Clinical Pharmacy Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Pharmacotherapy, drugs, drug usage, drug dosage, drug formulary, pharmacokinetics, pain consultations,drug usage evaluations,investigational drug studies


University of Arkansas – College of Pharmacy, Arkansas
Doctor of Pharmacy  – January 2001
Long Island University – Arnold & Marie College of Pharmacy, New York
Graduated in May 1995 with B.A. in Pharmacy, GPA


Medical Center located in New Jersey, Anticoagulant Clinical Pharmacist, 2008 – Present

Monitor as well as adjust anticoagulation in an inpatient setting

Working on a protocols to have oral as well as SQ anticoagulants dosed by pharmacy

Providing leadership in identifying and developing cost avoidance strategy in drug therapy by promoting more cost effective regimens, drugs, and by reducing waste

Providing expertise knowledge in the areas of anticoagulation to our medical

Regional Medical Center located in New Jersey, Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator, 2005 – 2008

Provide expertise in unique aspects of drug therapy for inpatients which include patients of
all age groups.

Participate actively and effectively on patient care rounds, both on critical care & medsurge floors

Provide pharmacokinetics  & pain consultations throughout the hospital as required

Develop and conduct target drug programs and drug usage evaluations on a routine basis

Providing leadership in identifying and developing cost avoidance strategy in drug therapy by promoting more cost effective regimens, drugs, and by reducing waste

Develop and conduct clinical interventions as part of the departmental documentation program

Developed numerous therapeutic interchange forms that included antimicrobial agents, cardiovascular agents, sedatives, topical steroids, pulmonary agents, as well as erythropoiesis-stimulating agents

Encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration within the health system to ensure that the prophylactic, empirical, and therapeutic uses of antimicrobial agents result in optimal patient outcomes which may include restricted antimicrobial-use procedures, therapeutic interchange, treatment guidelines, and clinical care plans.

Working with the microbiology laboratory to ensure that appropriate microbial susceptibility tests are reported on individual patients in a timely manner, and assisting the laboratory in compiling susceptibility reports at least annually for distribution to prescribers within the health system to guide empirical therapy precautions.

Designated member on the Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee in which I would propose new or revised policies & protocols pertaining to the medical services in the medical center in addition to reporting on ADR’s & clinical interventions of the facility.

Act as a liaison between the Department of Pharmacy and the physicians as well as the Medical Center developed as well as updated hospital policies and procedures for patient standards of care.

Routine updating of the hospital drug formulary to best fit the hospitals need without causing a financial  burden to the pharmacy budget.

Providing clinical conferences, newsletters, and other types of educational forums for health professionals on topics such as antimicrobial use and resistance, de contaminating agents,, aseptic technique and procedures, and sterilization methods.

Pfizer Inc; New Jersey –   Safety Surveillance & Reporting Case Manager, 2004 to 2005

Fully trained in ARGUS, MEDRA coder, CODER browser, RSGT, pfLITE, and ARISg
-Identify and report on any adverse event occurring as a result of a drug or medical device manufactured by Pfizer, Inc and determine if case meets regulatory report ability criteria.

Perform custodial review and proofing of clinical trials as well as adverse event monitoring.

Process expedited and nonexpedited case queries within a given time frame and deadlines.

Assess expectedness/Listedness per appropriate product labeling

Ensure that serious adverse events are reported, forwarded and followed up in a timely fashion utilizing the AEM report form.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital & Trauma Center, New Jersey, Clinical Pharmacist, 2003 – 2004

Performed safety and multidisciplinary rounds with health care providers to improve the quality of care for our patients

Calculated as well as guided health care professionals in pediatric as well as infants and neonatal IV dosing, TPN, PPN and chemotherapy

Monitored and attended to two pediatric and adult satellite pharmacies while becoming readily accessible to healthcare professionals for dosing and drug evaluations

Evaluated quality control and QA of inpatients and nursing duty accuracies

Reviewed and made modifications to hospital policy and procedures when required

Harry S. Truman Columbia VA Hospital, Missouri,  Clinical Support Pharmacist, 2001 –  2003

Assisted my fellow colleagues in pursuing the utmost clinical care for our patients

Analyzed as well as adjusted anticoagulants, aminoglycosides, and vancomycin dosing

Improved patient compliance and decrease hospital spending by monitoring patient improvements and giving patients oral rather than injectable medications.

Researched medical journals and updates via the web to keep my team of pharmacists as well as myself up to date on the latest medical technologies and breakthroughs

Counseled and discharged patients after confirming with the physician of the patient medications

Performed clinic duties where I would meet with patients after they met with their physician to
discussed any new medications started or further help them understand their disease state

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center, New Jersey, Staff and Clinical Pharmacist, 1998 –  2001

Prepared and compounded intravenous piggybacks, large volume solutions and chemotherapy

Conducted pharmacotherapy interventions as well as adverse drug reaction reports and follow-ups

Performed routine floor inspections for patient compliance, drug interactions, and narcotic use

 Brooks Pharmacy, Connecticut, Retail Pharmacist, 1997 – 1998

Maintained the dispensing and preparation of prescription drugs via satellite computer programming
Adapted patients in receiving proper patient counseling and a degree of understanding of their diseases

Rite Aid Pharmacy, New Jersey, Retail Pharmacist, 1995 – 1997

Managed a newly developed pharmacy in which I was awarded a certificate of achievement for its immediate success and proclaimed customer satisfaction

Awards and Achievements

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