Aviation Accident Investigator Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Aviation Accident Reconstruction, Accident Investigator, Wreckage Analysis, Structural Reconstruction, Design Defect Analysis, Plant Teardowns, Airframe, Power Plant, Redundant System Integration, Piloting, Flighyt Plan Analysis, Control Input, Pilot Actions, Transport Pilot,Aviation Transport Pilot Accident Investigator,


Aviation accident investigation and reconstruction.  Wreckage analysis, structural reconstruction, design defect analysis.  Power plant teardowns, analysis and testing.  Maintenance reviews including reviews of airframe and power plant log books.  Systems analysis and redundant system integration analysis.

Piloting, flight plan analysis, pilot actions, qualifications and training.  Pilot decision making, control input analysis, other pilot actions and decisions related to safety of flight.

Failure analysis of materials and structures.   Stress corrosion cracking including the analysis of the inter-relationship of environment to component failure.

Flight path reconstruction using in-flight reconstruction of radar traces and Global Positioning System tracking.  Flight testing of aircraft and systems.

Specialty Education:

Certificate, Aircraft Accident Investigation, School of Engineering,
University of Southern California, 1997

Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Safety Counselor training, 2001

NTSB, first responder training and certification,  2005

European Society of Air Safety Investigators Course: Air Accident Investigation in the European Environment, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, England 2008


Pilot Qualifications:
FAA:      Private Pilot
Instrument Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot

Aircraft Mechanic Qualifications:
FAA:     Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
FAA:    Repairman Experimental Aircraft


Experimental Aircraft Association Convention, T-18 Award
San Diego Fly-In Best Metal Experimental
Watsonville Fly-In, Best T-18
Café 400 Air Race competitor

Aviation Experience:

Licensed pilot for 47 years
High altitude qualification
High performance and complex aircraft qualified
Tail wheel qualified with over 900 hours
Turbo prop aircraft qualification
Aerobatic Pilot
Aviation Safety Counselor, Los Angeles International Airport
NTSB, First Responder
Former member, NASA Astronaut candidate pool

Aviation Instruction:

U.S. Navy Test Pilot School, Qual Eval Program, safety/instructor pilot
National Test Pilot School, Qual Eval Program, safety pilot/flight engineer
Empire Test Pilot School, Qual Eval Program, safety/instructor pilot
Contributor, The History Channel, aviation accident investigator & commentator
Instructor Pilot for Siai Marchetti SF-260 Aircraft, Airpower Aviation Resources
Instructor for Complex and High Performance training and certification
FAA Authorized Instructor


Member,  International Society of Air Safety Investigators
Member, The Experimental Aircraft Association
Member, The Warbirds of America