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Airline Transport Aviation Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Airline Transport Pilot, Helicopter, Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land, RA 390S, CE 500, BE200, BE300, SA227, Commercial Pilot, Glider, Flight Instructor, SEL, MEL, Instrument Airplane (military FW ME instructor), Ground Instructor, Instrument, Advanced, Air Worthiness

Expert Witness No.  1317


Graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School

  • Airline Transport Pilot: Helicopter, Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land, RA-390S, CE-500, BE200, BE300, SA227
  • Commercial Pilot: Glider
  • Flight Instructor: SEL, MEL, Instrument Airplane (military FW ME instructor)
  • Ground Instructor: Instrument, Advanced

No incidents/accidents or violations
Secret Security Clearance


Total Time: 6987
Pilot-in-Command: 5776
Instruction Given 882
Jet 758
Turbine 3029
Multi-Engine 1863
Night 658
Simulator 308
Instrument 1461
Glider 20

Experience in a wide variety of powered aircraft and gliders including over ten types of single and multi-engine helicopters, jets including the Beechcraft Premier 1A, Citation 500 series, Lear 24, T-38A, T-2C and turboprops including the P-3, BE-90, 200, 300, TBM700 and C208B.  Director of Operations for a Part 135 charter company in Texas.   Two years of international experience flying with the Royal Air Force in Great Britain and several charter flights to Mexico.


Experimental Test Pilot - Flew on various test programs for the U.S. Army Aviation Technical Test Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama (July 1994 - June 1997).  AFTD, Redstone Arsenal, AL (June 2007 - February 2012), Private Aviation Carrier (July 2013 - Present)

Director of Operations for Charter Company - Started and operated a single pilot air taxi company with a TBM700C2 Aircraft (2004-2006).  Performed as Base Chief Pilot for a Premier IA Jet on Raytheon’s Air Taxi Certificate (2006-2007).

Director of the Combined Test Team for the Comanche Helicopter/ Fielding Team Chief, Longbow Apache Helicopter - Responsible for the oversight of the flight testing of the Comanche at the Sikorsky Developmental Flight Test Center, West Palm Beach, Florida.  (July 2000 - July 2002) Responsible for the oversight of the new aircraft fielding including all maintenance and materiel issues.  (August 2002 - December 2005)

Flight Instructor - SunQuest Aviation, North County Airport, West Palm Beach, FL (August 2000 - July 2002) Wings Over Texas Aviation, Temple, TX (August 2002 - December 2005) and Independent (August 2000 - Present).
Research and Development Flight Commander - Responsible for all rotary wing research and development flight-testing conducted by the government of the United Kingdom. Performed as a test pilot on many and varied programs in the United Kingdom. (June 1997 - July 1999)

U.S. Army Aviation Officer - Flew/managed various Army aircraft and personnel (May 1985 - Feb 2006)


1985 – Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point, New York

2000 – Master of Arts, Procurement, Acquisition and Business Management, Webster University, Saint Louis, Missouri