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Audiovisual Recorded Media Appraisal Expert Witness

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Audiovisual Recorded Media Appraisal Film, Audiovisual Recorded Media Appraisal Video, Audiovisual Recorded Media Appraisal Sound Recording, Audiovisual Recorded Media Appraisal Photo Equipment, Appraisal, Audiovisual Recorded Media Appraisal,

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Principal & Appraiser

Full time independent, certified appraiser of audiovisual-recorded media for clients throughout North America and in Europe.

He is unique in his qualifications, fully competent in all areas & appraisal disciplines of audiovisual-recorded media. There are few media-related technologies, issues, strategies or situations that he has not explored in depth during his career of more than 30 years of evaluation background.

Earned a doctorate in audiovisual-recorded media at Indiana University. He served there as professor, international media distributor & University administrator, as well as at the University of Illinois & Alabama A & M University.

Confidential & Professional, Unbiased & Accurate, Certified financial Appraisals of  Personal Collectibles & Corporate Collections, Archives, Libraries & Individual Items of  All  Audiovisual Recorded Media Property & Assets  for Any Purpose and Function

Insurance Premiums & Claims

Charitable Donations

Sale & Purchase

Damage, Loss & Fraud

Litigation Support & Evidence

Inspection & Investigation

Estate & Gift  Taxes

Dissolution & Equitable Distribution
Forensic Appraisal

Expert Testimony

Authentication & Identification

Appraisal Expertise

Motion Pictures & Video

Sound Recordings, Broadcasts


Negatives & Prints

Slides & Transparencies

Animation Cells

Cameras & Projectors

Scripts, Media Literature, Cinemabilia & Posters

Illustration Art & Sheet Music

Presidential & Documentary Materials

Natural & Behavioral Science Media

Confidential, Security Classified, and Proprietary Media

Values / Purposes & Functions / Assigned Uses

Any value, including all fair market value definitions and replacement, liquidation & marketable cash values

Appraisal Approaches to Estimating Value

Market data / sales comparison approach

Cost of replacement / reproduction approach

Income production / investment return approach

What is a Media Appraisal?

An appraisal of audiovisual-recorded media complies with current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and other professional standards to determine descriptive & evaluative characteristics of the media. An appraisal result in an objective certified report of the value of  audiovisual-recorded media assets

Who Uses Appraisals of Audiovisual-Recorded Media?



Artists & Producers


Sound Recordists

Bank Officers

Insurance Underwriters

Claims Adjusters




Museum Curators


Gallery Owners

Estate Administrators

Government Agencies

Collectors & Connoisseurs






Repairers &. Restorers

Financial Planners

Moving & Storage Firms

Who Are Our Clients?

Anyone interested in determining, exploring, or defending the financial or other value of all audiovisual-recorded media assets & related ownership rights, for  any  purpose or  function, including charitable donation tax  deductions, law suits, insurance premiums & claims sales & Estate taxes.

To expedite the valuation & transfer of private property by creating certified appraisal report documents & providing disposition counsel about all audiovisual-recorded media property, assets & ownership rights, for any purpose & function.

Related Consultancy

Collection Administration & Curating

Indexing, Documentation & Cataloging


Acquisition & Deaccessioning


Research & Evaluation

Expert Testimony, Demonstration, Instruction

Litigation Support, Case Evaluation & Development

Why Use A Media Appraiser?
A skilled, experienced, knowledgeable media appraiser assures successful, accurate & defensible resolution of matters of value. Only an appraiser creates certified appraisal report documents.

Professional Affiliation

The Only Senior Certified / Accredited Member of All Relevant Appraisal Societies

American Society of Appraisers (Accredited) ASA

Appraisers Association of America (Certified) AAA

International Society of Appraisers (Accredited) ISA

Media Appraisal Consultants

History of Photography Group

Appraisal institute of America

National Forensic Center

Appraisal Foundation

American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works

Society of American Archivists

Association of Moving Image Archivists

National Center for Film & Video Preservation

Association for Recorded Sound Collections

Picture Agency Council of America

American Society of Media Photographers

International Society of Audiovisual & Sound Archives

Credible, Accurate, Persuasive Expert Testimony

Case Review, Development & Evaluation

Exclusive National Representation


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