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Chemistry Chemical Engineer Fire Explosion Investigator, Chemical Engineer Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical, Engineering, Fires, Explosions, origin cause fires explosions, Hazardous Chemicals, Flammable materials, Products liability, Household Industrial Products, Accident Reconstruction, Safer Alternatives, Chemical Burns, Toxic Exposures, Flammable Fabrics, clothing fires, clothing flammability, analysis of hazardous chemicals, warnings, instructions, labeling, defective label analysis, Patent Infringement Issues, trade secret litigation, trademark litigation, Chemical Product Process Issues, Intellectual Property Management, safety chemical product design formulation, safety packaging handling, household products, industrial products, Codes Standards, OSHA regulations Hair relaxers, drain cleaners, aerosols, beauty products, cosmetics, personal care products, silicones, gels, flocculants, coagulants, water soluble polymers, product development, personal injury,

Fellow: American Institute of Chemistry & Royal Society of Chemistry (London)


Catalyst for Novel Thinking
Applications Oriented
Creative Technical Solutions
Technology Transfer
Strategic Planning & Implementation


Patent Analysis and Litigation Support
Custom Market Research
Chemical Technology Assessment & Evaluation
Capture & Presentation of Complex Information
Mind Mapping Training & Applications


Technical Writing
Professional Technical Content Editing
Event Planning & Meeting Facilitation

Expert is a Thought-Leader and expert in the field of Specialty Chemicals and both their multi-industry technical and marketing applications. These include, but are not limited to: surfactants, polymers, chemical fluids, and organosilicones as well as their physical and chemical behavior. Expert also specializes in applied rheology (fluid flow) and applied surface chemistry. He has also conducted advanced training in the custom preparation of Mind-Maps  and their direct application in knowledge- mapping and patent analysis.

Expert has extensive experience in the practical application of fundamental principles to a wide variety of market development & technological issues associated with the Specialty Chemicals & Allied Industries. For more than thirty- five years, Expert has consulted for hundreds of corporations involved in the development, optimization, patenting, marketing and quality control of new and existing products and processes.


Expert is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London); a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and both a Certified Professional Chemist and Certified Professional Chemical Engineer (National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering). He served as Chief Scientific Advisor to United Business Media Technical Conferences and Director of United Business Media Technical Conference Planning for six years.

Expert was voted the “most creative, innovative and productive member of a nationally selected group of 25 top scientists and technologists during a three- day Ideation program for the 3M Company. He was selected as a Vaaler Awards judge for 2003 by Chemical Processing Magazine. The awards competition honors products that improved operations or lowered costs for the chemical processing industry.

Expert was the winner of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and his biographical profile is listed in the Marquis Biographies Online Registry. 12/19/2019

Expert has also served as Editorial Board Member of the Knovel Corporation which provides unique interactive access to scientific data to over 600 subscribing institutions and twenty content collections. He is a member of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists and Advisor to the Executive Director of the National Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Expert is also a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, a former Director of the American Institute of Chemists, past Vice President of the Association of Consulting Chemists and has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of Supply Side West/East: Virgo Publications. He is also the Founder, Organizer and co-moderator for HBA’s Annual International Safety, Regulatory and Certification Symposia.

Expert is a past Vice President of the Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers and served on its Executive Board of Directors. He is a voting member of several Standards-Making Committees of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). These committees include: halogenated organic solvents, fire- extinguishing agents, fire standards, industrial chemicals, and hazard potential of chemicals. He also serves on several other ASTM committees including: forensic sciences, occupational health and safety, consumer products, hazardous substances, and industrial chemicals. Expert has extensive experience in the preparation and analysis of Material Safety Data Sheets, as well as the filing of Regulatory Applications for the Environmental Protection Agency. He has advanced training as a nationally certified fire and explosion investigator (CFEI): 2001,2011,2016.

American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Committees:
D-1 Paint & Related Coatings, Materials & Applications
D-3 Gaseous Fuels
D-12 Soaps & other Detergents
D-13 Textiles
D-14 Adhesives
D-26 Halogenated Organic Solvent & Fire Extinguishing Agents
E-5 Fire Standards
E-15 Industrial Chemicals
E-27 Hazard Potential of Chemicals
E-30 Forensic Sciences
E-34 Occupational Health & Safety
E-35 Pesticides
E-48 Biotechnology
E-51 Environmental Risk Management
F-15 Consumer Products
F-20 Hazardous Substances & Oil Spill Response

Peer Reviewer: Professional Journals

Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of Cosmetic Science, Official Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists The Chemist

Journal of Testing and Evaluation (American Society of Testing Materials-ASTM) Cosmetics & Toiletries
Journal of Controlled Release Society EuroCosmetics Magazine (Germany)

Book Editor- in- Chief (Chemical Publishing Company)


Editor-in-Chief: EuroCosmetics Magazine (Germany)


Expert has published over 50 peer reviewed articles in the scientific literature and, as shown in Google Scholar citations, his work has been cited almost 1,000. times by other researchers relying upon his work.
Areas of interest include, but not limited to: fires, explosions, hazardous chemicals, cosmetic science, hair relaxers, hair coloring, polymers for Water Treatment, Specialty Chemicals for Textiles, Detergent Polymers, Surfactants used in the Detergent Industry, Specialty Chemicals for Textiles and a Review of the Non-Wovens Industry. He has also written articles on applied rheology, mathematical characterization of shear thinning and other types of rheological behavior, surface and interfacial chemistry, wetting and spreading phenomena, organosilicones, delivery systems and flame retardants

Expert has published numerous technical advertising literature pieces that have had worldwide circulation. This includes most of the Union Carbide Corporation’s literature on POLYOX poly(ethylene oxide) Water Soluble Polymers and rheological literature for Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, a major manufacturer of rheological testing equipment.


Year College/University Degree
1966 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn MS, Chemical Engineering
1964 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn BS, Chemical Engineering



Expert has fifteen years research and development experience in the field of organosilicone chemistry. He is knowledgeable in the theory and practical application of surface- active agents including organic, silicone and fluorocarbon types. Expert is skilled in the art and science of stabilizing silicone emulsions of both the oil-in-water and water-in oil types. Expert has developed methods for measuring and improving the stability of silicone emulsions and was involved in the optimization of emulsification processes for oil-in-water silicone emulsions and water-in oil poly (acrylamide) emulsions. He has authored papers on the prediction and detection of incipient agglomerate creaming in emulsions and has successfully used the fundamentals of non-Newtonian rheological behavior to predict silicone emulsion instability. One of Expert’s rheological techniques for characterizing shear thinning behavior has been adopted as an ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) standard.

Expert has been involved in the optimization, stabilization and development of amino- based silicone-based water-in-oil emulsions for car polish applications. He has developed silicone emulsions for aerosol spray starch applications. Expert has consulted on the effect of organosilicone surfactants as flame-retardants for polyurethane foam and conducted research on improving fuel combustion efficiency by altering atomization characteristics using organosilicone copolymers. He was also involved in the development of a process to apply curing polyurethane foam onto porous backing materials.

He has conducted applied research in many novel applications of both organosilicone and organic surface-active agents. For five years, Expert was responsible for generating new product ideas and guided several Ph.D. synthesis chemists in the design of new organosilicone surfactants and polymers based on correlations he developed between structure and performance. During this period he developed organosilicone surface-active agents that improved droplet atomization and combustion efficiency of diesel fuel and # 6 oil.

Expert has done extensive research and development in the area of both industrial and food grade antifoams. This work has included the development of new silicone antifoam products as well as simple test methods for their detection and efficacy. When faced with a new and unstable silicone antifoam product, Expert invented the concept of “transient” antifoam, which takes advantage of the inherent antifoam instability to accelerate high-speed packaging of foaming fluids. He holds patents on “Non-Aqueous antifoam compositions”, “Transient antifoams” and “Self-dispersible antifoam compositions. Expert is fully familiar with the process technology for antifoam manufacture and the major silicone antifoam producers. Expert has published on the area of antifoams in the J. Soc. of Cosmetic Chemistry

Expert has studied and developed AFFF aqueous foams based on novel organosilicone copolymers. These are widely used today for extinguishing hydrocarbon fires associated with civilian and military aircraft fires. This technology requires knowledge of fundamentals associated with the spreading of one fluid upon another. He holds two patents on fire extinguishing foams: “ Method of extinguishing fires and composition containing cationic silicone surfactants” and “Method of extinguishing liquid hydrocarbon fires and compositions therefore comprising silicone surfactants”.

Expert has been an Adjunct Professor at Westchester Community College and trained senior firefighters of New York City and surrounding cities in the chemistry and physics of fire science. He has developed methods of measuring and improving the stability of aqueous foams. Expert is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and a former member of the standards-making Fire Fighting Foam Subcommittee. He is also a member of the ASTM Committee on Fire Extinguishing Agents.

Expert has published a major review of Silane Coupling Agent Technology: “From Treating Solution to Filler Surface and Beyond – The Life History of a Silane Coupling Agent and has extensively studied methods of altering the surface and water repellency of materials such as clays and silica’s of all types. He has also authored an article on silicones for hair conditioning in DCI Magazine.


As Development Engineer for Union Carbide Corporation, with responsibility for World Wide Technical Support of POLYOX® Water Soluble Resins, Expert provided, for five years, outstanding technical support and problem solving for hundreds of major domestic and international corporations for systems using POLYOX poly (ethylene oxide) and CARBOWAX polyethylene glycol and received several awards from the company. He has developed major new consumer applications for poly(ethylene oxide) including improved lubricity of the Gillette Razor
Shaving Strip and aqueous-based lubricants for the clay-steel interface. Expert was the developer of pelletizing technology for powdered poly (ethylene oxide) that enabled its initial use in thermoplastic extrusion and blown film processes.

Expert has consulted on the use of hydrogels for improving the lubricity of surgical gloves. His novel work with Procter and Gamble in Belgium, in the introduction of a detergent product with significantly improved anti-redeposition properties. Expert was also a consultant on “Rapid Water”, a novel high molecular weight polymer product useful for decreasing the drag reduction of water in fire fighting hoses. He has consulted on the development and application of novel hydrogel systems used for growing plants, “second skin” and water-soluble packaging for insecticides and detergents. Expert has also developed novel blends of thermoplastic water soluble and water-insoluble high molecular weight polymers. This work resulted in novel packaging films with hydrophilic properties. Such films have been used for packaging of detergents and toxic agricultural products.

Expert holds the patents: “Process for forming ceramic bodies employing aqueous lubricants”, “Shaped articles for conditioning hair fabricated from quaternary nitrogen-containing cellulose ether” and “Shaped article for conditioning hair- a blend of water-soluble and water insoluble polymers with inter-penetrating networks.” These patents are each concerned with the effects of high molecular weight polymers, both water-soluble and water insoluble, and their behavior at interfaces. He has worked closely with synthesis chemists in the development of water-in-oil (i.e.: inverse) emulsions containing high molecular weight poly (acrylamide) anionic and amphoteric copolymers and terpolymers. Expert holds a number of patents in this area, as well.

Expert has reviewed and summarized over twenty- five years of the technical literature on poly (ethylene oxide). His work resulted in a major revamping and reissue of all of the Worldwide Technical Advertising Literature on POLYOX® Water Soluble Polymers. This included handling, applications, safety and toxicological aspects. His publications on the usefulness of POLYOX® Resins include: “Thermoplastic Processing”, “Association Compounds”, “Applications”, “Dissolving Techniques”, “Storage and Handling”, “Environmental Impact”, “Dust Properties”, “The Basics” and “Toxicological Properties”.

Expert is fully familiar with the solution properties of water- soluble polymers and gums and the effect of concentration on the properties of such solutions. His knowledge of molecular domains formed in concentrated solutions of such polymers has been of use in addressing processing issues related to concentrating such solutions to powder form by means of spray drying systems.

Expert has directed laboratory and field development programs. These included new high molecular weight poly (acrylamide) and poly (ethylene oxide) flocculants for industrial clay
dispersions, taconite (iron) ore binders and phosphatic slimes (montmorillonite/attapulgite clay) consolidation and strengthening of highly concentrated systems. In the latter area, Expert provided consultation to the United States Bureau of Mines. His work in the environmental aspects of mining area was the basis for his appointment as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London).

Expert has also been a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers and a former Symposium Chairman of the Flocculant/Surfactant Session. He has patented a “Process for producing a polymer-in oil emulsion”. Expert also published “An Improved Method for Consolidation of Phosphatic Slimes” which appeared as a major chapter in the Engineering Foundation’s book, “Flocculation and Dewatering”.



Expert has spent many years studying the fundamental properties of finely divided materials and their behavior in liquid mediums. He is an expert at making such materials stable and using rheological techniques to measure key properties, which produce this result. Expert has developed stable, non- aqueous liquid color toners based on fluorocarbon liquids for three- dimensional Xerox process under a grant from the Naval Weapons Test Laboratory. He has been involved with the optimization of the stability of water-in-oil Polyacrylamide flocculant emulsions and development of stable, rapidly dissolving slurries of poly (ethylene oxide) based on thickened mineral oil.


Expert invented a new use and process for binding mineral ores using liquid poly (acrylamide) polymers. His publications in this area include “Carbinder Polymer 498: A New Organic Binder for Taconite Ore”. Expert managed a staff of four in a two-year lab/field product development program and successfully optimized complex multivariable performance properties while developing a novel pelletizing process for Taconite (iron) Ore. This process was
commercially adapted on a large industrial scale by Erie Mining Company, the second largest mining company in the U.S. He also managed a five-year lab/field development program for the use and application of new poly (acrylamide) and poly (ethylene oxide) high molecular weight polymers for the flocculation and clean- up of Phosphatic Waste Slimes in Florida. The project was successful in converting highly fluid clay dispersions to solid form.

Expert has been a member of the American Ceramic Society and the American Institute of Mining Engineers. Expert has consulted for major ceramic companies involved in the preparation of highly concentrated systems. His successful work on Taconite Ore binding and enhancement of green strength was featured as the lead story in the “Pride” issue of Union Carbide World Magazine- “The Carbinder 498 Success Story- Two Man Team Defies Three-Dog Nights”. Expert has written an article on Water Treatment Polymers for Chemical Market Reporter. He holds several patents in this area including: “Process for agglomerating ore concentrate utilizing clay and dispersions of polymer binders or dry powder binders; “Process for Agglomerating ore concentrate utilizing clay and dispersions of polymer binders or dry powder binders”; “High molecular weight water soluble polymer and flocculating method using same”; “High Molecular weight water soluble polymers”; “Polymer water-in-oil emulsions” and “Process for forming ceramic bodies employing aqueous lubricants.”


Expert is an internationally known rheologist. He is the developer of the Shear Thinning Index (STI) Standard Test Method cited in ASTM D-2196, “Standard Test Method for Rheological Properties of Non-Newtonian Materials by Rotational (Brookfield) Viscometer. Expert’s experience includes methods for the optimization of the rheological properties of non-newtonian, agglomerated dispersions in order to maximize their stability by converting them to solid-like behavior. He is the author of an in-depth review of the mathematical models of non-newtonian fluids and their practical use in the optimization of both aqueous and non-aqueous dispersion stability. Expert developed rheological testing protocols to characterize and optimize the wetting, spreading and penetration phenomena associated with knife coating silicone surfactant stabilized polyurethane foamed coatings onto textile substrates used for carpet backing and other substrates.

Expert has completed a review of patented technology in the area of gelling agents for silicone- based antiperspirant sticks and gels and reviewed emerging technology in the area of surfactants used in skin and hair- contact personal care and home care formulations. He is named as an inventor on a US and European patent entitled, “Fumed Silica Embolic Compositions” which is related to the development of designed rheological fluids useful in brain neurosurgery for embolizing vascular sites and treatment of aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and other vascular diseases.
Expert has over thirty year’s background in the practical application of rheological principles for solving industrial problems. He has published papers in peer reviewed journals including” A Rheogram Template for Power Law Fluids: Technique for Characterizing the Rheological Properties of Emulsions and Polymer Solutions,” and “Approximate Rheological Characterization of Casson Fluids: Template Method for Brookfield Synchro-Lectric Viscometers”. His rheological work is extensively quoted in the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering. Expert has been a consultant for Brookfield Engineering Laboratories and is a key contributor to Brookfield’s worldwide technical literature entitled, “More Solutions to Sticky Problems”. Expert provides training seminars in practical applications of rheology.

Expert has directed a water-soluble polymer applications laboratory for more than 15 years and developed many novel products and applications by his practical use of rheological principles for solution of real-world problems. He has also researched, assembled, classified and authored an in-depth review of over one hundred articles on mathematical models of liquid flow behavior in an article entitled: “Characterization of Non-Newtonian Flow”.

Expert is a member of the ASTM Committee on Paint and Related Coatings. He has published a novel paper entitled, “Hair Conditioning by a Chemical Comb” in which the flow behavior of water-soluble polymers plays a key role in their hair conditioning action. He has also published an article entitled, “Estimation of Molecular Weight Error for Concentration Uncertainness in the Intrinsic Viscosity Determination” and copyrighted the “Viscosity Calculator Slide Rule” for the Brookfield Synchro-Lectric Viscometer.

Expert has presented invited seminars on rheology at: the 17th Mid-Atlantic Regional American Chemical Society Meeting: “An Introduction to Rheological Characterization of Non- Newtonian Fluids and Some Practical Applications; the National Meeting of the Society for Cosmetic Chemists: “Principles of Applied Rheology”; and the Applied Rheology for Industrial Chemists Symposium- Kent State University: “Characterization of Non-Newtonian Fluids- An Industrial Viewpoint.


Expert has been involved in the development of a range of products which require altering flow behavior of non-aqueous fluids including, but not limited to: mineral oils, silicone oils, anti- perspirant compositions, foamed engine degreasers, esters and fragrances. Product experience includes neat fluids as well as water-in-oil emulsions where the oil phase requires thickening.


Expert has had experience in the development of a wide range of novel lubricant applications. These include, for example, development of the lubricating strip used in Gillette razors, and is co-inventor of two U.S. patents on nanofoams containing poly(ethylene oxide) as a flexible lubricant delivery system for shaving (U.S. 2008/0216321 A1- Sept. 11, 2008; US2008003018). He has also developed aqueous based lubricants for use at the clay/steel interface during the manufacture of bricks, molybdenum disulfide lubricants in water-soluble poly (ethylene oxide) films and drag reduction in aqueous media. Expert is familiar with the application of high molecular weight polymers for the enhancement of aqueous- based cutting fluids.


Forensic expert witness in: Accident Reconstruction, Fires & Explosions, Hazardous Chemicals, Household and Industrial Products, Safety in Design & Formulation, Safer Alternatives & Safety in Packaging and Handling; Chemical Burns & Toxic Exposures; Technical Aspects of Warnings, Instructions and Labels; Personal Care & Cosmetic Products; Hair Relaxers, Hair Lightening, slips & falls, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry & Material Properties, Product & Process Issues, OSHA Regulations, ASTM standards, Codes & Standards, Intellectual Property Management, including patent analysis/infringement as well as trade secret litigation.


Expert was involved in the development of poly (ethylene oxide) technology for use in the first controlled release drug system developed by Pfizer. Expert has been a consultant to top molecular genetic researchers in the lung cancer field. He has provided guidance on the development of optimal techniques for the preservation of morphology, protein and nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) markers in exfoliated sputum cells. Expert has also been an active participant in six annual International Conferences on Screening for Lung Cancer. He has consulted for Medical Device companies engaged in development of novel surgical techniques. Expert is an inventor on a U.S and European patent entitled “Fumed Silica Embolic Compositions”. This invention relates to the development of novel treatment of aneurysms in the brain during neurosurgery (2005). Expert is also experienced in Medical Chemistry litigation issues.


Expert has been interviewed and quoted in the press by a variety of chemical industry publications

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