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Commercial Vehicle Specialist Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Accident Reconstruction, Commercial Vehicle Specialist, Hazardous Material Specialist, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Radar, Vascar Speed Enforcement, Breathalyzer Operation, Driving While Intoxicated, Accident Investigation Reconstruction, Certified Boat Operator, Marine Navigation Enforcement, Vehicle Safety, Vehicle Size, Vehicle Weight, Compliance with Federal Regulations, Compliance with State Regulations, Compliance with Industry Regulations, Civil Criminal, Heavy Trucks, Trailers, Motorcycles, Multi Vehicle Head On Impact, Multi Vehicle Side Impact, Multi Vehicle Rear Impact, Passenger Vans, Rollovers, Single Vehicle Accidents, Vehicle Bicycle Knockdown, Tow Trucks, Towing Standards, Towing Training, Commercial Accident Reconstruction,

Expert Witness No.1303


1963, A.A.S. Degree in Forestry, college in New York

1964, A.S. Degree in Liberal Arts college in New York

1965, New York State Police – Basis School Certificate, New York

New York State Police Hazardous Materials Training – 100 hours, New York

Federal Highway Administration Hazardous Materials Training, 340 hours Eastern Training Center, Massachusetts, and New York

Federal Highway Administration Motor Carrier Safety Training, 310 hours Eastern Training Center, Massachusetts and New York

Emergency Management Training, 400+ hours, Eastern Training Center, Massachusetts and New York

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, 50 hours, New York

Standardized Field Sobriety & Driving While Intoxicated Enforcement, 100 hours, New York

Speed Enforcement – Radar / Vascar / Laser, 50 hours, New York

First Aid & C.P.R., 40 hours, New York

Commercial Vehicle Size & Weight Enforcement, 50 hours, New York

Accident Investigation, 20 hours, Massachusetts

OSHA Regulations, 10 hours, Pennsylvania


  • Distinguished Performance Award in Commercial Vehicles Enforcement and Training from the New York State Police
  • Trooper of the Year Award from the New York State Police
  • New York State Thruway Authority Distinguished Service Award


2000 – present, Private Expert Witness Service, Associate-Providing forensic consulting services including:  Commercial Vehicle Specialist, Hazardous Material Specialist, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Radar/Vascar Speed Enforcement, Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, Certified Boat Operator/Marine Navigation Enforcement, Commercial Vehicle Safety, Size and Weight
Compliance with Federal, State, Industry Regulations

2000 – present, Highway Transportation Company, Assistant Safety Officer, Check drivers and vehicles for compliance with Federal Regulations and Safety for the North Eastern United States

1997 – 1999, Highway Transportation Company, Regional Safety Director, Tennessee, Covered a seventeen State area in the Northeastern United States and handled nearly thirty terminals providing towing, recovery and vehicle & equipment transportation.  Conducted safety audits at these terminals, which covered all aspects of safety, including compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, OSHA regulations.

1965 – 1977, New York State Police, Hazardous Materials Specialist/Commercial Vehicle Inspector, Special Assignments: Instructor – Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC), Investigate and reconstruct commercial vehicle accidents, Investigate and remediate hazardous materials’ accidents & incidents, Inspection of commercial vehicles in conjunction with and with the cooperation of:  New York State Department of Transportation Inspectors (DOT), New York State Department of Tax & Finance, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), New York State Canal Authority, Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspectors, Massachusetts State Police – Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, Federal Fuel Tax Enforcement Officer (IRS), Local Police Agencies, Instructor – Hazardous Materials Enforcement, Instructor – Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Instructor – Size & Weight Enforcement, Instructor – New York State Thruway Authority Rules & Regulations


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