Cave Diving Rebreather Expert Witness

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Scuba Diving, Cave Diving, Scuba, Closed Circuit Rebreather technology, underwater cave diving, underwater photography, cavern diving, cave exploration diving, hyber baric, counterlungs, Diver Propulsion Vehicles DPV, deep cave diving exploration, nitrox diving, extended range cave diving, caving expeditions scuba diving, underwater cinematography scuba diving

Expert Witness No.2722

Professional Credentials and Activities

Winner Keen Footwear – Stand Up for the Environment – Best Environmental
Photographer / Conservationist

Cine Golden Eagle – Best Documentary

Wild and Scenic Film Festival -The River Returns Featured Selection Japanese International Wildlife Film Festival – Featured Selection Davey Award

Insight Award – Award of Excellence

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival – Best Documentary

International “Deffie” for the Best HD Documentary

CINE Golden Eagle Award

Gold Aurora Award

Finalist Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Crystal Reel Winner – Best Educational Film

Explorer’s Club Film Festival- Best Exploration Film

NSS Best of Show

Santa Fe Film Festival – Ice Island Featured Selection

Florida Moving Image Archive – Finalist

Fellow of the National Speleological Society (NSS)

Inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame

Canadian Technical Diver of the Year

Women’s world record for deep cave penetration

Murray G. Ross Award – highest honor for York University  graduate

Emily Stowe Award for Academic Excellence

Alumni Silver Jubilee Scholarship


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