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Certified Medical Device Technician Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Senior Biomedical Equipment Technician, Medical Device Technician, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Biomedical Equipment Technician Surgical Instruments, Physiological Monitoring Equipment, Laparoscopic, Endoscopic Instruments, Laparoscopic Equipment, Hospital Safety, Anesthesia Equipment Calibration, Anesthesia Equipment Maintenance, Laboratory Equipment, Patient Care, Clinical Repair,

Expert Witness No.984


American Society for Healthcare Engineering
Society for Clinical Trials

Clinical Courses, Seminars and Symposia:

Available upon Request 

Technical Training and Seminars:

1997   Microsoft Access for Windows95  SHL KEE Systems, Levels I – IV Los Angeles, California
1995   Multimedia Toolbook for CBT Developer Course Asymetrix Training Center Program
Asymetrix Corporation – Bellevue, Washington
1995   Advanced Technology in Grounding – Theory and Practical Applications of Grounding and Bonding , Lyncole Technical Services, Torrance, California
1994   CD-CV Anesthesia Machine,Maintenance Training Course, Ohmeda, Madison, Wisconsin
1984   Electrosurgical System Theory and Troubleshooting, Bard Electrosurgical Systems
Los Angeles, California
1982   Troubleshooting Microprocessors, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Annual Conference – San Francisco, California
1982   Engineering Theory and Principles of Operation for X-ray Systems, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Annual Conference           San Francisco, California
1981   Physiological Monitoring Equipment and Systems Factory Service Training Center Mennen Medical, Inc., Clarence, New York
1980   Rapido and Rap-X Systems Service School, Factory Service Training Center Picker X-Ray Systems, Inc. , Cleveland, Ohio 1980   Digital Troubleshooting and System Design, Movonics, Inc., Los Angeles, California
1979   Master Antenna, Cable Distribution and System Design, Blonder Tongue Systems, Inc., Los Angeles, California


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