Carbon Monoxide Chemist Engineer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Chemist, Engineer, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Forensic Science, Forensic Engineering, Fire Protection, Gas Sensors, Air Purification, Selective Photon Emitters, Welders, Eyesafe Laser Radar, Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Waste, LNG Risk Management, Nuclear Fuel, Aircraft Oceanography, Gas Appliance Manufacturer, Carbon Monoxide Safety, Hydrocarbon Spills, Hydrocarbon Leaks, Combustion, Rocket Fuel, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury,Roofing Material Fires


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

B.S. Chemistry, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont


1982 to Present
President and Chairman of the Board
A Company
San Diego, California
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a small high-tech sensor manufacturing company specializing in the following:
Carbon monoxide detection
Forensic science and engineering
Expert witness services
Fire protection
Gas sensors
Air purification
Selective photon emitters and welders
Eyesafe laser radar

San Francisco, California
Directed pilot program for emergency planning of nuclear power plants

JGC Corporation
Tokyo, Japan
Consulted on the following:
Analysis of nuclear reactor and fuel cycle facility physical protection and safeguards
Analysis of nuclear waste options and LNG risk assessment
Three Mile Island accident study

Energy Policy Project
East West Center
Environmental and Energy Policy Institute
Honolulu, Hawaii
Facilitated the formation of various cooperative East-West region (Unites States/Asia/Pacific) energy and environmental projects at the East West Center, which included the Asia Pacific Energy Studies Consortium. Responsible for the analysis of alternative reprocessing technologies and spent fuel storage and waste management options for regional fuel cycle center which included:
Citing safety and alternative energy systems
Computing health effects from the nuclear fuel cycle and other sources

Associate Chemist/Group Leader
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
Department of Applied Science
Long Island, New York
Principal investigator on a nuclear policy study for former President Ford’™s science advisory apparatus. As a group leader, responsible for programs and projects dealing with safeguards and waste BNL’™s National Center for Analysis of Energy Systems.

International Business & Research Inc.
Coral Gables, Florida
Founded aircraft oceanography company in 1971. Developed aircraft oceanographic methods for anti-submarine warfare. Products developed and manufactured were:
Air-deployed Expendable Bathythermograph (AXBT-2500V), measures temperature as function of depth in excess of 2500 ft., utilizing telemetry package to transmit analog signal to aircraft. (Currently being manufactured by Sippican Corporation)
Expendable Shallow-water Surface Current Probe (XSSC), measures surface current and wind velocity

Lockheed Nuclear Products
Plum Brook Nuclear Reactor Facility
Plum Brook, Ohio
Analyzed experimental data obtained inside nuclear material test reactor
Studied mechanical effects of radiation on materials at cryogenic temperatures
Assessed metallurgical data associated with nuclear reactor technology

The Boeing Company
Huntsville, Alabama
Worked as an engineer on Project Apollo


American Chemical Society
Gas Appliance Manufacturer Association
American Nuclear Society
American Optical Society
American Gas Association
Carbon Monoxide Safety and Health Association.


Speak Japanese, hold multi-engine and instrument private pilot’™s license, served in United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1961 to 1967, held “Q” military clearance from 1974 to 1977 and Top Secret clearance since 1983, inventor of 22 United States patents, and author of publications (available upon request),
and sailing, diving, skiing, and other sports.



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