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Airport Engineering Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineer, Litigation, Structural Failure, Forensic Engineer, Forensic, Airport Engineering, Aviation Accidents, Wrongful Death, Airfield Pavements, Airport Improvements, Airports, Asphalt Paving, Building Design, Building Inspection, Ceilings, Concrete Slabs, Construction, Construction Codes, Construction Defects, Construction Failure, Construction Management, Curbs, Parking Facility, Streets, Taxiways, Tornado Damage, US Army Corps of Engineers, Utilities, Management, Utility Relocations, Walls, Grading, Helicopter Parking Area, Drainage, Precision Approach Path Indicator System, PAPI, Service Road Drive, Service Snow Removal Equipment Storage Building, Fencing, Vehicle Parking Lot, FAA Approach Slope Vertical Clearances, FAA Advisory Circular, Aircraft Lighting Navigation Aids, NAVAIDS, Poor Drainage, Unstable Soils, Underground Electric Cables, OSHA, FAA Regulations, Holding Apron, Runways, Storm Sewer, Culvert, Airport Utilities, Aircraft Parking Areas, Aircraft Parking Ramps, Aircraft Parking Aprons, Concrete Pavement, Airport Drainage, Airport Pavement Marking, Airport Signs, Airport Lighting, Aircraft Fuel Spills, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Object Free Area OFA, Runway Safety Area RSA, Taxiway Safety Area TSA, Obstacle Free Zone OFZ, NAVAIDS, Part 77 Obstruction, Runway Protection Zone RPZ, Stopway Standards for aborted takeoffs, Rescue Firefighting Access, Line of Sight Standards, Approach Lighting System, Aircraft Approach Slope, Threshold Siting, Aircraft Accidents, Airport Safety, Airport Environmental Impacts

Expert Witness No.2213


Engineering Experience

As a Registered Professional Engineer,
Expert 2213 has acted as a Consultant, Chief Engineer, Senior Project Engineer
and Lead Engineer in the planning, design and construction of multi-million
dollar projects for half a century. These include aviation facilities, highways
and major drainage projects.

Academic Qualifications

B.S. in Civil Engineering, Virginia
Military Institute (VMI) (1954) Registered Professional Engineer since 1959
Registered Environmental Professional Commissioned Officer, U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers

Engineering Employment

Commissioned Officer with
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Construction of airport runway at
Beale Air Force Base in California for B-36 bombers.

Civil Project Engineer,
Dodson Lindblom Associates, Columbus, Ohio

Rickenbacker and Wright Patterson
Air Force Bases, Ohio
Civil Engineer on design of
Strategic Air Command (SAC) Dispersal Facilities for US Army Corps of Engineers
at Rickenbacker Air Force Base, Ohio, and Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio,
including engineering design of airfield pavements, drainage and water supply

Regional Engineer, National
Corrugated Steel Pipe Association, Des Plaines, Illinois (now Dallas, Texas)

Drainage Standards, Multiple States
Regional engineer covering states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and West
Virginia for National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association; assisted public agencies
and consulting engineering firms in development of drainage standards and specifications
for underground drainage piping and related facilities

Principal Civil Engineer,
Bovay Engineers, Inc., Houston, Texas

City of Houston – Lead Engineer on
design of the largest storm drainage project in the City in a 10-year period.
The project consisted of two 10 ft. by 10 ft. box storm sewers serving an 800-acre
drainage area. The project involved accommodating / relocating numerous existing
gas, gasoline and petroleum pipelines including field survey, reviewing the
policies for each pipeline company, preparing plans to accommodate them, and
negotiating with each of the pipeline companies.

Water Distribution/Sewer and Irrigation,
Tanajib, Saudi Arabia
Lead Engineer on design of water distribution, sanitary sewer and irrigation
systems for an entire new city at Tanajib in Saudi Arabia. The project included
new water distribution lines, water distribution pumping station, sanitary sewer
lines and lift stations, irrigation distribution lines and pumping station.

Coordinating Engineer, Binkley
and Barfield, Inc., Houston, Texas

Urban Arterial System Upgrade, Texas
Coordinating Engineer on a $60 million project to improve 14 miles of major
urban arterial to a seven (7) lane typical section. This project involved accommodating
/ relocating fifty-two (52) existing gas, gasoline and petroleum pipelines including
field survey, reviewing the policies for each pipeline company, preparing plans
to accommodate them, and negotiating with each of the pipeline companies.

Senior Civil Engineer, John
Brown Engineers and Constructors, Houston, Texas

Airport, Roads and Water Management,
Saudi Arabia
Managed engineering design of airport to FAA standards, 14-mile
access highway, earthmoving and compaction, drainage, water and sewer systems,
for a grass roots oilfield (75 wells) in Saudi Arabia for Aramco.

Senior Project Manager, Ratnala
& Bahl, Inc., Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, Houston, Texas

$10 Million Street and Storm Sewer
Improvement, Houston, Texas
Senior Project Manager on design of a $10 million major street and storm sewer
improvement project on Austin Street in the Houston, Texas, central business
district including five-lane concrete street paving, dual 9-foot by 8-foot box
storm sewer, extensive and complex waterline and sewer line adjustments.

Street Improvement, North Texas
Senior Project Manager on design of a street improvement project in a hilly
area in a city in North Texas. The project included design of street paving,
storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and 8- to 16-inch water distribution lines.

Houston Hobby Airport Pavement
and Runway Rehabilitation
Senior Project Manager on $10 million Houston Hobby Airport Pavement Rehabilitation
project on Runways 4 22 and 12L 30R and Taxiways "E", "J", "K", "L" and "M".
The pavement rehabilitation includes concrete panel replacement, joint sealing,
asphalt patching, crack sealing, spalled concrete repair, sealing of concrete
surfaces, installation of expansion joints, light can replacements, signs and
pavement markings, all to FAA standards. The project also includes
pavement rehabilitation at several tenant transition pavement areas and the
Southwest Airlines air cargo building, as well as a turnaround for large fire
trucks at the ARFF facility.

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Civil Engineers
(Vice President of the Houston Branch)
National Society of Professional Engineers
Institute of Transportation Engineers (since 1967)
Engineers Council of Houston (Past President)
American Water Works Association
Water Environment Federation


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