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Audio Music Patent Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Patent Litigation, Patent, Audio, Music, Digital Signal Processing, Software, Embedded, Assembler, C, C++, German, MP3, MPEG, DTS, AC 3, Fourier Transform, Discrete Cosine Transform, Phase Vocoder, Music Synthesis, cell phones, digital camera, digital cameras, call center, centers, video games, videogames, file download, downloading, computer technology, processor architecture, audio, speech, telephony, music, karaoke, compression, mp 3, MP 3, MPEG 4, AAC, itunes, audio gear, loud speakers, microphones, internet audio, signal processing, fourier transforms, discrete cosine transform, instruments, synthesizers, ring tones

Professional Profile

Several decades involvement in software, digital audio, digital music, digital signal processing, and processor architecture. Successful independent software consultant in high-level languages and assembly language. Seasoned testifying expert with litigation experience (patent, copyright, trade secret, class action), skilled at explaining complex ideas to attorneys and juries. Stanford Ph.D. Former Fulbright Scholar. Prolific author. Experienced manager with long-range research and development experience. Facile with foreign languages and working with people from outside the USA. My online resume has links relating to items listed here.

Professional Experience

S Systems, Inc. (1992-present; 1986-1988); Owner and Full-time Consultant.

  • Programming hand-crafted audio and music software for signal processing, written in C, C++, JAVA, and especially assembly language for digital signal processing chips. Consulting on processor architecture and networking. See Consulting Assignments, below.
  • Testifying Expert witness in patent and copyright litigation relating to software and source code, digital devices, processor architecture, media, compression, signal processing and client/server interactions. See Expert Witness section, below.

Yamaha Music Technologies USA; 1989-1991: President; 1987-1989: Vice President.

  • Helped establish, and managed, a nine-person Ph.D.-level research group, including site search, architectural design, construction, move-in, and hiring.
  • Conducted original research on electronic musical instruments, software, user interfaces, micromachining, networking, and recent technological developments.
  • Extensive experience designing scientific, engineering, and musical object-oriented applications, especially C++ (UNIX).
  • Research on Yamaha’s Vocaloid started in this group.
  • Patent listed below.

Lucasfilm/Droid Works (1985-1986); Programmer.

  • Full-time programming experience as an employee, designing signal-processing modules and writing (96-bit VLIW) microcode for the ASP/SoundDroid developed by James A. Moorer.
  • Experience in audio and video post-production.
  • Extensive work in C (Unix).
  • Another six months full-time experience writing tightly packed assembly code for the TI TMS32010 signal processor, especially for a two-channel hard-disk audio record playback unit that played without bugs on the exhibit floor of the National Association of Broadcasters convention, 1986.

Stanford University (1976-1985), Doctoral Student.
Nine years programming experience developing code in high-level languages (Algol, Fortran, SAIL) and PDP-10 assembly language for musical and audio signal processing applications during doctoral thesis work. My Ph.D. dissertation (Modeling Musical Transitions, 1985) involved original published research in spline fitting and pattern recognition, a 30,000-line two- and three-dimensional graphical editor for waveforms and spectra, implementation (with John Gordon) of the short-time Fourier transform, device drivers, and libraries for graphic user interfaces. Also part-time consulting work:

  • SRI International (FORTRAN for mechanical engineering).
  • Mattel Electronics (music in consumer electronic toys).
  • IntelliGenetics (ALGOL-like code for biotechnology).
  • Digital Keyboards (product specification and complete manuals for GDS and Synergy Synthesizers).

Revox (1972); Summer intern
Solder cables, write German- and Dutch-English translations, manufacture PC boards, assemble hardware.

Education and Training

Ph.D., CCRMA. Advisor: John Chowning. Graduate course work in music, computer and processor architecture, high-level and assembly-language programming, digital audio, digital signal processing, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and digital hardware. Dissertation on analysis of music instruments with the short-time Fourier transform. Software development experience listed elsewhere in this resume.

Thomas Watson Foundation- Grant to study electronic music, Tokyo, Japan, 1976. Live performances on piano and Roland System 700 analog synthesizer. Also travel through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Technical University, Berlin- Fulbright Scholar. Graduate-level coursework in music theory/history, audio engineering, electronics, information theory, cybernetics, Japanese; all coursework in German. Extensive recording studio and live concert sound reinforcement experience. PDP-11 and PDP-8 assembly and machine language. Travel throughout Europe.

Oberlin B. Mus, double degree in organ performance and music theory. Programming in BASIC, FORTRAN, MUSIC V on an IBM 360 mainframe. Experience with analog synthesizers and digital music synthesis, Exchange semester, University of Hamburg, Germany, 1971, course work in German literature and psychology.


  • Testifying expert witness (including expert reports, deposition).
  • Software analysis for litigation including patent, copyright, trade secret, software theft.
  • Assembler, object-oriented, C, C++, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, SQL.
  • Implement/optimize signal processing algorithms: Fourier transform (FFT), discrete cosine transform (DCT), DTMF, speech synthesis.
  • Port/optimize audio compression algorithms: AC-3, MP-3, AAC.
  • Implement audio algorithms: reverberator, pitch shifter, sample rate converter, compressor, filter, flanger, 3-d audio (Dolby surround), dither.
  • Implement music synthesis (additive, physical modeling, wavetable, FM).
  • Create bug-free software from academic signal processing research.
  • Work in floating- and fixed-point math.
  • Extensive experience optimizing code in assembler
  • PC, Mac, Unix.
  • DSP processor architectures: Motorola 56000, 56300, and 56800 families; TI TMS320C10 and TMS320C54 family; Code Composer Studio; Analog
  • Devices 21xx family and TigerSharc; VLIW; custom processors; I learn new processor architectures quickly.
  • Embedded processors: Hitachi SH-DSP, SH3-DSP, SH-4, and SH-5; ARM7/ARM9; configurable processors (Tensilica).
  • Processor architecture.
  • Debugging hardware prototypes.
  • Media networks, such as AES/EBU (IEC 60958), IEEE-1394/FireWire, AV/C, 61883, mLAN, and others.
  • File downloading.
  • Practical audio experience in live sound and in studios.
  • Functionally bilingual in German; able to read French, Dutch; some Japanese

Expert Witness and Litigation Support Experience

Summary: 17 depositions to date, 3 times testimony at trial, 5 sets of IPR declarations. Patent litigation, ITC investigations, Inter Partes Reviews, USPTO declarations, class action litigation, trade secret litigation, copyright litigation involving software. Expert reports, declarations, prior art research and analysis, infringement analysis (e.g., analyze devices, documents; source code analysis, source code comparison), claim charts, tutorials, Markman hearings. Technical areas include software and source code; computers, laptops, cell phones, mobile devices, handheld devices (e.g., medical); processor architecture; user interfaces; media: audio, music, speech, video; compression (e.g., MPEG, MP3); digital signal processing,
mathematics, algorithms; file downloading, file streaming, client/server; protocols such as internet protocol (IP); video games.

Testimony at Trial:

Patent litigation. Two days testimony at three-week jury trial, after deposition and seven expert reports/declarations on non-infringement, invalidity, inventor not included, defects in specification, and secondary considerations. Two patents related to audio compression and MP3 in Windows Media Player. Source code analysis (C, C++, assembler, machine code). Research. Analysis of German documents including dissertations. Judge Brewster ruled in my client’s favor, finding non infringement on one patent and lack of standing on the other patent, as a matter of law, upheld on appeal.

Patent litigation regarding telephone call centers (telephony, hardware architecture, digital recording, functionality). Two expert reports on invalidity and non-infringement, three patents.Deposition, jury trial testimony.

ITC investigation regarding cell phones and GPS. Analyze iPhone and Motorola Droid source code (C, C++, JAVA) and schematics. Three expert reports and two witness statements relating to infringement, technical prong of domestic industry, and validity. Deposition. Testimony at trial.

Other Engagements:

  • IPR. Patent owned by Cellspin Soft related to transferring photographs from a digital camera to a cell phone via Bluetooth, and from the cell phone over the Internet to an image publishing website. Invalidity declaration re 16 petitioned claims, 119 pages.
  • Patent litigation. Analyze source code of both parties (Visual Basic, C++) regarding security cameras.
  • Patent litigation involving several patents relating to playback of interactive multimedia such as popup advertising or the movie editor’s comments on Blu-Ray players, settop boxes, televisions, cell phones, laptops. Declaration and deposition for Markman.
  • Copyright infringement. Analyze Ruby source code for hip hop music web site. Evaluate methods for identifying sound recordings. Expert report, deposition.
  • IPR. Patent owned by Blitzsafe related to integrating a portable media device (e.g., cell phone, MP3 player) wirelessly (e.g., Bluetooth) with car multimedia system for playback and control. Invalidity declaration re 40 petitioned claims, 140 pages. (IPR2018-00544). Second patent owned by Blitzsafe again related to car multimedia device integration. Research. Invalidity declaration re 32 petitioned claims, 260 pages.
  • IPR. Declaration from first Jaguar IPR above also submitted by Daimler in separate.
  • Copyright infringement. Analyze Java source code involving graphic user interfaces and remote control of Internet hardware. Compare versions of source code. Reconstruct opposing party’s source code from obfuscated deposit copy filed with US Copyright Office. Two expert reports.
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets. Analyze SQL source code and databases involving pharmaceutical billing.
  • IPR. Patent owned by Tivo related to real-time audio/video streaming, recording and playback, and DVR (set top box) architecture. Research. Two invalidity declarations re 2 petitioned claims, each with separate prior art.
  • Patent litigation. Analysis relating to claim construction and non-infringement for two amplifier patents.
  • ITC investigation regarding noise reduction, adaptive filtering, and echo cancellation for speech in laptops. Source code analysis (C, C++). Compare versions of source code. Expert report on non-infringement, two patents. Deposition.
  • Patent litigation relating to automatic recognition of video and audio based on signal processing and human perception. Source code analysis (C, C++, Visual Basic, SQL, XML). Declaration.
    Two expert reports, one on non-infringement (four patents), one comparing versions of source code. Deposition.
  • IPR. Three patents owned by Solocron relating to cell phone ring tones. Research. Invalidity declaration re 17 asserted claims, 58 pages. Related district court case stayed four months
    after IPR filing, settled 1 month thereafter. IPRs terminated before institution.
  • IPR: Patent owned by B. E Technology related to Internet targeted advertising, user interfaces, and client-server interactions. Research. Invalidity declaration (90 pages). Deposition.
    Two disputed claims determined to be unpatentable, upheld on appeal.
  • USPTO. Regarding US Patent Application 11/445,670, BTSC Encoder, relating to audio in television, patent prosecution had lasted 8 years. Three months after my declaration regarding non-obviousness was submitted, US 8,908,872 issued.
  • Patent litigation relating to Android cell phone user interface, Internet protocols, client/server operations. Source code analysis. Two expert reports for invalidity and non-infringement, three patents. Deposition.
  • Patent litigation relating to Android cell phone user interface, automatic call detection, client/server operations. Research. Review cell phone hardware and software architecture. Expert report for invalidity citing 14 pieces of prior art for two patents. Deposition.
  • Patent litigation regarding digital memory and MPEG audio. Invalidity and non-infringement analysis for four patents. Settled before Markman.
  • Patent litigation related to protocols for client/server real-time video and audio streaming. JAVA source code analysis. Analysis of media packets and headers down to the bit level, and client/server interactions. Deposition related to Markman. Expert report and deposition on noninfringement, five patents.
  • Patent litigation involving automated composition of sound tracks for video. Source code analysis, two patents (C++, XML) regarding infringement.
  • ITC investigation involving cell phone user interface, memory, and caller ID. Expert report relating to technical prong of domestic industry for 24 HTC Windows Mobile cell phones.
  • Supplemental Expert Report. Analysis relating to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch concerning validity and power management.
  • Patent litigation involving credit card scoring. Source code analysis for infringement (C++, Java, XML, scripting language).
  • Patent litigation involving user interface and functionality of car audio, marine audio, and home theater products that connect to iPod/iPhone. Expert report on non-infringement, two patents. Deposition.
  • Antitrust / class action litigation. Analyze iPhone source code for plaintiffs. Expert report and various declarations, in particular regarding class certification. Deposition.
  • ITC investigation regarding digital cameras in cell phones. Analyze Samsung cell phone source code (C, C++) for infringement relating to digital cameras. Study baseband chip documentation from Qualcomm, Philips, Agere, Texas Instruments; analyze register-level code for camera image sensors from Samsung, Sony, Micron, Omnivision; Windows Mobile 5 and 6 device drivers;
  • Qualcomm BREW 2 and BREW 3 cell phone OS. Involved four patents covering Bayer subsampling, pixel interpolation; and standard digital optical concepts such as RGB, YUV, YCbCr, EXIF, and
  • Patent litigation. Declarations for Markman hearing on hand-held consumer devices, three patents.
  • USPTO. Regarding US Patent Application 09/638,245, BTSC Encoder, declaration to USPTO involving non-obviousness for audio in television. (2009).
  • Patent litigation. Analysis. Attend tutorial and Markman hearing regarding MP3.
  • Patent litigation. Analyze Rock Band video game source code (Playstation 2, PS3, Wii, XBox). Expert reports on infringement and validity, three patents. Two-day deposition.
  • Patent litigation involving real estate sales website. Source code analysis (JavaScript, HTML, XML). Analyze SQL database operations. Two expert reports on infringement, two patents.
  • Patent litigation. Analyze and provide prior art for music synthesis.
  • Class action litigation. For plaintiffs, analyze database software before and after release of ACT 2005.
  • Patent litigation involving microphone in cell phones. Research, claim charts, invalidity.
  • Patent litigation. Prepare invalidity claim charts on 24 hour notice. Assist in preparation of tutorial.
  • Patent litigation. Provide and supervise an expert witness colleague who prepared an expert report on non-infringement.
  • Patent litigation regarding Internet file downloading. Source code analysis (C, C++). Apple iPod, Creative MuVo MP3 player. Three expert reports regarding Markman, validity and infringement. Deposition for Markman hearing.
  • Patent litigation. Provide and analyze prior art involving signal processors. (2005).
  • Patent litigation. Provide and analyze prior art regarding file downloading.
  • Patent litigation. Provide and analyze prior art for hardware architecture, virtual memory and cache memory.
  • Patent litigation. Provide and analyze prior art for music synthesis, digital hardware, software, architecture.
  • Patent litigation. Provide and analyze prior art for cinema sound equipment in USA and Germany. (1994).

Consulting Assignments

From: 2011 Client: iZotope
To: 2011 Boston
Duties: Port iZotope’s pitch correction effect from C++ source code to Avid TDM environment in Motorola 56000 family assembly language.

From: 2009 Client: Congruity
To: 2009 Palo Alto
Duties: For this music industry startup, create audio effects in Motorola/Freescale DSPM56364 assembly language. Write and debug code without access to hardware, working only with software tools. Initial delivery of code ran bug-free in target hardware.

From: 2008 Client: DTS Digital Cinema (now Datasat Digital Entertainment)
To: 2008 Location: Agoura Hills, CA
Duties: For DTS Digital Cinema/DataSat’s XD20 Media Player eight-track cinema media player, port DTS Coherent Acoustics decode (two versions, one 8-channel, one stereo), DTS Digital Cinema 8-channel decode, and DTS Neo6 5.1 decode from DTS Digital Cinema’s existing XD10 cinema media player. Responsible for approximately 25,000 lines of assembly-language source.

From: 2007 Client: Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.
To: 2008 Location: Oakland, CA
Duties: Contribute to research and writing of the following articles on processor architecture at BDTI’s website Inside DSP :

  • TI Offers OMAP3 Application Processors to the Mass Market
  • Avnera releases ASSPs for wireless audio applications XMOS Introduces Low-cost Multi-core Chip Family with Programmable I/O
  • VeriSilicon’s New Silicon IP Solution for HD Audio Behind the scenes: Dolby’s acquisition of Coding Technologies Tips and Tricks for Debugging
  • Audio

Other BDTI assignments are listed below.

From: 1995 Client: Yamaha
To: 2007 Location: Hamamatsu, Japan
Duties: Chair, AES standards working group SC-02-12 on digital audio networking via IEEE-1394 (Firewire), with the support of Yamaha. Involved a trip to AES conventions twice a year, including one in Europe. Past member, IEC TC100 TA4, Digital System Interfaces. Various public appearances worldwide and various company site visits to discuss multimedia networking,audio over 1394 and Yamaha’s mLAN.

From: 2005 Client: Sonic Network (now SoniVox)
To: 2006 Location: Somerville, MA
Duties: For this well-known provider of wavetables, synthesis software, and cell phone ring tones (among others), provide and supervise subcontractors for these projects:

  • Design and implementation of filters for sample rate conversion;
  • Design and implementation of filters following the DLS-2 specification (used in cell phones for ring tones);
  • Port synthesizer code to Tensilica HiFi2 audio engine.

From: 2004 Client: Bias
To: 2006 Location: Petaluma, CA
Duties: For this well-known provider of audio software, provide and supervise a subcontractor to port a complicated digital signal processing algorithm into the DigiDesign TDM Environment, in Motorola 56K assembly language.

From: 2005 Client: Audio Research Labs
To: 2005 Location: Scotch Plains, NJ
Duties: For ARL founder Schuyler Quackenbush provide and supervise a subcontractor to design and implement a digital filter algorithm in Motorola 56K assembly language.

From: 2004 Client: Verance
To: 2005 Location: San Diego, CA
Duties: Working closely with Verance R&D staff, implement the Verance Content Management System/Audio-Visual (VCMS/AV) watermarking technology for motion picture sound (now known as Cinavia) in Motorola 56300 assembler in the TC Electronics M6000 environment. In use in major film studios starting early 2005. Travel at client’s request to TC Electronics headquarters in Denmark to facilitate integration. Provide and supervise a subcontractor to assist with filter design and implementation. More than 30,000+ lines of 56K assembler source code, several hundred pages of documentation, a dozen CD-ROMs of debugging data and lab notebooks.

From: 2002 Client: Universal Audio
To: 2004 Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Duties: For this well-known manufacturer of audio plugins, port two audio processing algorithms (Pultec filter, LN1176 stereo compressor) from C/C++ to Motorola 563xx assembler in the DigiDesign ProTools TDM environment, including numerical approximation and streamlining the original C/C++ implementation. Publicly released 2004. Contribute extensively also to port of an extremely complicated high-end reverberator, and to another equalizer.

From: 2003 Client: Stretch
To: 2004 Location: Mountain View, CA
Duties: For this software configurable processor startup, study how to port MPEG-2 AAC and MP-3 decode reference C++ code to 16- and 32-bit integerized C. Do the same for MP-3 encode based on publicly available source. Learn their software configurable architecture well enough to write optimizations.

From: 2003 Client: Language Scientific (formerly RIC)
To: 2003 Location: Cambridge, MA
Duties: For this major translation house, proofread German-English translations involving, among other things, audio compression (including German-language doctoral dissertations).

From: 2003 Client: Analog Devices
To: 2003 Location: Santa Clara, CA (Audio Rendering Technology Center)
Duties: Port music synthesis algorithms to ARM7TDMI assembler, following ARM’s C calling conventions.

From: 2002 Client: Dorrough Electronics
To: 2003 Location: Chatsworth, CA
Duties: Implement in C and Analog Devices Sharc 21161 assembler a novel scheme based on their patented technology to improve the perceived loudness of audio signals sent over broadcast. Provide a subcontractor who made significant contributions to filter design.

From: 2002 Client: Analog Devices
To: 2002 Location: Wilmington, MA (Ray Stata Technology Center)
Duties: After an on-site visit to learn more about the technology and meet the team, I made recommendations on changes to architecture for a new version of an idiosyncratic signal processing chip. I also provided code examples for the new architecture.

From: 2001 Client: Tensilica (now part of Cadence)
To: 2002 Location: Santa Clara, CA
Duties: For this configurable processor IP core provider, implement a highly optimized version of the modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) for audio compression. Extensive investigation of theory and variants of the MDCT. Also port MPEG-2 low-complexity AAC decode and MP3 encode from Thomson reference C++ code to 16-bit integerized C. Prepare various optimizations closer to the hardware than C++ usually allows.

From: 1999 Client: Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.
To: 2001 Location: Oakland, CA
Duties: For BDTI’s Buyer’s Guide to DSP Processors, 2001 Edition, contribute major portions of the text analyzing processor architectures including the Analog Devices TigerSharc, and contribute also to the analyses of Motorola 56300, 56800, and 56800E processors; verification and in some cases re-writing assembly-language implementations of BDTI’s bench
marks; Prepare written analyses of Hitachi SH-DSP, SH3-DSP, SH-4, and SH-5 processor architectures. This again included verification and in some cases re-writing assembly-language implementations of BDTI’s benchmarks;
Implement assembly-language routines related to multimedia compression in ARM7/ARM9 processor assembly language;See also presentations, below.

From: 1995-6 Client: Audio Precision
And 1998-9 Location: Portland, Oregon
Duties: For their System 2 audio measurement device, developed double-precision FFT in assembler for Motorola 56002, including (Microsoft) C code to study where to maintain double-precision. Also, extensive code for AES/EBU and square wave measurement test suite, including jitter and eye pattern (assembling bit map for display in 56002 data memory space).
28K+ lines of assembler source. 1998-1999: Revise Audio Precision System 2 code for new 96 kHz Cascade hardware (Motorola 56303).

From: 1997 Client: Euphonics (later part of 3COM)
To: 1999 Location: Boulder, CO
Duties: Implement Dolby AC-3 audio compression decoder in 16-bit integer assembler on new Analog Devices 16-bit integer AD1818 (PCI SoundComm). 20K+ lines of assembler source.
Passed first round of Dolby testing on first try. Integrate with Euphonics’ Real-Time Kernel.

From: 1996 Client: Digital Technics (DTI)
To: 1997 Location: Baltimore, MD.
Duties: Implementation of CCITT R2 encoder/decoder (similar to DTMF) in Motorola 56002 assembly language, based on Goertzel algorithm. 13K+ lines assembler. Deployed in the field in Asia and South America.

From: 1996 Client: VM Labs
To: 1996 Location: Los Altos, CA
Duties: For this multimedia chip startup, provide detailed critique of their proprietary DSP chip architecture.

From: 1993 Client: Oculix
To: 1995 Location: Switzerland
Duties: Motorola DSP 56000 assembler for numerical and FFT analysis of real-time data gathered by laser from the human eye. Based on NeXT Machine. 150K source.

From: 1993 Client: Centigram Communications Corporation.
To: 1994 Location: Silicon Valley CA (apparently now part of SS8 Networks)
Duties: Port TruVoice speech synthesis code from TI TMS320E17 assembly language to Motorola DSP 56002 assembly language on Motorola PC Media card; port to Analog Devices ADSP 2115 assembly language on Echo Personal Sound System.

From: 1993 Client: Atari
To: 1994 Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Duties: Implement physical modeling music synthesis techniques on custom RISC/DSP chip inside Jaguar game console. Recommend improvements to new custom DSP architecture.

From: 1993 Client: Euphonics
To: 1993 Location: Boulder, CO
Duties: For this software music synthesizer company, write C routines to emulate certain hardware elements in the target architecture. This allowed the company to study aspects of caching parameter updates, for optimizing real-time performance.

From: 1993 Internal Project
To: 1993 Location: Bay Area, CA
Duties: For a research project involving DSP architecture, write a series of Java classes to emulate the typical components of a DSP chip.

From: 1987 Client: Shure
To: 1988 Location: Evanston (now Niles), IL
Duties: Working from the written specification for a proprietary algorithm, develop C and TI TMS 32010 assembly language for a multi-channel consumer audio product prototype.

From: 1987 Client: NeXT, Inc.
To: 1988 Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Duties: Developed, debugged, and documented more than 50 routines in the Motorola DSP 56000 assembly language vector library (with Julius O. Smith; source code printout is 2” thick,available on my web site). Worked off-site for over a year before NeXT was publicly released, maintain secrecy about the fact that NeXT would include a separate signal processor chip.

From: 1986 or 1987 Client: Sonic Solutions
To: 1986 or 1987 Location: San Francisco CA
Duties: As one of the first consultants hired by Sonic Solutions (located in their first office in San Francisco), port their C-language noise-reduction code from one flavor of Unix to another.

Other experience:

Studies of micromachining and nanotechnology.
Experience with the Star Semiconductor SPROC chip, the IBM MWAVE chip and operating system, OS-9, and Spectron’s SPOX operating system.

Teaching appointments

From: 2003 University of Colorado at Denver, College of Arts & Media
To: 2008 Denver, CO
Position: Lecturer, College of Arts & Media
Duties: Teach special topics course on audio data compression to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students.

Major Publications and Presentations
Available on full cv

Professional Associations and Achievements

  • Fellow (1996) and Life Member, Audio Engineering Society.
  • Convention Co-chair, 2008 AES Convention, San Francisco.
  • Convention Chair, 2006 AES Convention, San Francisco.
  • Convention Chair, 2004 AES Convention, San Francisco. Recipient of an Anderton Award, Pro Sound News, December 2004, p. 30.
  • Technical Papers co-chair, 2002 AES convention, Los Angeles.
  • Technical Papers chair, 1992 AES Convention, San Francisco (first AES San Francisco Convention).
  • Conference Chair, 1987 Audio Engineering Society (AES) International Conference on Music and Digital Technology (Los Angeles).
  • Elected member of the AES Board of Governors, 1992-1994; again 2005-2007.
  • Chair, Audio Engineering Society Convention Policy Committee, 2006-2008.
  • Former member of review board, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.
  • Assistant Editor, Computer Music Journal, (MIT Press), 1978-1982.
  • Co-founder (1980), International Computer Music Association.
  • Founder and Series Editor (1984-1996), The Computer Music and Digital Audio Series.
  • Honorary Member (since 1998), The Midi Association, formerly Midi Manufacturers Association (MMA).
  • Conference paper reviewer for many International Computer Music Conferences (ICMC).
  • Member, Acoustical Society of America. Life Senior Member, IEEE.

Further qualifications

Functionally bilingual in German. Reading ability in French, Dutch. Some experience with Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Latin. Separate list of foreign language experience and sample translations available. Extensive experience traveling abroad and communicating with foreigners.

Other activities

I currently enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, and weightlifting. In earlier years I have especially enjoyed travel, aikido, operating a Maerklin Z-gauge model railroad, performing a wide variety of folk and classical music, and attending musical events. Member of Toy Train Operating Society of America.


Full vita and references from industry, academia, and lawfirms available on request.


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