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Summary Of Experience

Twenty-five years in the Chemical, Oil & Gas and Hazardous Waste industries assuming a variety of roles in engineering and management.  Positions include Process Engineer, Production Engineer, Senior Design Engineer, Plant Manager, Sales Manager, and Project Director.  Currently principal in an engineering consulting firm with activities in the U.S., Mexico, Asia & Europe.  Extensive hands-on operating experience, chemical process design and project management expertise. Expert in thermal oxidizer explosion investigations. Developed in house method for explosion and fire investigations.  Expertise in plastics, petrochemicals and natural gas processing.
Professional Highlights

  • Performed over a dozen explosion investigations on thermal oxidizers. In addition performed explosion investigations on chemical reactors and storage tanks at various industrial sites.
  • Audit leader for a North American Soybean Processor to find methods to modify and modernize a their soybean processing and oil refining operation
  • Project Manager for the design and construction of a 28 LTPD sulfur recovery plant and a 100 GPM diethanolamine sweetening unit.  Later operated the plant as plant manager responsible for operations from well head to gas production line.
  • Designed oily wastewater treatment plant, crankcase oil rerefining plant, antifreeze redistillation plant and thinfilm evaporator.  Plant contains various distillation columns, including vacuum tower, glycol distillation tower, and solvent recovery tower.  Construction pending Cal. EPA approval.
  • Saudi Arabian refinery preheater replacement project.
  • Troubleshooting for vacuum tower in Texas refinery.
  • Engineered, designed, and constructed a hydrochloric acid byproduct plant.
  • Provided engineering support to an aluminum sulfate (alum) production facility
  • Engineered and designed a 150,000 gallon silicon tetrachloride tank farm. Material is reactive with water.
  • Engineered, designed, and constructed, a heavy metals waste water treatment plant.  Also prepared wastewater discharge permit.
  • Project Manager for the design of a grassroots hazardous waste incineration plant utilizing a rotary kiln.
  • Project Manager for the preparation of a RCRA part B permit for an organic and heavy metals wastewater treatment facility.  This included the engineering section, emissions section and waste analysis plan.
  • Project Manager for the design of a dichloro-benzyl chloride specialty chemical plant.
  • Upgraded process instrumentation for a continuous ethyl silicate monomer plant
  • Column modifications for ethyl alcohol / ethyl silicate continuous distillation system.
  • Design of a continuous ethylene dichloride distillation column with heart cut product takeoff.  This was a 10-foot diameter unit with approximately 100 theoretical plates for an overall height of over 150 feet.
  • Design of a propylene glycol / water and ethylene glycol / water distillation columns in an unsaturated polyester resin operation. Prepared enthalpy concentration diagrams for the distillation of propylene glycol and water.
  • Design of a batch distillation system to obtain pure dichlorotoluene from a mixture of toluene, monochlorotoluene, and dichlorotoluene.  Design of a batch distillation system for the production and purification of dichloro benzyl chloride.
  • Troubleshooting for boron trichloride operation using ChemCad III software package.
  • Debottlenecking for a thiophene-2-acetic acid and thiophene-2-acetal chloride pharmaceutical operations.
  • Debottlenecking for a sodium bicarbonate plant
  • Debottlenecking for a chlor-alkali plant utilizing DeNora mercury cells.
  • Startup and troubleshooting for vanadium oxytrichloride and vanadium tetrachloride continuous fluid bed reactors.
  • Designed a batch reactor system for the production of phenol-formaldehyde copolymer.
  • Redesigned various thermal oxidizers that had exploded.
  • Completed hydrocarbon tank truck safety study.
  • Completed asphalt tank farm explosion investigation study and redesigned the tank farm.
  • Prepared waste minimization study.
  • Prepared business development studies for client in Mexico.
  • Served as project manager on hazardous waste tank farm and hazardous waste drum shredding operation.
  • Designed a phenol formaldehyde binder bending and application system for a fiberglass insulation plant.

Professional Education

B.E. in Chemical Engineering, Youngstown State University, 1974.  Completed two years of additional graduate chemical engineering courses at the University of Toledo and Manhattan College.  Attended numerous professional seminars on RCRA, management, engineering, instrumentation and finance.

Currently have two (2) patents and three (3) invention disclosures.
Licensed Professional Engineer in New York
Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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