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Licenses & Certifications

All-Flooring Certification & Courses

Certified Flooring Professional (CFP), World Floor Covering Association
(WFCA), 2007. This title is conferred by the WFCA after passing a
rigorous certification examination and providing documentation of
specific industry educational training and work experience. Member.

Expert, (IE) Certification, Contractors State License Board, State of
California, currently working for the CSLB on an at-will basis since

C-15 Flooring Contractor’s License, State of California, State of California Contractors State License Board, since 1991.

Carpet Inspection Certification & Courses

2010 Nov. – CFI. Trainer/Certifier for the Sacramento Valley Floor Covering Association’™s CFI carpet installation

event/certification. Trained and certified CFI candidates wishing to achieve RI, RII, CI, CII certification. Sacramento, CA.

Commercial Carpet Inspector, (CCI/AFS) certification course, Advanced Flooring Specialists (AFS), 2001. Dalton, GA.

Inspector Certification, International Certified Floorcovering
Installers Association (CFI), since 2000. Kansas City, MO.

Inspector Certification Course, (ICC/AFS) Advanced Flooring Specialists, 2000. San Diego, CA.

Practicing Carpet Inspector Certification, (SPCI), Institute of
Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC) 1997. Whittier, CA.

Carpet Installation Certification & Courses

March 2010 – Carpet Installation Training & RI CFI Certification for the Lowe’s – CFI partnership program. Served as trainer/instructor/evaluator at the Lowe’s – CFI event.

certification certified C1 Commercial and R1 Residential, International
Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI), since 1998.
Sacramento, CA.

Shaw Industries certification in Soft-Bac
installation procedures and techniques or the professional carpet
installer, 1998. Sacramento, CA.

Armstrong Anything Goes residential/commercial carpet installation certification, 1996. San Francisco, CA.

Color Correction Certification & Courses

Carpet Colorist Certification Course, Von-Schrader, 2001. Citrus Heights, CA.

Color Blender Certification Course, (CBC/AFS) Advanced Flooring Specialists (AFS), 2001. Anaheim, CA.

Color Repair Technician certification (CCRT), Institute of Inspection,
Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC), 2000. Vancouver, WA.

Carpet Cleaning & Repair Certification & Courses

Certified Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Certification (RRT) Certification Course, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning &

Restoration (IICRC), 1997. Vancouver, WA.

Certified Carpet
Cleaning Technician Certification (CCT) Certification Course, Institute
of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC), 1997. Vancouver, WA.

Wood Flooring Certification & Courses

2009 – NWFCAP National Wood Flooring Certified Professionals Association – Certified Wood Flooring Inspector

April 2010 – Wood University.org: CEU – 101 Understanding Engineered Wood Products.

2008 Aug. – Hardwood Flooring Summit – Four day hardwood educational conference in Atlanta, GA.

August 2006 – Anderson Hardwood University “Doctor of Engineered Flooring”.

Flooring Inspector (NWFA) National Wood Flooring Association, since
2003. Examinations completed: substrates; problems, causes & cures;
maintenance; sand & finish, report writing, report writing
scenarios. Los Angeles, CA.

2003 Oct. – Inspector Training
Services. ITSAHI, Advanced Hardwood Inspectors Course: 5 days of wood
flooring education. Develop an understanding of “Moisture and Wood”, the
“true relationship”. Defects of wood flooring, critical inspection
techniques, and problem solving. Wet heat vs. dry heat. Basic building
construction technology. Installation, sand/finish, and inspection
techniques. Proper use of moisture meters and what they really mean.

Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Factory Finished Wood Flooring
Installation Certification, 2003. Las Vegas, NV. Member of NWFA since

Hardwood Inspector certification, Advanced Hardwood
Flooring (HIC/AFS). Training classes included: physical attributes of
all types of hardwood species, wood anatomy, wood science, moisture and
wood “the true relationship”, relative humidity, defects of wood
flooring, critical techniques and problem solving, how to evaluate
crawlspaces and basements, calculating shrinkage, basic building
construction technology, installation, sanding, finishing, inspection
techniques, the ethics of inspecting, proper use of moisture meters, and
how to more effectively inspect and determine failures in hardwood
flooring, 2003. Reno, NV.

Triangle Pacific Flooring Group
Certification Course in installation & maintenance of Bruce Hardwood
Floors, 1995. Nashville, TN.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Certification & Courses

Ceramic Tile Inspector certification (CTI), Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC).

Floor Care Technician certification (FCT), Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC), 2007. Houston, Texas.

Subfloor Inspection (ISSI) certification, Institute of Inspection
Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC), 2007. Houston, Texas.

Ceramic Tile Inspector certification (TCA), Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, 2004.
pass this course one must demonstrate outstanding knowledge of the
ceramic tile industry guidelines as contained in the Tile Council of
America Installation Handbook, the American National Standards
Specification for Ceramic Tile A 137, the American National Standard
Specification for Installation A 108, the American National Standard
Specification for Setting Materials A 118 and knowledge and proficiency
in the proper performance requirements of ceramic tile and installation
of ceramic tile. South Carolina.

Laminate Floors/Countertop Certifications &

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Concrete Subfloors Certification & Courses

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Mold Inspection Certification

Certified Indoor Air Quality Association (Iaqa) Residential Mold Inspector

Expert Witness Experience/References

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Flooring Industry Experience

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