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Aviation Safety Aircraft Accident Investigator Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

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A seasoned aircraft accident investigator with particular
experience in light aircraft and helicopter accident reconstruction.
Court designated expert in helicopter testimony and fixed wing.
Twenty years as Aviation Safety and Accident Investigation Officer for the U S Army.
Thoroughly versed in written accident investigation, expert reports and accident
analysis, with consideration of such factors and influences as aviation weather conditions,
pre-fight planning and aircraft maintenance, with specific experience in wire strikes and low level flight.
Skilled in organizational accident prevention and safety programs.
Experienced in aircraft accident investigations in helicopter, single and multi-engine aircraft in:
Europe, Asia, U.S.A.
Desert, Mountain terrain, water.


Commercial aviator with over 4,000 hours flying time, instrument, multi-engine.
Checked out in 16 different light aircraft and helicopters.
Senior Aviator with ratings in helicopter, fixed wing, single engine, and multi-engine aircraft, and instrument.
More than 140 combat missions in Vietnam.
Published in military aviation journals.
Recipient of the FAA’s “Master Pilot” award for 50 years accident free flying.


Graduate, U.S. Army War College.
Graduate, School of Aircraft Safety and Accident Investigation, USC.
Masters of Science in Business Administration, Boston University.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, USMA, West Point, N.Y.


The Society of Forensic Engineers & Scientists
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
West Point Society of Monterey Peninsula