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Agricultural, rangeland, biological, ecological, plant physiology, soil contamination, pesticide mis use, herbicide mis use, fertilizer applications, crop loss due Negligence, biological control, plant diseases on various cropping systems, pesticide labeling, field scouting, revenue loss,

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New Mexico


PhD, Agronomy, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, 2006
MS Entomology, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, 1988
BS Rangeland Management, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX, 1985

Expert Witness 

Litigation Expert, 1996 – Present
Malathion pesticide misuse on cotton for boll weevil control, Texas.
Triclopyr herbicide drift and misuse for Tobacco in Kentucky.
Pheromone applications in cotton, New Mexico.
Causes and effects of peach pitting, California.
Herbicide damage to melons with drip systems, Arizona.
Powdery mildew product efficacy on watermelons, Arizona.
Tomato spotted wilt disease on Tomatoes, Arkansas.
Fungicide misapplication and resistance on cucurbits, Georgia. 
Effects of herbicide overspray and drift on nontarget vineyards in Minnesota.
Triclopyr herbicide misuse on wetland non targets for invasive weed control, Nevada.

Assessment of crop failure of cotton, corn and sunflowers in Kansas.

Academic/Employment Experience

Faculty Director of Seed Certification Program, New Mexico State University, Extension Plant Sciences, Las Cruces, NM, November 2007.
Inspect multiple field crops for genetic quality, purity, noxious and invasive weed species, as well as assess agronomic fitness, throughout NM.
Approve forage and seed crops to be certified in the state of NM.
Work collectively with New Mexico Department of agriculture to maintain the genetic quality of foundation and improved varieties of seed and forage.
Facilitate regulations and guidelines for seed and forage production and certification.
Interact with growers, field men and processors to educate, inform and collaborate with, to achieve standards set by NM seed law.

Senior Research Specialist, New Mexico State University, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science Department, Las Cruces, NM, September 1989 – 2007.
Oversee all field and lab research in cotton, pecans, alfalfa, chile and others.
Teach, mentor, train, undergraduate and graduate students in research efforts.
Supervise masters and doctoral students’™ thesis work and professional staff.
Promote, research findings through extension and publication, and various avenues.
Lead and conduct all field and lab research, design, implementation and reporting.
Manage budgets, salaries, equipment, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses.
Write and submit proposals, journal articles and publications.
Instructor and guest lecturer for undergraduate and graduate courses.
Participate on student mentoring and recruitment programs and committees.

Research Specialist, New Mexico State Agricultural Experiment Station, Clovis NM 1988 1989.
Supervise field, lab technicians, and laborers.
Conduct research studies on variety trials for various agricultural crops.
Set up water conservation and irrigation scheduling sustainable systems.
Evaluate no till cropping systems for fertilizer and pesticide leaching capacity.
Evaluate various pesticide trials on corn, wheat and vetch crops.
Run nitrogen studies on no-till production systems.

Graduate Research Assistant, New Mexico State University Veterinary Entomology Research Laboratory, February 1986 1988. 
Evaluated disease transmission by horse flies and deer flies to Elk in National forest.
Experimented with delivery system of injectable medications on big horn sheep.
Care and maintenance of wildlife facilities. 
House Flies studies at dairy installations.

Research Technician, Texas A&M Agriculture Experiment Station, Ft. Stockton Texas 1984 1985.
Germplasm maintenance, propagation, and greenhouse management.
Center pivot and row irrigation studies under arid land conditions.
Performed laboratory operations, rubber/resin analysis of Guayule.
Supervision of laborer and farm management operations.

Range Conservationist, Soil Conservation Service, Alpine Texas, 1983 1984. 
Analysis of rangeland forage condition. Plant/soil interrelationships.
Field specialist for area ranchers, sustainable range production and conservation.
Surveying and photographic mapping of rangeland.
Soil classification, plant identification, hydrology management and stocking rate.

Rangeland Lab Instructor, Sul Ross State University, 1982 1984.
Class instruction for the identification of major forbs grasses and woody species.
Supervision of the herbarium; plant collection, identification, and preservation.
Wildlife and range field work, controlled burns of rangeland.

Courses Instructed

Biological Control  
Integrated Pest Management  
Economic Entomology  
Range Plant Identification  

Guest Lecture

Organic production
Intro to Entomology
Plant Disease Diagnosis
Collaborative/ Commercialized Efforts

Developed collaborative efforts to commercialized research findings for variable nutrient rate fertilizer technology to create sustainable systems with various divisions.
Designed and developed grower outreach programs to incorporate research findings and extend public relations. 

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Grant Funding

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Research Interest

Production Optimization of Cropping Systems.
Water Conservation and Sustainability.
Soil, Plant, Nutrient, Relationships.
Fertility Cause and Effects for Increase Profits.
Extension Education and Sustainability.
Biofuel, Organic, and Sustainable Production Systems.

Professional Affiliations

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