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Applied Materials Analysis, Power Generation, Refining, Chemical Processing, Aerospace Industries, Gas Turbine Failures, Engines, Fracture and Failure Mechanisms, Ferrous Metallurgy, High-Alloy Metals, Plant Equipment, Plant Operations, Corrosion Analysis, Aqueos High Temperature, Process Environments, Inspection Techniques, Plant Reliability, ASME Code, ASTM, API, AMS, ANSI, Federal Specfications, Federal Standards


Expert brings to 25 years’ experience in applied materials analysis and consulting, principally for the power generation, refining, chemical processing, and aerospace industries. He has analyzed gas turbine failures and components from a number of engine types and a wide range of industries and applications. He has a strong technical background in fracture and failure mechanisms, ferrous metallurgy, high-alloy metals, and extensive knowledge of plant equipment and operations. Expert is experienced in corrosion analysis and control for aqueous, high- temperature and process environments, inspection techniques, plant reliability, and failure modes and effects. He is knowledgeable about the ASME Code, and ASTM, API, AMS, ANSI and Federal specifications and standards. Expert is a registered professional engineer.


Since joining GTMA, Expert has become heavily involved in evaluating the metallurgical aspects of gas turbine failures through laboratory testing and fracture analysis, and has conducted site investigations and inspections. His knowledge of martensitic stainless steels and corrosion has been applied in analyses of compressor failures. He has evaluated disc cracking and mechanical damage in iron-based superalloys and low alloy steels, on both industrial and utility engines. He has evaluated compressor coating life, blade erosion and corrosion. He has addressed the metallurgy of nickel- and cobalt-based alloys for turbine blades and vanes for condition assessment and repairs. Expert has analyzed fatigue cracking in turbine blades, discs
and combustors. He is currently researching blade creep cracking and life prediction in an aeroderivative engine. Expert developed X-ray microanalysis procedures to allow accurate aluminum determination in high-temperature coatings, and low-vacuum and low-kV SEM procedures for analysis of blade replicas.

At GTMA, Expert’s background has been applied to other plant equipment, in simple and combined cycle units. He evaluated wear on steam turbine blades, the condition of high- temperature piping, and he performed failure analyses on feed water and condensate heat exchangers. Expert reviewed a case history and the industry-wide experience in generator retaining ring materials and failures, and was able to recommend continued operation.


Bachelor of Engineering Science (Concentration in Materials Science), University of Texas, Austin, 1979.


Prior to joining GTMA, Expert was a Principal Engineer at Bryant-Lee Associates (BLA), where he performed consulting services, materials failure analyses, corrosion trend analyses, quality assurance and specification conformance examinations. His clients included the petrochemical industry, power generation, gas transmission, legal/insurance, aerospace, A/E and construction, manufacturing, and start-up ventures. His failure analysis reports were reviewed by the FAA, Consumer Protection Agency, DOT, State Railroad Commission, and municipal governments.

Expert worked closely with inspection and maintenance groups in electric utilities, refineries, and petrochemical plants. He conducted life-assessment studies on utility boiler and heat-exchanger tubing and dissimilar metal welds. He determined condition and failure mechanisms in gas turbine and steam turbine components, boiler tubing, feedwater/condensate systems, and other power plant components. He analyzed failures in reciprocating and centrifugal compressors for petrochemical plants, identified corrosion mechanisms and performed corrosion trend analyses in process reactors and heat exchangers. Expert has analyzed numerous bearing failures from a broad range of industries and applications, including the power generating, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and aircraft industries.

Expert assisted the development of a risk-based inspection program in a chemical plant, determining corrosion and failure mechanism possibilities for 260 pressure vessels in the plant.
Supporting failure analysis and plant reliability projects, Expert studied high-temperature chloride attack, corrosion of stainless steels and titanium alloys by organic acid mixtures, and effects of carbide precipitation on creep ductility in stainless steels.

Expert analyzed gas transmission line-pipe failures, caused by internal and external corrosion, welding and metallurgical problems, and external mechanical damage. Expert analyzed failures and production problems in manufactured assemblies and nonmetallic components. He analyzed failed biomedical components, and also provided developmental testing on biomedical components and materials. In aerospace materials applications, Expert worked with quality assurance, engineering, and manufacturing organizations to solve failure problems related to both manufacturing and maintenance issues.

Prior to BLA, Expert performed materials analyses for Radian Corporation and its parent company, the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB). The components analyzed were from power plants, pulp and paper, industrial boilers, FGD systems, coal gasification and geothermal energy projects. At Radian, Expert analyzed over 300 utility boiler failures involving fluids and heat balance, fireside and waterside corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, graphitization, creep, fatigue and combined mechanisms. He analyzed metallurgical condition and failure mechanisms in steam and gas turbine components. With HSB Engineering Services, Expert conducted condition studies on high-temperature piping and utility and industrial boilers, addressing component life, and recommending operational and maintenance practices.

Expert maintained on-going literature reviews in boiler failure mechanisms, scale analysis, water treatment, waterside and fireside corrosion, fuel mineralogy/slagging, SEM analysis of fracture surfaces, and microanalysis of corrosion interfaces. He researched aqueous scale formation and corrosion, correlating with water quality and treatment parameters. He researched combustion ash deposits and high-temperature corrosion. At Radian, Expert directed the electron microscope and X-ray diffraction laboratories.


Texas Registered Professional Engineer
ASM International, Alamo Chapter Past-Chairman National Association of Corrosion Engineers

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