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Airbag Timing Issues, Air Bag, SRS Safety Restraint System Airbags, Air Bags, Automotive Airbag Crash Analysis, Non Deployments, Unwanted Late Deployments, Patent Review, Automotive Patent Infringement, New Technology Evaluation, Sensors, Sensor Applications, Accident, Energy, Nuclear, Solar, Airbag Air Bag SRS Safety Restraint System,


1973 Ph.D.  Physics, Rutgers University

1967 B.A.    Physics, Rutgers University


2001-Present- President of Consulting Company, New York, NY
Consultant offering expertise in automotive airbag crash analysis, particularly airbag non-deployments, unwanted and late deployments, Other services include new technology evaluation, patent review, engineering consulting and due diligence for investors. Areas of expertise include automotive and energy related technology, sensors, and sensor applications.  Other technical professionals are brought in to assist as required.

1997 – 2001 – Marketing Director, Novaflux Technologies, Princeton, NJ
Responsible for developing new business with government agencies and industries in the areas of medical device cleaning, water filtration, and membrane cleaning, The company received over $3 million in government support, primarily from the NIH and the DOD, through the SBIR program. Funding was used to develop a means of removing biofilm from dental equipment, cleaning internal channels of endoscopes, reprocessing hemodialyzer cartridges, and in situ sterilization of catheters. Other applications included the production of ultra pure water by means of filtration. The technology is based on a unique application of two-phase fluid flow. The company is now in the process of selling the technologies to industrial customers.

1989- 1997 – Director of Engineering Technology, Breed Technologies, Inc., Boonton, NJ
Managed an R&D group responsible for the development and testing of airbag crash sensing algorithms, accelerometers, pressure sensors, other micro-machined devices, and advanced concept airbag inflators. In 1995 received the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement for Development of New Electronic Crash Sensing Analysis Methodology. Major accomplishments of the R&D group are listed below.

Developed software that allowed the quick calibration of electromagnetic crash sensors, The software simulated the movement of the sensing element when subjected to the three dimensional acceleration data measured during actual crash of vehicle. Physical sensor parameters were then incorporated in actual production sensors at manufacturing facility.

Developed a performance model for airbag inflators subject to various temperature conditions. Model was used to develop three advanced concept inflators including a helium stored gas inflator, a carbon dioxide stored gas inflator, and a hybrid methane inflator.  Sponsored 2 Ph.D. theses at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Investigated with a local university the use of micro-machined sensors to initiate deployment and measure temperature of stored gas inflators.

Set up an inflator testing facility for the above products including a high-speed camera and a pendulum/crash dummy apparatus for determining bag pressure during impact. Developed rupture disks and opening devices, two of which are patented.

Introduced finite element modeling to Breed, including stress analysis, computational fluid dynamics and electromagnetics simulation. Collaborated with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories regarding the simulation of automobile crashes using software developed by the Laboratory.  This effort was undertaken to assess what impact the use of lightweight bumpers would have on sensor performance. It was later used to model complete sections of the front of vehicles. This led to introduction of commercial software packages such as MADYMO and PAMCRASH allowing accurate assessment of stress loadings on vehicle occupants during airbag deployment. Sponsored R & D projects related to fluid dynamic modeling at Cornell University

Developed the first Breed electronic sensor algorithm implemented in a vehicle. Over 1 million vehicles now use this system in Europe. Fabricated crashable test prototypes that were used on vehicles during crash testing in Europe and the United States.  Later developed a second-generation algorithm based on mapping parameters as a function of time for various crash signals.

Constructed rollover vehicle model to determine if action could be taken to warn driver or prevent occurrence in some situations.

Researched use of micro-machined sensors for other applications in vehicles including rollover protection, tire pressure sensing, occupant sensing, window rollup control, and air to fuel injection ratio monitoring for purposes of pollution control

Conducted reverse engineering studies and patent reviews of competitor’s products.

Other assignments included reviewing the merits of potential acquisitions including the MEMS based Accelerometer Company, Vaisala (acquired), an ultra pure titanium production process, and a magnetic proximity probe

1973 – 1989 – Ebasco Services, Inc. New York, NY, Member of advanced technology division. Sample project and systems integration management assignments:

Project/Program Manager
1986 Shipping port, Pennsylvania Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning Study, DOE
1982-84 Remote Solar Power Applications – Saudi Arabian National Science Centre
1982 Wind Turbine Company Acquisition Study, Exxon Corporation
1981 Carolina Power & Light – Three Mile Island related nuclear accident reliability study
1981 Boiler Implosion Study for Fossil Fuel Power Plants
1979-1981 In-House R&D study of alternate energy resources ($1 million in in-house funding)

Systems Integration Manager

1987-89 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), DOD,  – University of Wisconsin, $16 million study.
1985-1986 Liquid Metal MHD Power Conversion for Space Satellites with Ben Gurion University in the Negev, DOD, $2 million study.
1976-1979 Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor – Princeton University, National Science Foundation, $300 million project

Other Assignments

Consulted on several nuclear and alternate energy programs. Authored or co-authored several winning proposals for industrial customers and the government including the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor and the SMES program. Performed technology assessment studies for the Group Vice President relating to potential investment or use of intellectual property developed by others.

Note: Raytheon purchased Ebasco Services in the mid-1990.

1973 – Guest Scientist, AT&T, Bell Laboratories –– Conducted research regarding solid-state properties of materials using nuclear measurement tools.

Other Consulting Assignments (1989-2002)

Due Diligence Studies for Initial Public Offerings and Private Investors

Several IPO’s, four of which went public

Litigation Support

Software infringement case – consulted in support of a major corporation.
Consultation for several airbag accident cases
Automotive patent infringement case

Continuing Education

Quality Assurance Training Program, Breed Technologies

Seminars on Fuel Cell Technology

Seminars on Computer Engineering Software

Professional Associations

Society of Automotive Engineers,   (SAE), Past Member
American Nuclear Society – (ANS), Past Member
IEEE, Past Member

Professional Service Positions

1977-1979 Member, Various National Nuclear Fusion Research Committees

1988 Member, ASME Committee on Applied Superconductivity

1998-2001 Technical Proposal Reviewer for the New Jersey Science and Technology Commission

2001 Wrote Position Paper on Accident Involving State Funded University Research Project Regarding Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle for the New Jersey Science and Technology Commission

2000-2003 State of Vermont Small Business Association

Public Service Positions

1972-1976 Sierra Club, Outings Leader


1995 – Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement, Breed Technologies, Inc.

Seminars and Teaching Experience

1968-1970 Teaching Assistant, Rutgers University
1973-1976 Training Seminars for New Engineers, Ebasco Services
1981 Taught Seminars at Various Nuclear Power Plants Relating to Alignment Inspection of Critical Piping Systems, Ebasco Services,
1981 Guest Speaker, Solar Energy Seminar, The Cooper Union, New York City
1982 Adjunct Lecturer, Columbia University, Alternate Energy Technologies
1982 Testified at New York State Assembly Hearing, Energy Resources Session
Guest Speaker on Airbag Technology – various Universities
May, 2002 Attorneys Information Exchange Group Meeting, Kansas City, MO, Airbag Technology Seminar

Sample Publications and Patents

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