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1998    B.A. Chemistry (summa cum laude) Columbia University
1999    Certificate Medical Ethics Summer Fellowship Harvard Medical School
2002    M.D. Medicine Harvard Medical School
2005    Certificate Administration and Management Harvard University
2009    M.B.A. General Management (with distinction) Harvard Business School

Postdoctoral Training

2002-2003, Intern, Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
2003-2006, Resident, Anesthesia, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Faculty Academic Appointments

2002-2003, Clinical Fellow, Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School
2003-2006, Clinical Fellow, Anesthesia, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School
2006-        Instructor, Anesthesia, Medical School
2010-        Assistant Professor, Anesthesia

Appointments at Hospitals/Affiliated Institutions

2006-        Staff Anesthesiologist, Anesthesia
2007-        Staff Anesthesiologist, Anesthesia

Major Administrative Leadership Positions 

Available Upon Request.

Other Professional Positions

2009-2010    Consultant, Community Action Partners (CAP), Harvard Business School
2007-2008    Consultant, Volunteer Consulting Organization (VCO),Harvard Business School
2004-2009    Member, Board of Directors, Pathways to Wellness, Inc.
2004-2008    Member, Board of Directors, Bread and Jams, Inc. Homeless Shelter
2005-2007    Founder and Board Member, Health Literacy Now, Inc.
2005-2007    Member, Board of Directors, English-at-Large, Inc.

Committee Service

Local (Hospital)

2002-2003    Residency Education Committee, Surgery2004-2006    ICU Executive Committee
2004-2006    Health Information Management Committee
2007             Main O.R. Work Environment Committee, Department of Anesthesia
2007-           Textbook Committee, Department of Anesthesia
2009-           Committee on Hospital Pain and Sedation Management
2009-           Education Committee, Ambulatory Anesthesia Division
2009-2010   Committee for First Responder Process
2010OR        Efficiency Committee
2011-OR       Flow Committee


2002-2003    Committee on Tax-Supported Healthcare
2003-2004    Committee on Quality of Medical Practice
2004-2008    Committee on Membership
2004-2006    Committee on Finance
2006-            Committee on Governmental Affairs
2006-            Committee on Economics
2009-            Chair, Committee on Publications
2009-            Member, Sub-committee on Website Design

National and International

2005             Credentialing Committee, House of Delegates
2006-2007    Committee on Economics
2007-2010    Physician Resources Committee
2008-2010    Office-Based Anesthesia Committee
2008-2010    Committee on Drug Disposition
2008-2010    Anesthesia Care Team Committee
2008-            Subcommittee on Ambulatory and Geriatric Anesthesia
2008-2009    MSA Alternate Delegate to the ASA House of Delegates
2008-            Committee on Education Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia
2009-            MSA Delegate to the ASA House of Delegates

Professional Societies

American Medical Association, State Delegate; Committee on Credentialing and Research Symposium

Medical Society, Committees on Finance, Membership, Quality of Medical Practice,        Tax-Supported Healthcare; State Delegate; Vice Chair, Resident and Fellows Section (2005)

Society of Anesthesiologists, Committee Member, Governmental Affairs, Economics Chair, Committee on Publications Member, Executive Committee MSA Delegate to the ASA House of Delegates

American Society of Anesthesiologists    Delegate to the House of Delegates; Committees on Physician Resources, Economics, Anesthesia Care Team, Subcommittee on Drug Disposition, Sub-Committee on Ambulatory and Geriatric Anesthesia, Moderator, Postoperative Outcomes Poster Session, Moderator, Ambulatory and Geriatric Anesthesia Poster Session

Society for Education in Anesthesia, Member

Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia, Committees on Office-Based Anesthesia and Education

International Anesthesia Research Society, Member

Editorial Activities

2006    Reviewer, American Medical Association 2nd Annual RFS Research Symposium Submissions
2008-   Ad-Hoc Reviewer, Digestive Diseases and Sciences (DDS) Journal
2008-   Ad-Hoc Reviewer, Anesthesia and Analgesia Journal
2009-   Abstract Reviewer, Ambulatory and Geriatric Anesthesia, Annual Meeting submissions
2009-   Abstract Reviewer, Drug Mechanisms and Anesthetic Action, Annual Meeting submissions

Other Editorial Roles

2009-  Society Newsletter Editor

Honors and Prizes

1994    Unilever Research Scholarship,
1997    Summer Research Fellowship
1997-1998    Undergraduate Chemistry Teaching Award
1997    Student Health Advisory Committee Award
1997-1998    Undergraduate Chemistry Teaching Award
1998    Pushkin Poetry Prize
1998    Phi Beta Kappa
1998    Summa Cum Laude    Columbia U., Columbia Col.
1998    Organizational Achievement Award, Columbia University
1999    Abraham Watson Scholarship, Harvard Medical School
2000    Richard H. Wallace Scholarship, Harvard Medical School
2001    Membership, The Aesculapian Club, Harvard Medical School
2005    Invited Member, MENSA    MENSA International
2005    Research Symposium 1st Place Prize Winner (Health Policy & Education),  American Medical Association
2005    Certificate of Appreciation to Board Member, Pathways to Wellness Nonprofit Organization
2005    Ambulatory Anesthesia Exam Prize Winner, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
2005    Certificate in Management with Distinction, Harvard University
2005    Physician Recognition Award, American Medical Association
2005    Class Marshal Award for Academic Distinction Harvard University
2005    Medical Humanities Leadership Award American Medical Association Foundation
2006    RFS Governing Council Certificate of Appreciation
2006    Malignant Hyperthermia Association Essay Award - 1st Place, and Pfizer MMassachusetts Medical Society MHAUS Foundation (Malignant Hyperthermia Association U.S.)
2006    Board Member Appreciation Award, English-At-Large Nonprofit Organization
2006    Legislative Awareness Internship Winner, American Medical Association
2006    Health Policy Promotion Award, American Medical Association
2007    Nominated by a Resident for Young Mentor Award
2008-2009    Morgan-Zinsser HMS Academy Fellow in Medical Education
2008-2009    Eleanor & Myles Shore Scholars in Medicine Fellow Funding Information

Presentation and Publications

Available Upon Request

Books, Monographs and Textbooks

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