing design, ATV training, ATV instruction, Machinist, ATV repair, ATV failure analysis, OEM vs counterfeit auto parts, OEM vs after market parts, systems, Safety Helmets, Go-Karts


Bachelor of Science, Engineering, California Coast University, Santa Ana, CA.

Ph.D. Engineering Management, California Coast University.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), California Coast University.

MBA, California Coast University.


  • Certified Chief Instructor, The Specialty Vehicle Institute of America
  • Licensed Master Research Technician, European Auto Union
  • Class A Engineering Contractor
  • Certified N.I.A.S.E., Master Technician
  • A.M.A. Professional Motorcycle Racing License
  • F.I.M. International Motorcycle Racing License
  • C.M.C. Professional Motorcycle Racing License
  • A.F.M. Professional Racing License
  • S.A.E. Member
  • A.S.M.E. Member
  • S.N.A.M.E. Member


35 years in professional motor sports including 5,000+ races and 1,221 victories, 50,000+ hours of motorcycle experience, Hall of Fame Motocrosser, 22,000 hours teaching experience, 30 years experience with boats including personal watercraft, and 500,000 miles driving and testing experience with trailers and motor homes.  Qualified in both State and Federal Courts as an expert in 25 disciplines.  Qualified as an expert witness in foreign courts and has special knowledge of motorcycles, ATV’s, trailers, motor homes, boats, ships, off-road vehicles, SUV’s, diesel vehicles, Mercedes-Benz automobiles, BMW automobiles, Volvo automobiles, tire expert, and special expertise with vehicle repair fraud issues. Special knowledge in O.E.M. vs. Aftermarket parts issues. Expert 1553 testified more than 600 times, and is the author of 400+ technical articles and 3 books.


Motorcycle Accidents, ATV Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Truck Accidents, Towing Accidents, RV Accidents, Tire-related Accidents, Marine Accidents, Repair Fraud, Machinery, Fires Source and Cause, Patent Cases.


Review and advise on case merits, Defense and Plaintiff cases accepted, Accident Reconstruction, Trial Preparation, Video and Photo Analysis, Exhibit Preparation, Trial Testimony, Deposition Testimony, Mediation Testimony, Research and Development, Training, Engineering Management.

Types of legal cases Expert has testified about

  • Bulldozer destroyed culvert, driver of pickup drove into hole left by excavation.
  • Fraudulent sale, known engine defects not disclosed.
  • Fire in Polaris UTV burned home and garage. [Subrogation]
  • Front wheel detached from new stand-on scooter, personal injury.
  • Product defect, faulty repair, on scooter, personal injury. (settled 6-2019)
  • Truck tire explosion while mounting.
  • Dealer fraud, claim of damage pre-sale, flood damage analysis.
  • Water intrusion, lemon law.
  • Motorcycle race, personal injuries, barrier design, racetrack design.
  • Personal injury, property damage, motorcycle accident, ABS failure.
  • Off-road motorcycle accident, brand new bike throttle came off handlebar, personal injury. Defect in assembly process, warnings.
  • Black market sales of auto parts, fraudulent claims of OEM parts.
  • Walkway defect, scooter crash, personal injury.
  • Claim of wobble event. Single motorcycle lost control.
  • Car v truck & trailer, right of way, red light or green light, perspicuity.
  • Mesothelioma claim against equipment manufacturer.
  • Police chase, attempted murder, gunfire from moving car issues, parallax view, reconstruction.
  • Issues; RV fire, defective design as to exits, wrongful death.
  • Personal injury, heavy equipment operation, cushion hitch failure.
  • Track design, flaggers, motocross accident.
  • Product defect UTV aftermarket roof, personal injury.
  • Police claim of suspect feeling arrest on Motorcycle. Motorcycle dynamics, effects of wind and speed, perspicuity.
  • Personal injury, bicycle into race course barrier system.
  • Single motorcycle highside while exiting parking lot. Claimed oil in parking lot.
  • Motorcycle valuation, breach of contract.
  • Claim of MX track improper design and maintenance, lack of flagmen.
  • Police vehicle turning in front of motorcycle, wrongful death, accident reconstruction, motorcycle dynamics, perspicuity.
  • Product defect- motorcycle front brake lock up.
  • Truck v truck intersection accident, right of way, personal injury.
  • sudden acceleration, motorcycle runaway.
  • Motorcycle school track maintenance and oversight, standards of care.
  • Wrongful death, truck tire failure, truck vs automobile.
  • Motorcycle race, flagging, course layout, personal injury. (Settled 3-2018)
  • Motorcycle vs cab, right of way, perspicuity, accident reconstruction.
  • SUV v motorcycle, left turn, brake failure.
  • Jetski trailer accident, design case
  • Single motorcycle accident, hit drainage ditch while merging.
  • Woman thrown from wheelchair by braking, improper restraints, training, human factors.
  • Personal injury, claim of negligent maintenance on rental dune buggy.
  • Water damage to vehicle electronics, product defect.
  • Hit and run, personal injury to motorized bicycle rider. Definition of motorized bicycle. Second trial concerning liability, accident reconstruction Qualified as accident reconstruction expert, accident psychology, motorized bicycle expert. Superior Court Jury Trial- Qualified as accident reconstruction expert, accident psychology, mechanical engineer. (October 2017).
  • Car vs motorcycle, lane change, lane splitting over HOV lane markers.
  • Off-road racetrack event, driver lost control and ran through fence into crowd, personal injury, negligent barrier design.
  • Faulty light bulb, Engineering Management, replacement language, packaging.
  • Dune buggy with custom race engine, claim of stuck throttle, maintenance, wrongful death.
  • Motorcycle v car, personal injury,
  • Asbestos injury claimed from brake grinder use.
  • Truck v bus collision at night, right of way, perspicuity.
  • Homicide, reckless driving of motorcycle resulting in death of passenger.
  • Can Am Spyder rental, claim of brake failure, personal injury.
  • New auto engine fire caused damage to home structure, product defect.
  • Personal injury, truck loading with forklift. Pallets.
  • Run away concrete truck, faulty brakes, negligent maintenance, wrongful death.
  • Pickup puling horse trailer v Toyota Camry, wrongful death (2), negligent driving, icy roads, negligent signage.
  • Catastrophic tire failure, roll-over, product defect, personal injury.
  • Single motorcycle accident, drunk driving, wrongful death.
  • Motorcycle product defect, broken main frame, defective design, wrongful death.
  • Trespass, assault, wrongful arrest, evidence tampering.
  • Power tool injury, lack of safety handle on drill, lack of interlock.
  • Car v pedestrian, right of way, personal injury, property damage.
  • Truck v Motorcycle, wrongful death. Firm: Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Product defect, fire in electrical system, personal injury.
  • Nursery vehicle with trailer left turn in front of rental motorcycle, claim of negligent maintenance on motorcycle, personal injury.
  • racetrack safety, racetrack design.
  • Product failure, RV table/bed collapsed, personal injury.
  • Wrongful death, equipment failure, maintenance.
  • Street sweeper accident, engine stall, no brakes, identify and inspect sweeper.
  • Racetrack design and safety, motorcycle accident.
  • Single motorcycle accident, product failure claim.
  • Issues; Off road race, flagman injured, training, procedures, racetrack protocols.
  • Personal injury, racetrack design, racetrack Spectator safety.
  • Fire- source and cause. RV parked in commercial storage area; claim of RV as source of fire. Property damage.
  • Patent and Trademark infringement, counterfeit auto parts, logistics, international trade standards.
  • Issue: Parked car pulling out in front of scooter, personal injury, right of way.
  • Maintenance, tire failure leading to capsize, personal injury.
  • ATV roll-over, improper training, improper equipment.
  • Product defect, fuel system failure, fire, personal injury. (settled 6-2018)
  • Personal injury, exercise equipment failure.
  • Asbestos injury, race car maintenance and testing.
  • Issues- Asbestos Injury, brake grinders.
  • Asbestos injury.
  • Bicycle v car, efficacy of bicycle helmets, causation, accident reconstruction.
  • Claim of faking an auto theft. Electronic data transfer from ECU. Methods of entry into vehicle and towing.
  • Motorcycle v race truck, standard of care, warnings, duty of race promoter.
  • Big rig v motorcycle, driver error, tire analysis.
  • Issues- Asbestos litigation, personal injury, product defect.
  • Cab vs scooter, personal injury, right of way.
  • ATV accident during practice session, wrongful death.
  • Racetrack personnel injury, vehicle v pedestrian.
  • Product defect, asbestos exposure claim, AMMCO brake shoe grinder.
  • Wrongful death, off-loading stanchion failure, log handling equipment failure, failure to establish maintenance protocols, wrongful death.
  • Product defect, asbestos exposure claim, AMMCO brake shoe grinder.
  • Traffic markings, limit line placement, perspicuity. Truck v pickup collision at intersection, wrongful death.
  • Remanufactured motorcycle had front wheel fall off within first minutes of test ride. Shop failed to tighten clamps and axle nuts.
  • Motorcycle v tow truck collision, wrongful death, visibility, motorcycle riding safety
  • Wrongful death, police misconduct, barriers, highway lighting.Review, Inspection, analysis, re-inspection, live exemplar testing at scene, reconstruction, Reports, Deposition, Rebuttal to Opposing Experts, declaration (Settled at trial 3-2018).
  • Product defect, asbestos exposure claim, AMMCO brake shoe grinder.
  • Single motorcycle accident, wrongful death, product liability.
  • Single motorcycle accident, pothole road defect.
  • Right of way, motorcycle v pickup, perspicuity.
  • Drive belt failure, single vehicle accident, fatal injury, product failure.
  • Defective design, defective testing of emission system. Asphyxia, brain damage. Drivers becoming sick from backed up exhaust waste fumes.
  • Product defect, asbestos exposure claim, AMMCO brake shoe grinder.
  • Single vehicle motorcycle accident, defective roadway claim.


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