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Expert is a river ecologist, hydrologist, fluvial geomorphologist (an expert in rivers and the watersheds they drain), and an expert in environmental impact assessments and environmental data analyses using advanced statistical and spatial models. His aquatic ecosystem expertise and experience includes fish and invertebrate biology, aquatic ecology, wetlands, hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport, and other processes that shape river systems and determine their structures and functions. Expert has extensive experience modeling natural systems using spatial analytical (GIS) software, statistics, and numeric process models. He has been an aquatic ecology/hydrology/fluvial geomorpholgy expert witness for the coal mining company defendant in a preliminary hearing and modeled terrain and hydrological processes to support the defense in another lawsuit involving flooded property.

Expert has extensive experience in addressing issues and concerns involving the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Rivers and Harbors Act of 1898, and state equivalents. His environmental impact assessment expertise was acquired in projects for the natural resource and energy industries which led to the objective approach explained in his breakthrough book on the subject: Quantifying Environmental Impact Assessments Using Fuzzy Logic. This book provides a modern approach producing results of much higher quality, more quickly, and more cost-effectively than are those of the traditional approach. For more than 25 years he has consulted on these subjects to the natural resource industries. Along the way he has been sent testimonial letters from highly satisfied clients, a land use coordinator at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and a Polk County (Oregon) Commissioner, attorneys, and others. All his work is guaranteed to be technically sound and legally defensible.


  • BA (Honors):  Biology and Chemistry, Quinnipiac College, Hamden, CT  1972
  • MS:  Quantitative Limnology and Systems Ecology, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 1974
  • PhD:  Quantitative Stream Ecology/Fluvial Geomorphology/Radiochemistry, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID  1980
  • Post-Doctoral Research:  Assessment of Macroinvertebrate Species Assemblages in Stream Ecosystems, Idaho State University


  • Sampling and monitoring program design.
  • Environmental data analyses, modeling and computer simulation.
  • Spatial statistics and analyses, geographical information systems.
  • Fisheries, benthic macroinvertebrates, fluvial geomorphology.
  • Aquatic chemistry, surface water hydrology, wetlands, hydraulics.
  • Sediment transport dynamics and contaminant sampling protocols.
  • Ecosystem function and structure, synthesis and overview.
  • Environmental impact assessment, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Clean Water Act (CWA) and state equivalents.
  • Environmental risk management.
  • Identifying, analyzing, and resolving environmental concerns about natural resource activities: mining, forestry,  energy, agriculture.
  • Successful permit application preparation for sand and gravel dredging in aquatic ecosystems, water discharge under National Pollutant  Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and state water pollution control, and mined lands reclamation.
  • Preparation of Biological Assessments and Biological Evaluations of in-water activities on ESA-listed salmonid fish.

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