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Chemist Plastics Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Chemist Plastics, Chemist, Plastics, plastic products application, Rubber, rubber products application, copper Pipe, plastic Pipe, Coatings, Sealants, Adhesives, Construction products, Construction defect, Flooring sealant, Medical Devices, Chemistry related, Environmental, Urethane rubber, Urethane foams,product failure, product defect, plumbing defects, Marine materials, Boat defects, yacht maintenance, aerospace products, diesel truck fumes

Expert Witness No.1009


Professional Experience:

Seal Science Inc. November 1997 to July 2001

Industrial sales of molded rubber parts, injection-molded plastics, machined plastics, gaskets, seals, diaphragms and vacuum cups, etc., to a customer base that included medical device manufacturers, electronics industry, aerospace, automotive and valve manufacturers.

Forensisgroup, Inc. February 1997 to September 1997

Develop expert witness business in the Orange County territory.

Garrett Engineers Inc.November 1983 to February 1997

Marketing of expert witness services to attorneys and the insurance industry. Provide expert testimony in the areas of plastics, plastic and metal pipe, coatings, adhesives, product liability, deck coating sealants, construction defects – roofs included.

Bacon Industries of California May 1979 – November 1983

Responsibilities included the development of a urethane line to be used in adhesive application. This line was directed toward medical as well as general industrial application. Additional responsibilities acquired as Research Manager included the addition of new epoxy products to an existing line. These systems were variations of base formulations that are standard in the industry. Additionally, provided support to technical services and management of quality control.

McGaw Laboratories April 1977 – May 1979

Responsibilities included the following:

Testing: Extensive wet bench chemistry on I.V. solutions.

Analysis: On solutions and plastic containers. Study migration of extractable materials (i.e., label adhesives).

Pilot Plant: Prepare and release solutions to the filling line. Monitor the filling of the solutions, distribute the filled units to the various departments. Document work orders, filling line checklist and packing orders.

Swed Corporation November 1975 – September 1976

Swedlow, Inc.June 1974 – November 1975

Responsibilities included the following:

Analysis of solvents, monomers and catalysts.

Compile data and run experiments related to purification of cracking plant monomer.

Evaluation of distillation column (Azeotrope and Vacuum) as related to plate count and recovery rate efficiency.

Use of G.C., L.C. and I.R. as analytical tools.

Monthly reporting of analytical activities.

Determine molecular weights via G.P.C. and intrinsic viscosity methods. 7. Study the effects of catalyst and temperature variations during polymerization process and relate them to desired physical properties after post cure.

Support to impact-resistant acrylic sheet project, which included the study of modified systems.

Evaluate the physical properties of impact-resistant acrylic sheet (thermoform ability, etc.).

Research and develop a modified acrylic product.

Boys Club of America September 1971 – May 1973

Vocational director.

Self Employed 1969 – 1971 – Yacht and boat maintenance.

All American Racers, Inc.1966 – 1968

Assembly of Indy-type cars.


Graduated from Chapman College

B.S., Chemistry/Biology – concentrated in chemistry

Real Estate Brokers License


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