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Clinical Forensic Psychologist Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

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Educational Background

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Michigan State University, 1981
(A.P.A. Approved)

M.A., Clinical Psychology, Michigan State University, 1978

B.A., Psychology, University of Texas, 1975
Graduated with Honors – Special Honors in Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa


1978 – 1979
Upstate Medical Center, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Syracuse, New York,         (A.P.A. Approved)

1979 – 1980, Mott Children’s Health Center/Hurley       Medical Center, Division of Behavioral Sciences, Flint, Michigan


State of Ohio

State of Texas

Academic Affiliation

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University Department of Psychiatry, Columbus, Ohio

Previous and Current Employment

1986 – Present, Private Practice
Director – Columbus, Ohio

2001 – Present, Psychological Consulting
Director – Columbus, Ohio

1995 – 2001, Psychological Consulting Co
Director, Brams & Arnold, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

1985 – 1989, Psychological Consultant
Bureau of Disability Determination, Columbus, Ohio

1982 – 1986, Pediatric Psychologist, Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

1982 – 1986, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

1980 – 1981, Pediatric Psychologist, Department of Pediatrics
College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan State University,   East Lansing, Michigan

1979 – 1982, Pediatric Research Specialist, Principal Investigator,   Hurley Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, Flint, Michigan

1975 – 1978, Teaching Instructor, Department of Psychology, Michigan State University

Grants Awarded

Available upon request

Legal Consulting and Courtroom Experience

Extensive consulting and courtroom testimony (over 15 years, well over 400 consultations) in a variety of forensic areas:

Child custody/visitation

Personal injury

Sexual abuse allegations/investigations


Post conviction appeals

Death penalty mitigation/consultation

Expert witness testimony regarding a spectrum of issues pertaining to children and families

Juvenile bind over evaluations

Professional Presentations

Available upon request

Media Activities

Multiple television, radio, and newspaper interviews, local and national; including The Today Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Periodic radio talk show guest, radio station, October 1985 – January, 1986

Periodic radio talk show guest, radio station, 1987 – 1989

Weekly radio talk show, radio station, February 1986 – May, 1986

Professional Activities

President, Central Ohio Consulting Psychologists, 1989 – 1991

Board Member, Ohio Psychological Association, 1990 – 1992; 1994

Board Member, American Diabetes Association, 1990 – 1992

Board Member, International Association for Infant Mental Health, elected March, 1983; re-elected, March, 1988.

Conference Coordinator, "Non organic Failure to Thrive:  Theory, Research, and Intervention", June, 1982, Flint, Michigan.

Member, Ohio Psychological Association

Hospital Staff Membership

A Medical Center, located in Columbus, Ohio

Clinical Consultantships

Clinical Consultant and Supervisor, Family Support Program (treatment program for sexually abused children and juvenile abusers), Columbus Children’s Hospital, 1983-1986

Professional Society Memberships

American Psychological Association Division Membership, Psychologists in Independent Practice

Committee Participation

Franklin County Juvenile Fire setter Task Force, 1983-1987

Children’s Hospital Suicide Intervention Committee, 1983-1986

Children’s Hospital Failure to Thrive Committee, 1982 – 1986

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division, Mediation Program Development Committee, 1991


Department Nomination – Excellence in Teaching Award – 1978

NIMH Fellowship

Phi Beta Kappa

OPA Service Award, 1993

Supplemental Forensic Information

Child Custody/Visitation: 

In over 20 years of practice, performed many evaluations at the request of courts in numerous
counties in Ohio,as well as in other states.  Provided testimony and/or given depositions in many of
these cases.  In addition, have been asked to provide expert testimony in an educative role. Have
also given a number of professional workshops to both attorneys and mental health professionals,
concerning psychological, legal, and ethical issues in this area.

Parental Capacity/Adoption/Foster Care:

Experience in conducting evaluations regarding parental capacity includes situations involving
abuse/neglect/dependency/parental alienation and are often requested by an agency or the juvenile
court.  Has testified throughout Ohio in this capacity.  Also worked with families interested in adoption
by evaluating the child and family and making recommendations to that end, with these services
often requested by the court or adoptive agency.

Personal Injury/Torts:
I have performed many evaluations and/or provided testimony, both for the plaintiff and the
defendant, in areas including facial disfiguration, PTSD, TBI, loss of consortium and employment
limitations, among others. 

Sexual Abuse Allegations:

I have performed evaluations and testified in cases involving sexual abuse, including appropriateness
Of investigatory procedures, victim and family characteristics, and evaluation of perpetrators.  My
testimony has been accepted by courts in Ohio and in courts in other states.  I have also had
experience in the military courts.

Capital Offenses:

I have provided expert consultation and evaluation in post-conviction matters and have provided
Mitigation consultation or testimony in several capital trials.  I have also given several professional
presentations at capital defense seminars.


I have conducted NGRI evaluations, and addressed diminished capacity and related issues. 

Juvenile Bind overs/Juvenile Offenders:

I have frequently conducted evaluations and testified in juvenile bind over and competency matters.  In addition, I have conducted dispositional evaluations for juvenile courts in several local counties.

Educational Law:

I have provided many evaluations and consultations in both court settings, as well as in my private practice, regarding the diagnosis of psycho educational issues, as well as the provision of appropriate services.

Sentencing/Bond Hearings:

I have evaluated defendants in state and federal court as an adjunct to the standard presentence or bond investigations.

Employment Law:

I have evaluated litigants, retained by both defendants and plaintiffs, in regards to sexual harassment, workplace stress, and ADA issues.


Available upon request