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Airline Transport Pilot, Helicopter, Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land, RA-390S, CE-500, BE200, BE300, SA227, Commercial Pilot, Glider, Flight Instructor, SEL, MEL, Instrument Airplane (military FW ME instructor), Ground Instructor, Instrument, Advanced, Air Worthiness


Graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School

  • Airline Transport Pilot: Helicopter, Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land, RA-390S, CE-500, BE200, BE300, SA227
  • Commercial Pilot: Glider
  • Flight Instructor: SEL, MEL, Instrument Airplane (military FW ME instructor)
  • Ground Instructor: Instrument, Advanced

No incidents/accidents or violations
Secret Security Clearance


Total Time: 6987
Pilot-in-Command: 5776
Instruction Given 882
Jet 758
Turbine 3029
Multi-Engine 1863
Night 658
Simulator 308
Instrument 1461
Glider 20


Experience in a wide variety of powered aircraft and gliders including over ten types of single and multi-engine helicopters, jets including the Beechcraft Premier 1A, Citation 500 series, Lear 24, T-38A, T-2C and turboprops including the P-3, BE-90, 200, 300, TBM700 and C208B.  Director of Operations for a Part 135 charter company in Texas.   Two years of international experience flying with the Royal Air Force in Great Britain and several charter flights to Mexico.


Experimental Test Pilot – Flew on various test programs for the U.S. Army Aviation Technical Test Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama (July 1994 – June 1997).  AFTD, Redstone Arsenal, AL (June 2007 – February 2012), Private Aviation Carrier (July 2013 – Present)

Director of Operations for Charter Company – Started and operated a single pilot air taxi company with a TBM700C2 Aircraft (2004-2006).  Performed as Base Chief Pilot for a Premier IA Jet on Raytheon’s Air Taxi Certificate (2006-2007).

Director of the Combined Test Team for the Comanche Helicopter/ Fielding Team Chief, Longbow Apache Helicopter – Responsible for the oversight of the flight testing of the Comanche at the Sikorsky Developmental Flight Test Center, West Palm Beach, Florida.  (July 2000 – July 2002) Responsible for the oversight of the new aircraft fielding including all maintenance and materiel issues.  (August 2002 – December 2005)

Flight Instructor – SunQuest Aviation, North County Airport, West Palm Beach, FL (August 2000 – July 2002) Wings Over Texas Aviation, Temple, TX (August 2002 – December 2005) and Independent (August 2000 – Present).

Research and Development Flight Commander – Responsible for all rotary wing research and development flight-testing conducted by the government of the United Kingdom. Performed as a test pilot on many and varied programs in the United Kingdom. (June 1997 – July 1999)

U.S. Army Aviation Officer – Flew/managed various Army aircraft and personnel (May 1985 – Feb 2006)


1985 – Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point, New York

2000 – Master of Arts, Procurement, Acquisition and Business Management, Webster University, Saint Louis, Missouri

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