Cardiology Medical Officer Expert Witness

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Profile: Cardiologist, Chief Medical Officer, Director of Clinical Research, Chief Health Information Officer, Medical Director, Consultant and Advisor
Outstanding track record of championing optimal patient clinical outcomes, big data healthcare analytic consultant, superior quality and safety standards, while being innovative in research and development of new health related business technologies, programs and projects, as well as clinical trials.

Distinguished career championing innovations, diversity in clinical research and progressive clinical and health related business models that maximize efficiencies, create new process, programs, and products that complement the innovative advancements in healthcare. A focus on patient care, lean collaborative business growth while building/leading teams, and physicians as well as employee performance, while containing costs and improving bottom-line profitability.

Data-driven thought leader and MBA graduate with proven success developing strategies, implementing, enhancing and creating technology to optimize patient care with various platforms from mobile APP’s, Telehealth to compliance and research software. Expertise in feasibility evaluations and studies of new technologies for healthcare, as well as conducting clinical research with a focus on predictive analytics. remote health monitoring devices, and new products/programs that positively impact patient flow, cost control for all stakeholder in healthcare, which includes patients, payors and health systems. Inclusive executive leader skilled in many areas to add to healthcare systems/organizations, technologies, pharmaceutical industries and insurance companies.


  • Healthcare Consultant for startup, mid-size and large companies in the Pharma, Technology, Payor and Venture Capital companies.
  • Clinical Research Trials. Principal investigator and present Director of Clinical Research
  • Research and Development of new products to test the consumer safety of the products and implement marketing plan
  • Clinical research Trial technology developer using machine learning and predictive analytics for diversity engagement in clinical research.
  • Marketing and Data Analytics to improve outcomes of users. Focus on machine learning and predictive analytics to improve healthcare models and technologies.
  • P&T Committee cardiology expert to one of the top three Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Committee for yearly insurance policy revisions and update for cardiology guidelines in determining appropriate testing and services provided to members
  • Corporate health and wellness program developer and expert advisor
  • Development of new programs and piloting, and testing new healthcare remote sensor and monitoring devices for home health care market
  • Expert healthcare technology and product advisor for startup companies local and international
  • Subject matter expert for health care organizations, Pharma, Utilization Review companies and the Insurance industry.
  • Addressing quality, safety, service, and behavioral issues by overseeing robust peer review and credentialing process for all medical staff
  • Hiring, training, and supporting hospital staff. Developing standards of performance and evaluating hospital employees against those standards
  • Contributing to critical initiatives involving patient safety, quality, outcomes risk management, and patient service
  • Lean Six Sigma certification and methodologies
  • Partnering with Hospital Compliance Officer to resolve issues involving physician regulatory compliance and ensuring hospital compliance with federal and state law, licensing agencies, and accreditation boards.
  • Leading delivery of excellent patient care and service by modeling patient-centric behaviors and implementing patient-focused strategies and approaches to care.


  • Executive Leadership
  • Research and Development
  • Consumerism and engagement -Financial Management & Budgeting
  • Clinical Research
  • Trials
  • Reimbursement & Managed Care
  • Program and Product Development
  • Feasibility Evaluations
  • Technology Innovator and Advisor
  • Patient Engagement & Safety
  • Business Development- Strategic Planning and Implementation w/Analysis
  • Lean Approach
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Program Development & Implementation
  • Marketing/Referral Base Development
  • Community Outreach & Education
  • Human Resources Management
  • Quality & Utilization Management
  • Clinical Effectiveness & Outcomes
  • Chief health information Officer
  • Clinical Protocol Development

Professional Experience


Sept. 2015 – present (Group Divested from Emory Healthcare to become private practice group)
Cardiologist, Partner
Director of Clinical Research

As a result of exceptional clinical acumen and professional performance while with Emory Healthcare I was offered an integral role within the Emory Heart and Vascular Clinic that would have removed me from the community that I had been committed to since arriving in Atlanta, Georgia metro area.

Leads expanded office with support of cardiology colleagues to provide patient care covering all areas of cardiovascular disease and including women’s cardiac, vascular, and preventative care. Developed clinical programs and performed procedures such as PET, cardiac CT, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and vascular imaging. Building her brand in the community for strategic ongoing practice expansion and growth through marketing, community relations, use of technological tools to stream line workflow and processes to maximize a lean process for improved efficiencies with stellar patient satisfaction.

  • Selected to be on the Society of Clinical Research Sites/TransCelerate Site Advocacy Group on patient technology and eSource.
  • Clinical teaching faculty member at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Georgia Campus
  • Principal investigator for the practice to set up a clinical research program in collaboration with the Association of Black Cardiologist and the Society for Clinical Research Sites to assist with Diversity in clinical research trials.
  • Committee member on Disparities in care work group with the American College of Cardiology with specific focus on patient facing platform, CardioSmart.
  • Committee member on diabetes & cardiometabolic work group, focus on the state of diabetes for the cardiovascular disease specialist with the
  • American College of Cardiology
  • Council on Women and Heart Disease
  • Committee member on hypertension treatment updates with the American College of Cardiology.

EMORY HEALTHCARE ; Lawrenceville, GA
January 2013–2015 (Emory pulled out of Lawrenceville area)
Cardiologist and Practice Manager (Emory Purchased Cardiovascular Group, PC)

Head of Cardiovascular Medicine ESA practice and charged with transforming image, profitability, and productivity of both hospital cardiology presence and cardiology practice. Assist in Directing Emory’s women’s heart program, engage in new health initiatives, and develop clinical programs. Utilize TEE, cardiac CT, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and catherization imaging procedures. Partner with healthcare system leadership team to review and approve budget. Lead team of 10+ direct reports.

Key Achievements:

  • Turned practice around to attain profitability and exceed benchmarks by 100% in first six months by instituting focus on high quality patient care, operational efficiencies, and rigorous expense controls.
  • Positioned Emory Healthcare in competitive target market north of Atlanta by establishing and operating new cardiac and vascular disease practice.
  • Developed strategic plan, innovative business model, community education, and Lean practice culture focused on patient service and satisfaction.
  • Demonstrated technical acumen through daily use of several innovative healthcare IT platforms and programs in clinical/technical medical settings.
  • My ability to develop marketing strategies, plans, and programs has resulted in large, diverse referral bases, top-ranked revenue performance, and increased presence in competitive target markets
  • As a result of her exceptional clinical acumen and professional performance she was offered an integral role within the Emory Heart and Vascular
  • Clinic that would have removed her from the community that she has been committed to since arriving in Atlanta Georgia.

August 2000– 2013 (Practice purchased by a Health System)
Cardiologist, Partner, and Board Member
A principal and subinvestigator for practice clinical research trials

Administered patient care covering all areas of cardiovascular disease and including women’s cardiac, vascular, and preventative care. Developed clinical programs and performed procedures such as PET, cardiac CT, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and catherization imaging. Worked with Practice Administrator and fellow board members to review/approve annual budget, formulate strategic plans, and promote practice to referring physicians and patients. Led team of 30-40 direct reports prior to the practice acquisition in 2013 by a hospital system.

Key Achievements:

  • Ranked as one of top three revenue generators out of 16 total providers for ten consecutive years by building practice’s largest and most diverse referral base through development of innovative marketing program.
  • Achieved and maintained superior patient satisfaction scores through excellent clinical engagement and patient care.
  • Championed women’s health and preventative care through development and implementation of targeted clinical programs.
  • Built community awareness and relationships by participating in speaker’s bureau, community outreach initiatives, and health partner collaborations with local not-for-profit organizations.
  • Optimized efficiency of practice management and clinical medicine by driving utilization of healthcare IT platforms, integrations, and programs for both clinical and technical applications.


May 2012–Present
Business Healthcare and Health Technology Consultant, CEO and Founder
Principal Consultant and Advisor to various healthcare related entities

Sentikon is an innovative niche healthcare technology and consulting company at the intersection of medicine, business and technology. Our goal is to be leaders who find solutions to problems and serve as expert consultants to companies connected to the healthcare industry such as pharmaceutical, insurance, technology, corporations including larger consulting and financial firms. Sentikon’s core capabilities in clinical and healthcare informatics in managing medical data, leadership in clinical research and development, as well as advising new and established healthcare technology companies that utilize machine learning and data analytics to devise solutions to specific problems.
An expert in medicine, business and technology with a special interest in the health outcomes and data science. Combining a unique expertise with the passion for consumerism and engagement as it relates to healthcare, research, government, and the corporate sector allow us to be thought leaders in the consumer health related technology industry.
Leading Sentikon, allows the opportunity to advis, participate on the executive leadership team and consult with wide range of healthcare companies including healthcare technology, payors review organizations and start-up businesses, as well as government agencies and corporations interested in cost-effective health programs.

Overall Key Achievements:

Contracted as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for multiple medical agencies to resolve issues through root cause analysis, development and implementation of health programs, formulation of strategic plans and agendas, and evaluation of market trends regarding program/product development.
Executive team member as Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director and Chief Medical Information Office
Director of Clinical Research and Principal Investigator
Health Care Analytic Consultant from use of SQL for big data evaluation, visualization and strategy implementation and monitoring
Cardiology Physician Advisor on P & T committee for Pharmacy benefit Managers
Yearly insurance policy revisions and update for cardiology guidelines in determining appropriate testing and services provided to members
Medical review expert and mentor for new hires for utilization, medical necessity and appropriate use criteria
Created, designed, and launched Physician Leadership Academy to accelerate development of physician leadership skills, build sustainable culture of constructive collaboration, and equip physicians with skills, knowledge, and perspective required to serve as effective advocates, representatives, and change leaders.
Delivered 35% average increase in market share for pharmaceutical products by developing target markets and implementing strategic marketing programs.
Positioned client as leader in cardiovascular device use within one year of creating/conducting research study to evaluate cardiovascular safety, formulating strategy, and developing marketing program.
Boosted healthcare organization’s local market share by ~25% through collaboration with corporate office to support local branches in studying prospective clients, developing marketing strategies, creating web-based tracking technologies, and growing client base.
Enabled medical technology start-up companies to achieve 110%-120% of venture capital funding goals by analyzing proposed products, patents, and strategic plans, providing expert advice, and positioning companies effectively in market

Sample of Industry work performed under Sentikon Technologies & Consulting:

Chief Medical Information Officer
Jan 2016 – present
Advisory board
Innovative CMIO On the executive team for Angama Health.™ Angama is an outsourced technology Quality & Reimbursement Risk Optimization (QRRO™) MVP cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform. General responsibilities include the CMO’s role to lead the team with the development and implementation of the protocols and process to integrate and seamlessly utilize applications of outcomes and a risk-based optimization model virtual healthcare network for patients.

SMART DOC USA; Langhorne, PA
July 2016-November 2018
Advisor (Telehealth new technology research and feasibility under existing private practice group)
Telehealth company with international and US based arm. Working with executive team on functionality in the clinical research space to improve adherence and lower cost with mobile technology. Declined an executive Vice President position to co-lead the US division for development and expansion.

Jan 2017– Jan 2018 (company sold)
Chief Medical Officer
Quality and compliance Officer
Executive team member consultant that focuses on utilizing new and existing technologies for the growth strategy with focus on quality, data analytics, workflow and efficiencies to optimize reimbursement and revenue.
I work directly with the CEO and Preside of the nationwide parent company which is comprised of National Healthcare clinics, Digicom Healthcare, Allergy HealthMD and Spinx diagnostics.

DOXMED, LLC; Atlanta, GA
May 2014-2016 (Company exit with backend algorithms/processes)
CEO and Founder
Healthcare IT Company Sold backend analytics and company exist in 2016
DoxMed was a company built on the belief that the core basic scientific principal of effective and reliable data aggregation for use in machine learning and real-time modeling supports the accuracy, safety and compliance of clinical research.

DoxMed used machine learning principles and predictive analytic tools of structured and unstructured clinical research data obtained by the patient participants and the research team to improve future trial design and patient recruitment.

May 2010 – 2014
Chief Medical Officer
CMO for a rapidly growing health care organization, utilizing clinical and business expertise to advance and innovate business processes in the organization’s northeast Georgia location.
Key Achievements:

Led the planning in many clinical and strategic metrics for growth and market expansion. Worked with the executive team to update and create policies in line with current medical and government regulations. Developed and implemented processes to improve the quality of care; evaluated performance in care coordination; developed and led feasibility research projects with remote patient monitoring to improve and create new procedures and policies for medical homes, while optimizing patient satisfaction.
Provided guidance to the leadership team and overall organization on what was required and realistic to achieving their goals through the creation of guidelines for quality improvement and utilization management, and confirmed medical necessity of the services rendered.
Provided executive oversight for all medical staff functions, policies, and standards as well as development and implementation of systems and processes to improve quality of care.
Improved clinical quality and mitigation of company risk. Reviewed and monitored compliance in the process for superior and safe patient care with new procedures and protocols.


Multiple payor, technology, government and large companies as clients under Sentikon Techonlogies & Consulting acting as advisor and consultant

Additional Professional Experience:


  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Lawrenceville, GA – Teaching faculty and Preceptor: 2014- Present
  • Fruit Street Health, Public Benefit Corporation, Boston; Healthcare technology – Advisory Board Member: October 2014- January 2016
  • ManageUp prm, California; Healthcare technology – Consultant medical and business development and early stage Advisor. September 2013 – January 2018
  • Aetna U.S. Healthcare, Inc.; Philadelphia, PA – Medical Director 2000
  • WowMii, for Profit venture fund, New York; – Consultant Medical Officer. September 2015 – January 2018


2018 – 2019

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Medical Training

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship
Chief Medical Resident
Medical Residency


Medical Doctor (MD) License in Georgia and Pennsylvania
Fellow, American College of Cardiology
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Board Certified in Cardiology, Adult Echocardiography, Cardiac Tomography Angiography, and Nuclear Cardiovascular Imaging


Lean Six Sigma Certification – Villanova University

Certified Corporate Health and Wellness Advisor


  • American College of Cardiology
  • American College of Cardiac CT
  • Society for Clinical Research Sites
  • American Society of Echocardiography
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiologists
  • American Heart Association Scientific Member and Go Red Campaign
  • St. Joseph Hospital System Committee for Strategic Planning
  • St. Joseph Board Committee for Women’s Heart Program
  • Cardiovascular Group PC Advisory Board
  • Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)
  • Institute of Management Consultants
  • Association of Black Cardiologists
  • National Black MBA
  • LaunchPad2x Class of 2014 Atlanta based Women Business Leadership Program
  • Startup Atlanta Senior Executive community outreach for Board Advisor to support local Startup Ecosystem