Civil Structural Engineer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Computer programming, Design engineer, Engineering management, Civil engineering, Structural Engineering, Structure analysis, Building codes, California seismic building codes, Level 1 Nuclear design standards,Structure analysis design, Single Multiple stories, Wood, steel, fiberglass, concrete structures, Foundation analysis, Building codes, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Failure analysis, Code Compliance Certification, Concrete Evaluation, Restoration

He is a Sr. Consultant providing consulting and litigation support involving Structural and Civil Engineering issues of Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures. Since 2001 he has consulted with clients on many issues involving civil and structural engineering as they relate to residential, commercial and industrial structures. His consulting experience includes the analysis and design of single and multi-story structures of wood, steel, fiberglass and concrete, including their foundations.


Bachelor of Science, Structural Eng.   Finlay College 1969
Master of Science, Civil Engineering   Kansas University 1974

Civil Engineering

  • Computer programming
  • Design engineer
  • Engineering management
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Structure analysis
  • Building codes
  • California seismic building codes
  • Level-1 Nuclear design standards

Structure Analysis

  • Structure analysis & design
  • Single & Multiple stories
  • Wood, steel, fiberglass and concrete structures
  • Foundation analysis
  • Building codes
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Failure analysis
  • Code compliance certification
  • Concrete evaluation and restoration

Professional Certifications

Licensed Professional Engineer: Missouri, Kansas, California, Ohio
Certified by Midwest Concrete Industries Board

Professional Affiliations

  • National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers, Executive member 1998-2000
  • Commissioner, City of Belton, Mo. (1974 to 1999).
  • National Society of Professional Engineers (1975 current)
  • British Concrete Society, invitation only (1986 to 1998)
  • Board of Zoning Appeals, Overland Park, KS (1999 current)

Work Experience

Consulting, 2001-Present
Sr. Consultant, Civil and Structural Engineering

Marley Cooling Tower Company, 1965-2001
Engineering Manager, Design Engineer, Computer Programmer