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Chemical Engineer Fire Protection Engineer Expert Witness

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Chemical Engineer Fire Protection Engineer, Fire Protection, Chemical, Certified Safety Professional, fires explosion investigation, toxicity assessment, gas cloud, vapor cloud, thermal stability, vessel rupture, electrical hazards, prevention, protection, Fire Code Compliance, Explosive Blasts, Structures,

Expert Witness No.1087

New Jersey


Master of Science, Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, General Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Post-Graduate – U. of Pennsylvania, Drexel, Temple, U. of Delaware

Quantitative Risk Assessment Analyst, Process Safety Institute


American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Fellow, Safety and Health Division
National Fire Protection Association


Professional Engineer, Chemical Engineering – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, California, Washington

Professional Engineer, Fire Protection – Maryland

Certified Safety Professional – Since 1980

Specialist Areas of Expertise

Fire, Explosion, and Toxicity Hazard Assessment

Vapor Cloud Explosion, Vessel Rupture, BLEVE, Barricade Evaluation

Fire and Explosion Incident Investigation

Fire and Explosion Prevention and Protection

Inerting, Relief-Device Design, Explosion Venting

Fire Protection Equipment Testing, Fire Brigade Drills, Fire Code Compliance

Toxic Hazards Prevention and Protection

Release-Source Evaluation, Dispersion Analysis, Inhalation Toxicology, Mitigation

Qualitative and Quantitative Process Hazards Analysis

Criteria for Unacceptability and Tolerability

Gas and Vapor Flammability Hazards

Thermal Stability Hazards

Electrical Hazards Analysis – Static, Classification, Shock

Safety Audits – OSHA, USEPA, NJ-TCPA

Emergency Preparedness

Professional Experience

Senior Process Safety Specialist for a Process Safety Consulting Firm, Princeton, NJ
Process Safety Consultant, Process Safety Engineering, Wilmington, DE
Engineer and Consultant, Du Pont Company, Wilmington, DE

Blasting Cap Experience

Expert 1087 has studied the electrical properties of ignition systems in electric blasting caps, including radio-frequency hazards and static-electricity hazards.  He was involved in an investigation of an underground salt-mining explosion that involved static electricity generated by pneumatic loading of ammonium-nitrate/fuel-oil [ANFO] explosives, bottom-primed with dynamite and electric blasting caps [EBC].  Following the study of underground-mining practices in twenty mines of various types, he produced a DuPont report that provided guidance for ANFO loading with EBCs and fuse caps and the conductivity that should be provided in ANFO loading hoses.  Also, while at PLPL, he measured the ground-level radio frequency power of television transmitters, to develop guidance concerning safe distances from TV towers, and this guidance was incorporated in a publication of the Institute of Makers of Explosives.  His experience also included the large and small-scale testing of primary and secondary explosives, such as lead styphnate, lead azide, PETN, other organic explosives, and delay mixtures.  He also has been involved in evaluations of static-electricity hazards in the handling of chemical ingredients and film-coating operations, and evaluation of explosion hazards to meet New Jersey and Federal legislative requirements and in several litigations.

Expert 1087’s recent experience includes service on the six-member Expert Panel that has been overseeing a Quantitative Risk Assessment of three nerve-gas destruction plants.  Since 1985, he has provided full-time process safety engineering services to large and small chemical and petrochemical plants throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.  During his career with the Du Pont Company, he was involved in instrument engineering, explosion-hazards testing, explosives manufacturing and testing, pilot-plant supervision, organic-chemicals research, safety and fire protection audits, and process-safety consulting.

Presentations and Publications

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