Chimney Fire Damage Woodstoves Inserts Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Chimney Sweeping, Chimney Repair, Chimney Fire Damage, Insurance Claims, Fire Damage from Woodstoves Inserts Product Failure, Fire Loss Testimonial from Solid Fuel Appliances

Expert Witness No.2329


Skills and Experiences

34 years of operating a chimney sweeping company
Damage evaluation, documentation of chimney problems,
Insurance Consulting and claims evaluations
Fire loss evaluations, and repair of chimney and venting systems,
Instillation of chimney systems, components and proper required pieces
Sales of Wood burning appliances, Pellet stoves and Gas stoves.

Education and Certifications

Firefighter (18 yrs,) Fire Information Officer (12yrs,) Fire Prevention Specialist. (18 years)
Expert Court witness in fire losses from solid fuel appliances and chimneys (27 years)
Certified Chimney Installer  (Duravent Corp)
Certified Fireplace Installer  (Sleepy Hollow Chimney supply Inc.)
Certified Master Chimney Sweep  (IMCSG)
Certified Video Documentation Specialist. (Chim-scan Inc.)
Certified Product Safety Technician, (Duravent Corp.)
Graduate Collage of Chimney Knowledge (1981)
B.A. and A.A Degrees (CSUS) 1980   (ARC) 1976
Outside Sales, Chimney Supply 1973 to present
Consultant to the state of California Air Resources Board (1982)
Certified Lobbyist to the State Of California, for a state Guild. (4 years)
Community Planning Consultant and Design Review Consulting (1989)
Lecture, Teacher, Radio and Television consultant 1973 to present


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