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Textiles, Government Contracts, Suppliers Of Uniforms, Protective Apparel Equipment, Footwear, Headwear, Hand Wear, Sleeping Bags, Industrial Apparel Fabrics, Coated Fabrics, Ballistic Fabrics, Nonwoven Fabrics, Plastic Metal Hardware, Zippers, Threads, Laundering, Care, Dyes,

  • 1969- Master of Science Degree in Textile Technology from the Institute of Textile Technology, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 1967-Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth


  • President, Expert Consulting Group, 1983 to present.
  • Vice President Sales & Marketing, Brownell & Co., Inc. April, 2000 Nov., 2001
  • Textile Technologist with the United States Government at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center, Natick Massachusetts (Individual Protection Directorate), 1969-1983.


As President :

  • Work as consultant, coordinator and liaison between contractors and the Federal Government in all facets of government contracting with an emphasis on textiles, clothing and equipment items. This work includes relationships and a comprehensive knowledge of the Military, federal and state prison systems and their procurement structures. Close contact and an intimate knowledge of the National Industries for the Blind procurement system is also maintained and monitored. Clothing and textile procurements by individual state central procurement offices are also scrutinized for potential sales.
  • Represent manufacturers as government marketing manager, selling products to the Government and its contractors. This representation has included manufacturers and suppliers of uniforms, protective apparel and equipment, footwear, handwear, sleeping bags, industrial and apparel fabrics, coated fabrics, ballistic fabrics, netting, nonwovens, plastic and metal hardware, zippers, yarns, threads, webbings, cordage, ropes, elastic products, socks, adhesives and coatings, laminates, reflective materials, rubber products and medical items.
  • Assist contractors and materials suppliers with interpretation of government specifications, drawings, solicitations, contracts, and related documents.
  • Develop new specification requirements in conjunction with the introduction of new products to the Military and other government agencies.
  • Design, initiate and monitor testing programs for the evaluation of new products with potential for use in military applications. These products include fabrics, zippers, plastic and metal hardware, various buttons and fasteners, medical items, footwear insoles, waterproof-breathable membranes, yarns, threads, elastic cords and webbings, insulation, waterproof glove inserts, embroidered items, ballistic and flame-protective fabrics and treatment, silicone and rubber gasket materials.
  • Assist in the evaluation, testing and subsequent selection of materials and components to be used in the manufacturing of government and military items, such as woven and knit fabrics, dress, utility and protective uniforms, dress and utility handwear and footwear, load-carrying equipment, sleeping bags, ropes, cordage, thread, tentage, air delivery items and chemical protective systems.
  • Represent commercial testing laboratories as government coordinator, resulting in the receipt of subsequent testing contracts. This program involves a comprehensive effort from the solicitation of bidders through pre and post-award meetings with government personnel, to the eventual contract award.
  • Worked with clients who are selling to military agencies in the Middle East. Responsibilities included testing and evaluation of numerous types of uniforms, fabrics, equipment items, insignia, blankets and protective items. These programs required extensive travel within the United States and to suppliers’ facilities in Europe.
  • Continuously monitor all government contracts via contact with various procurement agencies as well as the Internet.
  • Developed a broad network of government contractors and suppliers as customers and clients.
  • Developed a broad network of military, civilian government, medical agencies and hospitals, and associated personnel.
  • Initiate, submit and monitor Value Engineering (cost savings) Change Proposals on government commodities, which, upon approval, results in the receipt of royalties paid to the contractor by the Government.
  • Assist contractors with Value Engineering Change Proposals that were create in-house.
  • Provided expert testimony on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Falls Church, Virginia.
  • Provided expert testimony and vital information in civilian cases.
  • Guest lecturer.
  • Regularly act as point of contact and government program manager for clients, which requires the scheduling and moderating of meetings between government and commercial organizations.
  • Frequently visit military, government and commercial facilities during the performance of routine responsibilities.
  • Attend trade shows such as the Industrial Fabrics Show, the Bobbin Show, the National Safety Council, the National Association of Uniform Manufactures and Distributors, and the National Association of Military Surgeons. Frequently participate as an exhibitor at these shows.
  • Attend various government-sponsored meetings to stay abreast with development, procurement and contracting procedures.
  • Regularly communicate with government and commercial clients and other personnel via the Internet.
  • Perform factory and fabric audits for commercial suppliers. Perform quality inspections of textile, clothing and other commodities for companies such as the GAP and the QVC television shopping network. This requires traveling to various manufacturing facilities.

As VP Sales & Marketing at Brownell & Company, Inc.

  • This position reported directly to the company president.
  • Responsible for all sales and marketing of aviation and government products. Brownell is a manufacturer of textile products, including various types of netting fabrics. This position is accountable for developing markets for the sale of nets used by the aviation industry and government entities as cargo nets. Various net designs allow them to be used as underslung helicopter nets as well as internally in fixed wing aircraft to secure palletized cargo.
  • Also work with other government agencies such as the US Forest Service to market similar helicopter cargo nets, which are used to supply forest firefighters.
    Vigorous contact is maintained with international markets. Overseas sales fall under the purview of this position.
  • The ability to read and comprehend government and commercial specifications is a requirement of this position.
  • Coordination and monitoring of materials purchasing is performed along with personal contact with various vendors. Supervision is also provided to production and support personnel.
  • Travel to customer and vendor sites is carried out on a regular basis.
  • Give presentations to individuals and groups.
  • Attend various trade shows related to textiles, air cargo, and aviation and government contracting.
  • Knowledge of textile engineering and production is required. Brownell is a vertical company with the capability of producing its own twisted and braided yarns. The yarns are subsequently fabricated into netting fabric, which is ultimately fashioned into finished nets. Dying and finishing of the nets is also performed in-house. Knowledge of testing, test methods and inspection procedures is also required.
    This position also requires extensive computer skills as well as a knowledge of government and commercial networking. Finished goods are regularly shipped domestically and worldwide.

As Textile Technologist, U.S. Army:

  • Developed specification requirements for military documents, which are used in the procurement of various items such as industrial and apparel fabrics, all combat, protective and dress clothing, threads, zippers, tents, parachutes, handwear, footwear, ballistic and chemical protective equipment and any components used in the manufacturing of these items.
  • Tested and evaluated materials and end items in the laboratory and in the “field” to determine their capacity for use in various military scenarios.
  • Developed and monitored quality assurance requirements, including inspection procedures and sampling plans for all army clothing and equipment items. These requirements were used by the government quality assurance representatives during their factory audits and item inspections in the contractors’ manufacturing facilities.
  • Assisted in the revision and maintenance of Federal Test Methods Manual, FED.STD. 191A. This standard contains all of the test methods and procedures used in the laboratory testing of military textile, clothing and equipment items.
  • Supervised the Fabrication Engineering Laboratory, which was responsible for the development and maintenance of all requirements for the sewing technology, threads, seams and stitch types used in all military clothing and equipment items. These items included dress and utility uniforms, footwear, handwear, headwear and all sewn field items.
  • Co-authored Federal Specification V-F-106F, Fastener, Slide, Interlocking, which is the document used in the selection and procurement of zippers for virtually all military and government items.
  • Initiated an on-going program to evaluate the use of fusible interlinings in military clothing items. The program included the concurrent development of specifications, testing and quality assurance procedures for subsequent use in related military clothing item procurement documents. Acted as coordinator and liaison for all of the Armed Services for this program.
  • Developed and maintained specifications for fabrics, threads, linings, quilted liners, nonwoven fabrics, zippers and Velcro type closures.
  • Attended meetings at various government installations and contractors’ facilities in the performance of routine responsibilities.
  • Participated in briefings related to on-going projects.

Attended courses and classes as part of a continuing education in job-related areas such as:

  • Design of Experiments – U.S. Army Natick Laboratories
  • Sampling Procedures for Reliability Testing – USAMETA
  • Nondestructive Testing – Army Materials & Mechanics Research Center
  • Reading Improvement – U.S. Army Natick Laboratories
  • Review of Specifications – Defense Personnel Support Ctr., Philadelphia
  • Clothing Manufacturing & Inspection – Defense Personnel Support Center
  • Knitting Fundamentals – North Carolina State University
  • Executive Seminar in Value Engineering – USAMETA
  • Writing Seminar – U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • Project Management – U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • Sewing Machine Technology – Union Special Sewing Machine Corp.


  • Dean’s List, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • American Association of Textile Technologists Scholarship, 1965-1967
    University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • American Assoc. of Textile Technologists Senior Student Award, 1967
  • Two-Year Masters Fellowship to the Institute of Textile Technology,
    Charlottesville, Virginia, 1967-1969
  • Commendation and Cash Award from the Department of the Army for
    Approval of a Cost-Saving Value Engineering Proposal, 1982


  • Former Member of the U.S. Army Reserve
  • Former Member of the American Association of Textile Technologists

Government Representative to:

  • Apparel Quality Committee of the American Apparel Mfrs. Assoc.
  • Government Contracts Committee of the A.A.M.A.
  • Thread Institute
  • Slide Fastener Association
  • US Industrial Fabrics Institute Military Specifications Committee
  • Association of the United States Army
  • Appointed Member of the Textile Advisory Council, Department of
  • Textile Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Massachusetts Board of Realtors
  • Harley Owners Group (HOG)
  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Allendale Country Club, Dartmouth, Massachusetts

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