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Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner Hematology Oncology Pediatric Expert Witness

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Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner Hematology Oncology Pediatric Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Nurse, Staff Nurse, Emergency, Pediatrics, Oncology, Intensive Care, Cardiac Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Dysplasia, Complex Renal Conditions, Hemtology Oncology,D octor of Nursing Practice

Expert No. 3635


M.S. Naval Architect, Marine Engineer and Mechanical Engineer – National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1959 (6 Year Curriculum – Dual M.S. Degree)

B.S. Naval Architect – Technical School #3, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1950 (6 Year Curriculum)

Other Training and Courses

•Waterways and Dredging Operations – Department of Public Works, Buenos Aires – 1954-1958
•Otto Krause Academy – Course:  Diesel Engines – 1958
•Tulane University – Course:  Understanding Digital Computers – 1961
•Tulane University – Course:  Structural Steel Design – 1962
•The Pennsylvania State University – Seminar on Vibration and Vibration Damping – 1964
•Philadelphia Naval Shipyard – Course:  Dynamic Analysis Method of Shock Design – 1965
•The University of Michigan – Course:  Propulsion – Vessels Hydrodynamics – 1966
•The University of Michigan – Course:  High Speed Propellers – 1967
•University of Santa Clara – Course:  Professional Mechanical Engineers Review – 1968
•School of Fluid Power – Course:  Basic Fluid Power – 1971
•University of New Orleans – Course:  Finance – 1977
•American Welding Society – Course:  Underwater Welding of Offshore Platforms and Pipelines – 1980
•American Welding Society – Course:  Welding in Shipbuilding – 1981
•University of New Orleans – Course:  Fundamentals of Return-On-Investment – 1981
•Chicago College:  Seminar – Containers
•University of California – Seminar:  Japanese Shipbuilding Practices
•Mississippi College – Seminar:  Admiralty – 1985
•Marine Surveyors Guild – Course:  Accident Reconstruction:  11 Tapes – 1988
•U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary – Several Courses – 1990 thru 1996
•Sea School – Course:  Captain’s License – 1992
•U. S. Sailing – Seminar:  Safety at Sea – 1994
•St. Petersburg College – Course:  Engineering Ethics – 2002
•National Safety Council – OSHA – Course:  Creating a Safety Culture – 2004

Certification and Licensure

•Registered Professional Engineer – State of Louisiana – Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors – 1971 (Current)
•Naval and Mechanical Engineer Registration – Board of Professional Engineers, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Consejo Profesional de Ingenieria) – 1959 (Expired)
•Certified Marine Surveyor – Horizon International Naval Surveying and Inspection Bureau – 1990 (Expired)
•Certified Marine Surveyor – The National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc. – 1982 (Expired)

Membership in Professional Societies

•Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers – 1957 (Current)
•American Boat and Yacht Council – 1980 (Current)
•American Society of Civil Engineers (Expired)
•Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying:  Lapels  (Current)
•Louisiana Engineering Society (Current)
•Western Dredging Society (Expired)
•American Society of Safety Engineers (Expired)
•Marine Safety Society (Expired)
•The Mariners Club of the Port of New Orleans (Expired)
•National Association of State Boating Law Administration (Expired)
•National Association of Passenger Vessel Owners (Expired)
•National Association of Marine Surveyor (Expired)
•Boat Owners Association of the United States (Expired)
•American Welding Society (Expired)
•Horizon International Naval Surveying and Inspection Bureau (Expired)
•Marine Technology Society (Expired)
•American Society for Metals (Expired)

Forensic Engineering Courses Published

Authored four forensic engineering courses that are being purchased by Professional Engineers to comply with the rules of Licensure Boards for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Each course describes and analyzes a number of Forensic case histories in the marine field.  The purpose of a forensic investigation is to determine the causes(s) of the accident or incident, based on engineering knowledge, review of witness statements, depositions and close examination of failed components.

Contents of Course #1

•Marine Disaster:  Thirteen (13) People Died When Passenger Tour Boat Sunk Due To Small Deficiencies
•Unusual Marine Accident:  Push Boat Capsized and Sunk – Crew Dragged Under a Barge
•Slips and Falls in the Marine and Offshore Oil Fields (Several Cases)
•Maritime Disaster:  Shift of Cargo Resulted in the Loss of Almost the Entire Crew
•Deficiencies Found in Many Marine Stairways and Ladders Resulting in Accidents
•Cruise Ship’s Passenger Foot was Crushed by a Boarding Gangway
•Self-Actuated Transmission Killed Two People – The Need for Propeller Guards
•Unsecured Hatch Cover Resulted in Death
•Confined Space Accident
•Gasoline Explosion on a 32-Foot Aluminum Cruiser

Contents of Course #2

•Recreational Boat Accidents
•Lifting Related Accidents
•Offshore Personnel Transfer
•High Performance Power Boat Design and Construction Deficiencies
•Offshore Drilling Rig Accidents
•Crew Boat Accidents:  Unseaworthiness
•Collision of a Boat with a Channel Marker – Determination of Who Was The Driver Thru Analysis of the Injuries
•Easy to Prevent Accidents on Passenger Vessels
•Predictable Offshore Accidents
•Personal Injuries Resulting From Attempting To Board a Crew Boat thru the Bow and Notes about the International Safety Management Code (ISM)

Contents of Course #3

•Dangerous Laundry Room on a Passenger Vessel
•The Wake Created By a Vessel Can Result In Accidents
•Low-Pressure Separator Explosion on an Oil Production Barge
•Fall Arrest Gear Prevent Serious Injury to Electrician Falling From Scaffold Board
•A Floating Dredging Pipeline Can Become an Obstruction to the Navigation Resulting in Accidents
•Explosion in the Mudroom of a Jack-Up Drilling Rig
•Pilothouse Accidents: An Inadequate Helmsman’s Chair Failure, Resulted in Serious Injuries to the Captain – Improper Pilothouse Design Results In Accident
•An Inexpensive Hook on a Hatch of a Brand New Vessel Caused Very Serious Injuries to a Longshoreman

Contents of Course #4

•Collision of Two Pleasure Vessels in Puerto Rico
•Man Overboard
•Dangerous Threshold on a Passenger Vessel
•Dangerous Inclined Stairs
•Customs Agent Was Injured Descending a Defective Accommodation Ladder
•Floating Crane-Barge Accident Due To Lack of Arresting System
•Jumping Waves and BUI (Boating Under the Influence) Do Not Mix
•Longshoreman Injured Climbing Thru an Access Hatch

Articles Published in Magazines of the Trade and On the Internet

Available Upon Request

Technical Presentations Made During Professional Symposiums
Available Upon Request

Unpublished Articles and Books Being Developed

Available Upon Request

Articles Published By Unrelated Authors Regarding Experts’ 3635 Activities

Available Upon Request

Professional Activities

1951 – 1958:  Engineer, Department Public Works of Argentina.  Dredging Operations:  Inspection and repairs of dredges, management and improvement of canals, flood control systems and levees.

1959 – 1960:  Asst. To The Chief Engineer, Buenos Aires Naval Shipyard, Argentina

1960:  Designer, National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, San Diego, California

1960 – 1965:  Asst. Supervisor of the Scientific Section, Avondale Shipyards, Inc.

1966 – 1968:  Staff Naval Architect – Hydrodynamicist, F.M.C. Corp., California

1968:  Department Supervisor – Naval Architecture and Structures, Avondale

1969:  Vice President and Chief Engineer – Petro-Marine Engineering, Inc.

1960 – 1969:  Part Time Consulting Services For Many Shipyards And Ship Owners

1970 to Present: International Corp. and Expert Witness, Inc. – Technical Consultant and Expert Witness:  Provided engineering services to ship owners, shipyards, insurance groups, government agencies and attorneys.  Also, Maritime Casualty Investigations and Accident Reconstruction expertise.

Main Areas of Expertise are:

Barges and Tugboats
Passenger Vessels
Pleasure Boat Mishaps
Cargo Vessels – Bulk Carriers
Cargo Gear / Rigging
Dynamic Instability
Containerships - Tankers
Collisions and Allisions
High Speed Boats
Offshore Oil Rigs & Platform
Longshoreman Accidents
Jet Skis / Personal Watercraft
Pipelines – Jack-up Rigs
Dredging Incidents
Collision of Boats
Towing Mishaps
Anchoring and Mooring
Amphibious Crafts
Personal Injury and/or Death
Slip, Trip and Fall
Crew Negligence
Product Liability
Marine Equipment Failure
Crane Accidents
Latent Defects
Diesel & Gasoline Engines
Product Liability
Personnel Basket Operation
Reduction Gear Defects
Dock & Wharf Accidents
Stairs and Ladders
Oil Rig Accidents
Accident Reconstruction
Wreck Removal
Marine Salvage
Structural Failure
Vibrations & Shock/Noise
Improper Cargo Distribution
Longitudinal Strength
Capsizing and/or Sinking
Fires and Explosions

Sample of Projects

Salvage engineer and consultant for the complete engineering for the clearance of the Suez Canal and the largest lift for salvage in the American Continent:  a 5,100-ton drilling rig.  Participated in over 200 major salvage operations.

Retained and testified as an Expert Witness in numerous large cases since the early nineteen seventies.  Amateur artist.  Often supports his testimony by developing exhibits in the courtroom.
Boating enthusiast and sailor.  Owned and operated several boats and participated in numerous sea trials of commercial and navy vessels.
Logged over 10,000 miles sailing in open waters.

Extensive International Experience

Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, England, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Antigua, St. Martin, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, Anguilla, Australia, Belize and other countries.

Court Litigations and Arbitrations

Have been retained as an expert and testified in State and Federal courts since the early nineteen seventies in several hundred cases in various states and Singapore.

Partial List of Cases in Which Expert 3635 Has Testified In
Court or By Deposition and/or Was Retained As an Expert
Currently Active Cases in Which Expert 3635 Has Been Retained As An Expert

Job #1411:  Oil Platform: Improper design of lighting system resulting in personal injury.
Job #1437:  Passenger Vessel: Guest received injuries crossing a gangplank.
Job #1438:  Boat occupant fell overboard and was killed by the propeller.
Job #1445:  Defective trailer stands on barge caused injury to driver of tractor.
Job #1449:  Casino Boat:  Personal injury due to uneven carpets.
Job #1450:  Class Action lawsuit against parties responsible for flooding the 9th Ward of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
Job #1452:  Dismasting of a 48-foot sailboat during bad weather.
Job #1456:  Continuous failures of several diesel engines.
Job #1462:  Oil Platform:  Personal injury on the rig floor caused by an alleged emission of Hydrogen Sulfide.
Job #1464:  Collision of two power boats at night.
Job #1469:  Collision of a 22’ bow rider boat with a 25’ push boat.  Five people died.
Job #1472:  Explosion on tugboat.  Two workers died.
Job #1473:  Captain of an offshore supply boat sustained back injury lifting groceries and supplies.
Job #1475:  Crewmember injured in the shower of a vessel.
Job #1479:  Failure of a wave attenuator wall (floating breakwater) in Arizona, which resulted in the sinking of a 55 foot houseboat.
Job #1480:  Loadout and launching of a 1,700 ton tugboat using a 338 foot floating dry dock.
Job #1483:  Slip and fall on a jack-up drilling rig.
Job #1484:  Crewmember fell down a flight of engine room stairs.


Available Upon Request

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