Certified Airframe Powerplant Technician Expert Witness

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Certified Airframe Powerplant Technician Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

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Expert Witness No.881



A fully qualified Aircraft Methods Engineer with a 21-year proven track record in performing all aspects of aircraft maintenance/production planning. Possesses a unique aptitude in the motivation of personnel to achieve their highest potential. An instinct for synergism, communications, and a quality management style that stresses people skills and team building. Primarily a designer of innovative maintenance management and problem solving programs, with extensive aircraft maintenance, Aircraft engine run supervisor/ instructor including full thrust checkouts (TRT) and engine thrust reverser (T/R) check out and repair, and flight control rigging and repair. A&P Licensed (1995)

Professional Experience

A well known Aircraft Company located in Lake Charles, LA

1995 to Present

Methods Planner Senior (Lead)

Schedules daily work assignments and prepares project action and progress reports, maintains and updates same in on line data base for report generation. Correlates between manufacturing and engineering any blueprint changes and / or discrepancies using over and above work requests, C tags, K tags and EO/MCO tools

Plans, maintains and updates any and all engineering orders, manufacturing change orders, and work instructions

Research and implement cost analysis per job actions on all discrepancies issued by manufacturing/ floor production, prepares cost analysis reports on same

Hand picked as member of manufacturing engineering asset/ kit reallocation program with direct responsibilities of: Supplying team with current copy of C.P.L. and S.T.A.R., Research deletion and collector drawing as required, Verifying effectivety of kits, Sequence parts correctly in C.P.L., Revise S.T.A.R and C.P.L. as required, Notify PRA to release kits after correction by evaluation team.

Developed and implemented the “Methods On Call” site wide automated methods engineering call sheet and data report generation system (MS Access)

Chosen to be a member of the infotrax computer data assimilation/ programming team.

Qualifications included advanced knowledge of aircraft blue prints, aircraft engine systems, Aircraft engine thrust reverser operation, aircraft flight control operations, aircraft fuel systems, aircraft airframe systems, also, ATA sheets, Blue prints, Service Manuals, Avionics Schematics, Stick line drawings, Haystack, DOD/ World Wide and CAD computer systems

U.S. Air Force

1979 to 1995

Aircraft Maintenance

Appointed as an in-flight maintenance technician aboard the Airborne National Command Post, with direct responsibility for all facets of aircraft maintenance on the military version of the Boeing 707, specifically:

TF33 engine trouble shooting and repair

Cfm 56 engine trouble shooting and repair

Fully qualified run supervisor/ engine operator on J57/TF33/CFM56 aircraft engines to include

full power checkout runs/ engine trim runs, and

engine thrust reverser runs/trouble shooting and repair

Avionics troubleshooting and repair

Hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair

Structural damage inspection and repair

Environmental systems troubleshooting and repair

Electrical system troubleshooting and repair


MBTI, Milwaukee, WI Graduated in 1979

Two Year Degree in Accounting/Computer programming

Waukesha South High, Waukesha, WI Graduated in 1979

US Air Force Weight and Balance Instructors Course Graduated in 1992

US Air Force Hazardous Waste Management Course Graduated in 1985

US Air Force Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Course Graduated in 1983

Other Qualifications

Airframe/ Powerplant Licensed

21 Years experienced

Computer Programming

Fully versed in the following programs: Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Infotrax (Oracle) and CPL a (Basic program) Word perfect and Lotus and HTML

Awards and Decorations

Awarded (2) two TAP Awards at Northrop/Grumman for exceptional performance and leadership

Receive the Meritorious Service award for exceptional leadership/ Aircraft Maintenance skills (USAF)